hat I was called over by my wife to see was a high-attribute metal ingot called《Flare Metal》.
It was a red metal with higher purity, and as of right now, there were no other ways of getting it.
No, to be exact, you could say that it was only possible to get it through this auction.

Since it hadn’t been in the auction list, had it been a secret or was it simply late in having its application filed?

Seeing a rare metal-type material, I unknowingly got excited.
Compared to red metal, which you could get from the Scorching Caverns, it was deeply red in color, perhaps crimson? The luster was dull but shined with a light, belaying its importance.

Whether you did smithing, clothes, or accessories crafting, you would gather quite a lot of info regarding rare materials like this, but to think that I could admire this high-attribute metal with my own eyes…

The starting bid was at 200k, and it already had a price of over one million Iris on it.
Most likely, a high-ranked adventurer had already set their sights on it.

I was a bit charmed, but obviously I didn’t have the financial leeway to buy it.
It was just that, thinking that if I were to participate in auctions like this, I could get items like that.
My heart was a bit excited.

「If it was a bit cheaper then I would have recommended it to Sukuna-kun-san.
If I’m right, wasn’t she given an attribute crystal from Meneas?」

It’s unfortunate, but even around Zeronoa, they still haven’t found a high attribute metal.
The weapon’s abilities should match with the player’s level as much as possible so they have much more fun.
So they probably still don’t need it yet.」

While agreeing to the words of my wife, I moved my gaze toward Sukuna-kun who was looking around the items.

It seemed like something piqued her interest.
I could see her eyes glittering a bit.

「 Sukuna-kun, was there something…?」

「Ah, Konekomaru-san.
Take a look at this.」

Looking at ‘this,’ what Sukuna-kun was looking at, there didn’t seem to be anything.

While I was beginning to doubt what she was talking about, suddenly, as if it were a phantom, a glass case with an item inside of it appeared.


「What’s the matter?」

「Nothing, just that suddenly right now…..
Sukuna-kun, were you able to see it?」

「…..? Oh, well rather than that, take a look at this.」

Sukuna-kun looked as if she didn’t know what I was surprised about.
It seemed she thought it was troublesome to think about.

In a state as if we didn’t really care at all, whe pointed at the good’s description from the auctioneer.

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Having looked at the goods earlier, it looked something like a glossy white thread.
From how it appeared, it was a fur or hair of some kind.

「《White Wolf’s Illusive Hair》…….is this, perhaps, a Named material?」

「That’s right.
It’s not like the auctioneer defeated it, it seems like the they just picked it up of the ground.」

「Is it even something you can just ‘pick up….’」

I unknowingly let out a bewildered voice.

Sukuna-kun’s stream where she talked about the world’s setting with Kohaku had become popular discussion material among theorizing groups.

To those who liked settings like that, it had become quite a significant source material.
I had also somewhat gathered this kind of information to some degree, so you could say I was rather versed on the lore.

If you took White Wolf, and the word ‘Illusive,’ then you would have the《White Wolf of Illusion》.
It was natural to think that this monster was lined up with the 《Red Wolf of Isolation》and《Black Wolf of Congregation》.

「I don’t know if its the real thing, but since it rather cheap, I thought of trying to bid for it.」

Certainly, for a Named material, its price was quite cheap.
Even comparing it with a weak party Named material, of which the value is immeasurable, the starting bid for this item was just 10k Iris.

And moreover, it seemed that no one had even tried to bid for it, the only bidding history that showed was the 10,001 iris that Sukuna-kun had just recorded.

It was obviously too cheap, for goods like this that should have been talked about quite a bit, being ignored was quite the ridiculous thing.

However, based on the phenomenon that happened just a moment ago, I could somewhat guess why it was so.

It was simple: other than Sukuna-kun, no one else had noticed it.

As its name said, it was ‘illusive.’ The material itself should have quite a tremendous amount of something like a stealth bonus.

「Isn’t it fine? Even if its a fake, if it’s just 10k then it won’t be problem for you right now, right?」

「Yep, yep.」

「What are you doing ther-…..!?」

It seemed that, after becoming curious from seeing Sukuna-kun happily nodding and me standing where nothing was, my wife came over.

And on the way, it seemed that she had noticed the glass case that had just appeared, and her eyes opened wide, but she didn’t have the same frank reaction as I had.

「I did bid for this, you know.」

「Oh my, a monster material, is it…..that’s nice.
It looks easy to make an accessory from.」

Unlike me, my wife wasn’t really that interested in the lore of the game, and she just looked at the item as if it were any material.

Certainly, those silk-thread-like fur hairs seemed like they would be easy to weave, which was rather convenient.

It was too lacking in quantity to make a piece of armor, but as for an accessory, it ought to be enough to make part of it.

Still, I thought of this.

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Considering how Sukuna-kun was able to find this because of how deeply she herself was connected to it, I could confirm for myself just how deep the lore and the settings of this game went.

The problem was the auctioneer who「picked it up.」

Just how did they pick up something like this, and why were they doing something like putting it in an auction?

Moreover, if Sukuna-kun hadn’t found it, in the worst case, they wouldn’t’ve been able to sell it and that would have been that.

In the first place, I didn’t completely understand what they meant by ‘picked up.’ If a monster died, they turned into polygons and disappeared, with their materials the only things that dropped.

Then had they defeated the White wolf and obtained it? No.
Even the Black Wolf’s name had only just been confirmed, there shouldn’t have been any players that could defeat the White Wolf.

If someone could, it would be an NPC like Kohaku, who was super powerful, or the Heavenly Eye》 that has been the big topic among the NPCs recently.

No, wait.
Certainly it was because the 《Heavenly Eye》 visited the capital, Fias, several days before that it became a topic, right?

That NPC herself had put a material of hers in the auction, and put it on sale with a random reason behind it.

But regarding why that White Wolf material was there, it would somewhat connect.

However….in the end, what would they have done if no one had gotten their hands on the White Wolf material? That question still hadn’t been solved.

I tried hypothesizing about it, but I might have been reading too deep into it.

「Unexpectedly, it might have actually just been something that they accidently picked up and put on the auction…..」

「Dear, the auction for the metal wolf fur is starting over there, you know?」

「What!? I’ll go there right away!」

「There sure are a lot of varieties of wolves.」

Ignoring Sukuna-kun’s carefree impression because I had the chance to get something good, I hurried over to the auction area for the metal wolf fur.

In contrast to the white obsidian, fur materials were strong against slashing, so they were good items.

And since it was a rare monster, its materials were harder to get.
Moreover, they only appeared in the 《Abandoned Mine》 between Griffis and Zeronoa, so in the first place, the players that are able to get them are too few.

It was an item you would definitely want when you could get your hands on it.

「There are absolutely no blunt weapons….」

Sukuna-kun, who was searching for a new weapon inside the hall, muttered in disappointment.

「Fufu, for players and NPCs alike, blunt weapons are not that popular, after all.」

「Earlier, there was a two-handed club right there, you know?」

「Eh!? I’m going to go see it!」

「Well, I’ll guide you there.」

Did she take Sukuna-kun’s happy reaction pleasantly? My wife also smiled as she showed Sukuna-kun over.

In the end, including breaks, we spent nearly half a day inside the auction hall.

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