und us at an amazing speed for a strategy.

Since this event is aimed for repetition, Rin-chan should be planning in that direction.

All I can do, is use my five senses to gather information and pass it on to Rin-chan.

「Nn…Rin-chan, diagonally behind us, two monsters are coming at us fast」

Even without activating a searching skill, I can perceive the movements of monsters from the sound they make traveling through grass.

Reporting to Rin-chan, I was about to bring out Kagenui but Rin-chan stopped me with her hand.

「So two wolf type monsters」

Running toward us were two black furred wolves blending into the darkness of the night.

Rin-chan didn’t raise her staff, she wrapped her fingertips with magic and drew something in the air.

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「Run Oh lightning , 《Puchi Volt》」

《Puchi Bolt》 is a binding type magic that paralyzes the opponent for a short moment.
Rin-chan bound the closer wolf with it and without a delay, she started chanting again.

Her fingertips continued to draw runes, most likely for activating some sort of magic.

「Run Oh lightning , 《Puchi Volt》」

Once again she activated a puchi volt targeting the other wolf.
The runes in the air started to flicker with light.

「《Lightning Bolt》」

The thunder striking from above grilled the two wolves.
This is most likely an AOE magic with an intermediate level of power, it dealt the two wolves a massive amount of damage.

It’s a powerful attack magic dealing around 80% hp damage to the two wolves.
Though alive, it seems that they’re paralyzed and can’t move.
There is no indication of them launching an attack.

「《Thunder Ball》」

The two wolves were pierced through by the elementary level thunder magic Rin-chan cast and died.

「Well, obviously the first floor won’t be too difficult」

Rin-chan stretched her arms out and grinned.

「Just what was that right now?」

「Magic’s multi-cast… no, maybe you can call it parallel cast.
In this game, besides chanting there are other ways to cast magic, and they can be combined efficiently」

Watching Rin-chan’s battle, I have no idea what happened.
So I honestly asked for an explanation.

According to Rin-chan, besides chanting, it seems there are different methods of casting magic.

For example, the Rune Magic that Rin-chan used, or a musical magic cast by a musical instrument, or a formation magic requiring an item.

While chanting you can simultaneously prepare a high tier magic, and use the opening created by the chanting magic to release it in.
Or maybe in reverse, chanting a high tier magic while protecting yourself with a different casting method.

Basically, 「It is as difficult as playing a piano」.
I can play the piano, but I don’t feel like I can handle a technique where you use parallel cast.

「Well, eight Stardust Fragments just dropped.
I wonder what sort of value a fragment holds?」

「I’m also curious about the drop efficiency.
If the boss is strong, then It might be more advantageous to run this at Tria」

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「I don’t want to consider things up to that point」

For example a dungeon where you can get ten Stardust Fragments a run, but takes two hours to complete… or a dungeon where you get one Stardust Fragment per run, but only needs ten minutes.
The latter is more efficient.

The difference might be miniscule, but considering that this event will continue for seven days.
The slight difference will pile up.

Though, the difference in efficiency is unknown.

Fias might have a great efficiency different from the other towns, or maybe the GMs unexpectedly balanced each town’s efficiency.

「Anyway, let’s travel to the hole first.
I’ll memorize all the little terrain details, so Nana, focus only on detecting monsters.

「It would be great if they’re not randomly spawned」

「Even if so, there will still be a pattern.
For today, let’s grasp the feeling」

Naturally, there is a reason why Rin-chan can declare that she can 「memorize all」.

Rin-chan can continuously maintain her concentration for nearly 80 hours.
Maybe it’s because whenever she’s awake, she mostly passes time with concentration practice.
Her memory ability highly exceeds that of an ordinary person.

This is one of the reasons why Rin-chan can achieve unbelievable results and accomplishments in her studies.
Basically, her concentration power is just that amazing.

That’s why, if Rin-chan focused on 「memorizing it」, she won’t forget.

Though in exchange, for things that she doesn’t need to remember, she has a tendency to only vaguely recall it.

I think the reason she forgot about the Navigator was because she probably thought she’d never meet the NPC again.

「Oh, looks like its just stairs」

「Let’s head down.
Since we’re going to repeat this, we don’t need to explore for now.
Let’s avoid exhaustion and target the boss.」

「Yes ma’am」

With stairs of a pointlessly wide width and small step height, we descended to the second floor of the Stardust Labyrinth.


uter nuuts:

Rinne from her everyday streams who talks about Nana, a mysterious phenomenon where the watchers aren’t that used to her calling her 「Sukuna」 is there!! and because of that Rinne is calling her Nana.
Since they get all after all, it can’t be helped.

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