Chapter 7

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Hunting until reaching level 10, though somewhat when we were returning I leveled up one more time and thus we returned to the Town of Beginning.

The time we have played is still less than 5 hours, so we can still continue playing.

Just that, our inventories gave out a notice to us.

The large amount of wolf loot has accumulated and has gotten heavy, affecting our stats, we have no choice but to throw away cheap loot and return.

It seems like wolf materials are a bit high in price so, leaving only the materials that Rin-chan pointed out we sold them to an NPC shop.

And the result was, in my status from the menu card, there was over 30,000 iris, compared to the amount from the early funds that was given, this was quite a large number.

「Looks like I have gotten a lot of money」

「For some reason the wolf sells good.
It’s better than the boar despite the boar being hard.
But in exchange, the wolves are more dangerous though」

《Boar》 are the weak mobs that live in the northern plains, normally they are non-active peaceful mobs it seems.

They are mostly the beginners’ first battle opponents.

You can easily defeat them if you could properly hit them but, it seems that there are some people who are having a hard time.

And also they are tough despite their level.

If you get used to it, they would become something like a sandbag, Rin-chan boasted.

Returning to the topic, We are the east ward of the town.

This is what you basically call the shopping street.

Item shops are lined up, and even there are players lining up in each of them.

Even though we have passed the peak of influx of new players, it is still a crowded mess of people that makes you dizzy.

Certainly, it would make you want to go out of the town looking at this.

「Since we have returned to the town, let’s get some equipment」

Rin-chan, who was used to walking through the crowd of the shopping street, pulled my hand, And i followed.

Get some equipment, saying that the place that she brought me was a huge building that you could understand it’s size even from afar.

「this is the town’s equipment shop.
It’s kinda like a mall.
On the first floor there are shops for each kind of weapon, and the armors are on the floor above.
We might want to look at the weapons but, first let’s look through the armors.
Obviously with just a the flax set you can’t proceed ahead with that」

「Well, you don’t really call this an armor, isn’t it」

《Flax Clothes Set》, is what you would call the beginner equipment and that it has extraordinary durability though, as an armor it doesn’t increase anything at all, just peace of clothing.

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[8:35 PM]

By the way, durability is the status that decides whether the item gets damaged or lost, and defense power is yet another thing.

「With the ogre tribe’s status then, there shouldn’t be any equipment you can’t equip in the town of beginning.
But just in case, your equipment has weight and if it goes over, the increase rate of your agility will get lower so choose properly.

It looks likes there aren’t any clerks」

「They don’t want to put time into interacting with the crowd of people one by one after all.
It’s a bit disappointing but there’s a good side of doing it systematically you know.
A shop without any helpers is the unique point of the Town of Beginning 」

Though there were other players that came here to choose equipment, it was not as crowded as the town outside.

As I wondered why, I took a look at the price tag, even the cheap stuff are 《2000 Iris》 or 《 3000 Iris》, if it’s the expensive stuff then it’s from 《5000 Iris》to《 8000 Iris》, a lot of them were lined up there.

Even when I was level 7 from hunting wolves, all I got was 5000 iris, it’s just that there only a few players that has enough money to buy equipment.

The reason as to why there are few players was simpler than I thought.

Thinking that though if there aren’t much then that’s good, as I look through the armors.

In WLO, there are 5 parts for equipping, 《Head》《Body》《Arms》《Legs》《Shoes》.

Other than that there are also accessory slots but, I’ll leave those out.

When I was fighting against the wolf, there was an equipment that I’ve always wanted.

And that is arms equipment.
If I were to say what it actually is then, I want something like a gauntlet.

Right now, I am mainly doing a hit & away and counters but, if possible I’d like them bite at my hand or legs and forcefully hold them down.

For that sake, I want gauntlets.

And for my feet too, If there are greaves then I want to buy it.

I’m curious about the body and head equipment but I want to get armor to harden the parts that are easily aimed at.

「The cheapest ones are 《Leather arm guards》 and 《Leather greaves》….」

Each of them cost 《500 iris》.
it’s one of the cheap ones from what they sell.

The brownish fur doesn’t seem like it was from wolves but, I wonder what materials this is made of.

While thinking that it might have that of a boar, they look like they don’t really have that much defense, I put them back on the shelf.

「《Iron Plate Series》.
It’s a bit pricey but, this might be good」

The looks are not that different from the 《Leather Series》 but, there are iron plates sewed everywhere, and at the same time it also increases the parts that cover the bodies.

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[9:00 PM]

The gauntlet and greaves cost a total of 《4000 Iris》.
It cost 4 times the leather ones but, with my money there’s no problem.

For now I bought these two equipment, and tried equipping from the menu.

The body part is a bit reliable but, I feel like I look a bit better now.

「Oh, gauntlet and greaves? You look really well with those」

For some reason I feel a bit stronger」

Honestly receiving Rin-chan’s praise who left me to go window shopping, I searched for the next equipment.

The head is important.
However, I don’t want that clattering full face helmet.

I was troubled a lot but, for the head I went with the 《Iron Hachigane》it’s like a simple helmet that has an iron sewed on the headband.
The price is 《3000 Iris》

After that is the body and legs.
The greaves cover up quite a lot of the legs but, the greaves are still considered as shoes.

For the armor, I put quite a lot of money into it.

The price was 《6000 Iris》 which is the 《Chainmail》.

Regarding the legs, rather than equipment, it’s kinda considered as an inner wear, as an armor, right now I don’t really expect much from it.

There was this 《Trousers with a belt》that has a holder for a total of two throwing knives so I chose it.
It was more pricey than I thought, costing 《1500 Iris》.

In the end, regarding the armor, I spent 14500 Iris on it.

All thanks to Wolf hunting.

「Rin-chan, how is it?」

「Oh, so you chose the chainmail.
It’s expensive but I think that it’s a good decision」

「it’s more cheaper than a steel armor, and also it’s light」

「Since Sukuna is not a heavy warrior, isn’t it fine? Thanks to the hachigane your face could also be seen.
it’s pricey but to women it’s popular you know.

「Well, a rustic helmet is a bit over after all」

「Well, there are also hat equipment too, You should search for various stuff after this」

Now that I think about it, Rin-chan was equipping a hat.

A light brown-ish floaty robe, a soft looking material trouser and leather boots.
On her arms aren’t gauntlets but gloves.
To that magician look of hers, that witch like pointy hat really suits her.

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Now that I think about it, it’s good looking equipment.

「Looks like there is still a lot of money left.
Let’s buy some weapons too」

Having gotten proper equipment, I could be seen as a proper player but because of that the club on my back stands out more.

Not having any reasons to refuse, With Rin-chan, we went back down to the weapon shop in the first floor.

The specialty store for swords, for spears, for bows.
Among the specialty stores for each weapon, I searched for the specialty shop for blunt weapons.

The mastery of my 《Blunt weapon》 right now is 25.

It easily increased by 10, and then from there you could only increase it little-by-little but, right now I’m not seeing any branching skills.

I was thinking that I would wait a bit after looking at the branching skills but, I was defeated by the temptations from the weapon shop.

「《Wooden Bat》《Nail bat》《Metal bat》……I wonder why there are three types?」

They are weapons that have bats on their name but, comparing it to the baseball’s it’s a bit thicker.

it’s thinner than a club but, looking at the grip that I’m used to makes them charming.

The the price for the metal bat which was the most expensive among them was 《2000 Iris》.

It’s not bad but, I kinda don’t want to swing a bat in a fantasy world so I put it back on the shelf.

The one that caught my eyes next was 《Iron Club》.
If you’re talking about Ogres it’s this one.


Item: Iron Club

Rarity: Common

Required Strength: 20

Attack Power: +15

Durability: 500/500

Category: 《Blunt Weapon》《One-hand Mace》

A simple iron club.
As simple as it is, it has outstanding durability from others.


The thickness is not that different from a club, The length is a bit higher.
To increase it’s killing power, there was some spikes at the end of it.

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With it being an iron club it’s obviously made out of metals.
Is it not filled with it inside, it’s not as heavy as it looks.

It’s attack power is just a bit higher than the metal bat but in exchange, it has more weight.
By the way, the required strength for the metal bat was 5.

With my strength, combined with my armor I was barely able to avoid lowering my agility, also considering how it looks, I bought this one.

The price was 《8000 Iris》.
Let’s carefully use it.

「Rin-chan look at this! Iron Club!」

The moment I chose the race ogre, I was looking a bit forward to having this kind of weapon, Rin-chan had an astounded smile.

「….Well, if it was Sukuna then I thought you would buy one.
The ogre tribe that has blunt weapons will always buy that one.
Moreover it’s strong worth of it’s price after all」

「It’s quite heavy but, It feels just for me.
And also, it’s durability is really high」

「Well, with just it’s attack it’s not that different from a 2000 iris broadsword.
The reason that is expensive is because of its outstanding durability」

The club is the initial weapon so it has this crazy durability of 5000 but the iron club also had 500 which is way above the rest.

By the way, the metal bat is 200.
Even that is considered high.

The iron club has a bit higher attack power than the metal bat.
The rate of the price does not really change that much.

Just that, the durability is 2.5x higher.

This is probably the reason for the difference of the price.

Well, Metal bat or Iron club it may be, compared to others it has moderate attack power and they are stronger than the iron club.

it’s just that it doesn’t break that easily, a really reliable thing.

「So what else? are you still going to buy ?」

「Hmmm, since we have bought this equipment, I want to go hunting」

「You sure are diligent.
Then I’ll only guide you to the tool shop.
Cause you might eventually need something like potions」

「Ah, wait a bit! There is something I forgot to buy」

Telling that to Rin-chan who was about to go to the tool shop, I went to the shop that sells throwing weapons.

Since I bought the trousers with a belt, I want to equip some throwing knives.

Buying 2 of it, it just fit so much that I had a small smile.

After that, We went to the NPC tool shop, and bought things like light herb taste potion, and then once again went out to hunt.

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