Chapter 73

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The next day, after the encounter with the Idle Flame -Meneas-.
I visited a place you could first visit in Fias.

「Welcome to the Adventurer guild! What might be you-…..that Proof is!?」


Talking to a regular NPC after so long, according to my knowledge, this reaction felt refreshing.
The only time I had talked to another staff-type NPC was at the job registration site, although I guess that was quite natural.

Regarding the Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator that was always hanging on my neck, it seemed that there weren’t that many people who had it.
Since to NPC’s it was proof that you had defeated a Named solo, so they said there was nothing else that could express your strength as much as it.

It was just that, currently, was that something you could only get from a solo Named, or just a normal Named….meaning, could you get it even if you defeated a party Named solo? I didn’t know if you could.

As of right now, the number of Named that had been defeated only numbered six so far.
This was because, like Meneas who I had met yesterday, they had overwhelming strength with levels people couldn’t deal with, so they were not enemies you could easily defeat solo.

Though, I needed her to unfreeze or things wouldn’t progress.
So I talked to the female staff that had hardened up.


「Ha! I am very sorry, I am assuming that you are going to register today, correct?」


The Adventurer guild.
That was the name of the organization that managed the《Clans》players had made and offered jobs from commoners, nobles, and sometimes the country itself.
Basically, it was a hiring place that offered players the opportunity to do quests.

Kohaku, and someone like Melty as well, who I had met a bit before, were members of this organization.
In fact, most NPC’s who excelled in battle were members.
The one who decided titles, such as《Castle Crusher》, was the Adventurer guild.

It seemed that there were some advantages to being a member of this organization, but from what I had researched, this place had two big merits.

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One was in regards to clans.
When making or joining a clan, it was necessary to be a member of the Adventurer guild.

As I said before, ‘Clans’ were something under the direct control of the Adventurer guild, and they were treated as the general unit of organization for adventurers who belonged to the Adventurer guild.

And the other reason is that you could always accept quests whenever you wanted.

There were quests that naturally occur on the streets, quests you could receive from the same NPC, and then extra quests like I had received that had special conditions.
There were various types of quests.

The quests that you could accept at the guild were the type you would call constant quests.
For example, a quest that called for subjugating a fixed number of a certain monster, or item gathering, quests like those were presented.

If you considered it like an extra reward you could get just by playing the game normally, it was simply something you would say was a merit.

And also, it seemed that adventurers that cleared lots of quests had something like a rank-up as well.
If your rank was high, it would raise your reputation among the NPCs as well.

And so, that was the info I knew about the guild.

It wasn’t like I wanted to enter a clan or accept quests, so I had ignored it, but since I was focusing on grinding levels for a while and it didn’t really take that much time to register, I decided to take the opportunity and came here to register.

Passing over my Menu Card, I had them process my registration.
It unexpectedly took some time, so I was bored.
‘As I thought, beautiful ladies are better as receptionists,’ while thinking stuff like that, after five minutes, the process was finished and they returned my Menu Card.

「We have confirmed the battle record engraved in your menu card.
Since there are no signs of a criminal record, you have safely completed the registration.
From now on, at the shops under the direct management of the guild, you can receive something like discounts while shopping there on occasion, so please make use of it.」

「Fumu fumu.」

「Adventurers do not have any quota, but basically if you do not do quests, your rank will not rise.
On accepting quests, please go in front of the quest board and then use your Menu Card, or please go to the receptionist.」

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「Regarding the use of the adventurer guild, it is recorded in the help column in the menu.
If you have something you do not understand, we will not mind if you ask the staff.
And so the registration explanation is completed, is there something you do not understand?」

「As of right now, nothing.」

「Well then, Sukuna-san.
We the guild expect great achievements of you……without delay, would you accept a quest?」


While thinking that compared to the registration site, this place had more business-like procedures, confirming that there were the words ‘adventurer’ engraved in a part of my status, for now I tried accepting a quest.

《Deliver 10 Gorilla Pelts》《Deliver 30 pieces of rabbit meat, regardless of the quality》《Deliver 10 bottles of medium potions》《Subjugate 10 Kirabbits》.
Taking a glance, as I thought, a lot of the quests were either subjugation or gathering quests.
I could understand why you would call these ‘constant quests.’

So, delivering potions was also under the jurisdiction of the Adventurer guild.
I see, I see.

「Oh, this one looks good」

The quest I selected was 《I want the fur of Mysteria Rabi》.
The greater the number you delivered, the better, it seemed.
Compared to the other quests, it gave more rank evaluations and the reward was extravagant.
The time limit for the quest was ten days.
If the time taken exceeded that then it would be considered a failure and your rank evaluation would also decrease.

「《I want the fur of Mysteria Rabi》, is it…..
I do not doubt the ability of Sukuna, who is a Proof holder, but it is a rather difficult quest, you know? Searching for one and defeating one too, even ten days might not be enough.」

「It’s alright.
Since I have hunted some before, after all.」

Looking at the quest I presented, the guild staff lady had a worried expression as she explained.
I was grateful that she was worried, but I had a good affinity against this monster.

Since I thought I should take a relaxing walk around the outskirts of Fisa, I didn’t have any problems accepting it.

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「If that is so, I believe you may want to take the opportunity to also accept other rabbit-type quests.
If it is Sukuna-san, as of right now you can accept up to three quests at the same time.

「Ah, then let’s do that…..This Kirabbit, is this also an ally of the rabbits?」

「It is.
It is the black rabbit you can occasionally see around the exterior of the city.
They do not really appear much along the highway, but a lot of them hide under places with lots of grass.」

Black rabbits…..I saw them, but I didn’t defeat them.
So they were Kirabbits.

「Then one more with this….the rabbit meat delivery quest!」

「Understood…..okay, the procedure is completed.
The report of the quest can be done in other cities too, if there is an adventurer guild then it is possible anywhere.
I pray for the fortune of battle to be with you.」

And just like that, I challenged some constant quests.


While being fanned by the comfortable wind, I threw a steel ball and a throwing knife at the rainbow figure I saw in the distance.

Whenever I tried to use a throwing knife, it was always like putting a thread through the hole of a needle, requiring such a precise throw, but with a steel ball you could consider ricochet which you could use to hit them, which was rather convenient.

And if you hit them once, it totally wouldn’t be hard to hit them with a knife.
That was my recommended move.

After going around the grass plains, I had already slaughtered three Mysteria Rabi and was now searching for Kirabbits.

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Those black rabbits were hidden deep in the grass, it seemed, but I couldn’t really find them.
I had defeated around five of them, but they were rather hard to defeat opponents.

Different from normal rabbits, ‘Rabbits’ in WLO were rabbit monsters around two times as big as real ones.

Sometimes there were those huge rabbits called 《Dekarabbit》, but most rabbit-type monsters had the same size.

And this Kirabbit was just small and hard to hit with attacks.

To be exact, its size was half that of a normal rabbit.
They were really small.
You might even say that their size was like that of a mouse.

And despite that, their attack power was really high.
When I tried taking an attack from one once, with a clean blow, it took 10% of my HP.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t defeat them, it was just that they were hard to find and were quite difficult opponents.

「But yeah, I got used to it.」

“Pan!” Raising a light sound, the Kirabbit was blown away.

Kirabbits were certainly small and hard to hit with attacks, but still, the moment they attack, you have as many chances as you want to attack.

You just had to look for the timing when it’s body would be in the air for a bit, and if you countered kinda speedily with the side of a metal club, it would be an attack they couldn’t evade.

Rabbits on the whole had low HP, so basically, with my strength, just hitting them would defeat them.

In the end, I had a hard time finding them.
In the time it took to defeat ten Kirabbits, I was able to hunt five Mysteria Rabi.
Good job, me.

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