Chapter 79

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For the past few days with Fias as a base, I have been focusing on gathering various materials.
But today in front of the hero’s statue in town, it’s unusually crowded and noisy.

Turns out that at the water fountain plaza, a huge gate had appeared.

It’s a friday today, I guess this is the hype for the first event.

「Hee, it sure is big」

「You’re right.
It’s around the size of a huge shrine’s Torii」 (9: torii are those red gate ike pillars in a shape of something like TT at the shrines)

Rin-chan who logged in together with me, looked up at the gate.
Both of us had the same impression.

Though the gate looks like it’s already open, all I could see inside it was nothing but a mysterious fluctuation.

This might be what you call a warp gate.
It seems like the dungeon might be in another dimension.
I’m watching the players who lined up earlier march into the gate one after another.

That’s right, it looks like everyone properly lined up.
It seems the Imperial Army soldiers have let them line up to a certain degree, so as of right now there doesn’t seem to be any troubles.

「Somehow, it seems like the servers have been balanced properly」

It might be easier to get into the top rankings with fewer players, but which server has less players would be unknown, so nothing really changes.
In the end all you can do is choose by feeling.」

「We’re going to 《Server IV》so, we should equip this green seal right?」

Since someone who forgot to equip it and was expelled, we musn’t forget to do it」

The first event 《Stardust Labyrinth》, has the goal of clearing a dungeon to earn points, which you can then use to trade for items.

There is a ranking for each separate server, and the ranking list is based upon the total amount of points earned.

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The servers are listed by Roman Numerals so it’s 《I》to 《V》.
There are a total of five different servers you can choose from.
We chose the 《IV》server.

The reason was that Fias was the 4th town.
It might be a simple reason, but I thought such a reason would be fine.

To select a server, the GM gave us different colored 《Seals》.
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple.
Five different colored seals that you can put wherever you want.
It’s very easy to distinguish them at a simple glance.

「N? Well yeah, I’m in a good mood 」

「What’s the matter?」

「Ah, it’s the comments.
I wonder If I’m in such a good mood that you can tell by simply looking at me」


Since Rin-chan is the one streaming today, I can’t react to the comments.

I didn’t really think about it much when I was streaming but, looking again from the sidelines, so it feels like this, thinking so.

I don’t really know in what way Rin-chan streams, but at least the Rin-chan right now feels like her natural state.

The way I see it, it’s the normal Rin-chan.
Waking up in the morning, eating breakfast together….
that usual normal atmosphere.

If the watchers are saying that she is in a good mood, then that is also something I am happy about.
After all, time together with Rin-chan is important.

「Now that I think about it, Nana, is that your new weapon?」

「Yeah, that’s right.
It seems like it was completed yesterday late night」

What Rin-chan turned her gaze to, was the Metal Club Haruru sent me.
Even though it’s metal, it doesn’t reflect light.
In short, it’s dark colored without luster, and since it doesn’t have any gloss, it has an impressive mellow look.
(9: a vanta black metal club?)


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Item: Kagenui (影縫 en: Shadow Stitch)

Rarity: Rare -PM-

Required Strength: 208

Attack Power: +82

Durability: 2005/2005

Category: 《Blunt Weapon》《One hand Mace》

Even if you evade its blow, the aftershock will still stitch you in place.
The heavy attack that fades into the darkness of the night, a destructive blow none can take.


Its parameters are so.

Including the flavor text, it’s Haruru’s carefully made weapon.

The name is Kagenui.

It’s shape isn’t that different from the Metal Clubs that I have used, but the parameters far exceeds the rest.

It has an attack power of 82, usually metal clubs have an attack power on the lower scale, but this has twice the power of my previous weapon,《Metal Club -Strike-》.

Though depending on the weapon type, there is a difference in attack augmentation.
But even if you deduct that, it is a number that even beats 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》.

And you can’t look down on the Metal club’s characteristic advantage, its durability.
It has a durability of 2000.
It is on a level that I have no idea how it could break.

Moreover, the required strength is just ludicrous.
It went over the ridiculous number of 200.

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Thanks to that, most of the bonus stat points I saved up since Meteor impact has been distributed to my strength.
I’m steadily becoming a muscle brained character.

It had a curious price of 400k Iris.
Even though I provided the materials, the price was still high.
It seems the cause was because a precious item was used in the refining of the Over Heavy Metal.

Upon properly researching it, that item was certainly quite rare as of right now.
Considering the value and the labor, I think the price is quite reasonable.

Since I have been slaughtering Mysteria Rabi whenever I spot them.
I have a surplus of money, so I paid the bill on the spot.

It seems that its specs are high enough that even on the frontlines, there isn’t anything that can be compared to it, but I still haven’t tested it out.

As for why, this arrived late at night when I was fast asleep, and I haven’t fought a monster since logging in today.

Haruru messaged me yesterday saying that 「I’ll barely finish making this in time」.

It seems that refining Over Heavy Metal requires an absurd amount of time and patience.

It’s only been three days since I delivered the materials to Haruru, so I think that she did rather well despite having other orders.

It’s heavier and more powerful than any other weapon I’ve swung.
I’m really looking forward to using it.

「Rin-chan, so you haven’t change your weapon yet」

「Yeah, this weapon is made from named materials after all.
Even though I said that, since a 《Soul》 wasn’t used, it’s not a named weapon」

「I see, now that I think about it, there are equipment like that」

A Named 《Soul》 is what you could call an item equivalent to a rare drop from a named boss.

Normally the 《Soul》 only drops with an extremely low probability, but the first player to defeat the Named, or the MVP in party or raid, has a 100% drop rate.

Looking at my headpiece equipment 《Moon Camelia’s Solo》 and 《Murder Princess》Rou’s weapon 《Rapier of Temptation -Mellow Rapier-》, you will understand that an equipment made with a《Soul》 will have extraordinary abilities.

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It’s just that I don’t really have to say it, but named materials other than the 《Soul》 are already very strong.

Equipment made with named materials are far beyond drops in the same area, and they’re strong enough to still be effective in the next one or two town areas.

And moreover, they have special effects with the characteristics of the named boss.

My 《Red Wolf Attire》 has 《Lightness》, 《Speed》and 《Defense》after all.

For Rin-chan to still be using the same weapon without changing, she should have some sort of reason.

「I’ve also prepared quite a bit.
From now on, for seven days, let’s do our best」

「By the way our goal is?」

「Perhaps around fifteen hours a day」


For Rin-chan to declare that with a smiling face, I could only admire her.

That means that other than necessities, we would devote all our time to WLO.


「Here, For now let’s give it our best」

「Yeah, let’s go」

While we were chatting, it became our turn to enter the gate.

Since this event will occur over the week, it won’t be efficient to overexert at the beginning.
We walked through the Stardust Labyrinth gate with a carefree mood.

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