Chapter 6

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After defeating 5 wolves, the level up sound resounded again.

Since the remaining point is now 6, I put 3 each in Agility and Dexterity.

If you hit their weak points then even if you don’t have enough damage you can still falter their movements, then I want to make a more accurate yet fast attack.

Originally I was brute forcing my way with my high physical stats but, thinking from now on, it’s not enough no matter how high my agility is.

It may have been fine with the wolf’s speed from earlier, but what about lightning magic? just the name itself feels so fast.

To cover for my pathetic magic resistance, I need to increase my agility that affects my evasion.

More than that, I need to think of a way to deal with magic, while thinking of that I put points into my status.

「I’m glad that you’re alright」

「Well, yeah, since it they became exp it’s all good」

Wolf, I think that they are a good match for me.

Surely they are quite fast but their defenses are too low.
Right now with my strength that increased a bit, I could easily disable them with just hitting their weak points.

「The comment section are pretty wild right now you know?」

「Wow, that’s great」

「Their reactions, are, well, good I guess」

I don’t really remember giving them a good impression but, it’s what Rin-chan said.

I’m sure it’s true.

Only the streamer can see the comments of the viewers, so I could only think of that.

「After this, what are we going to do?」

「For now, do nothing but hunt I guess? It would be good to past the plains before the 2nd wave of people overflows the town with their numbers」

「Hmmm, was it the resource stealing? 」(9: i don’t know the proper term)

「that’s right.
Luckily, before this is the 《Forest of the Edge》 doesn’t really have any magic type monster so, if you could go then it would be a good hunting grounds for you」

it’s kinda hard to understand with just the word resource stealing but, it means that if there are only 100 monsters then if there are 10,000 players then they would scramble for it, basically that.

If you think about a special sale at the supermarket, then it might be easier to imagine.

It might be a huge field but, obviously there is a limit to monster spawning at the same time.

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By the way, A monster appearing is spawn, and reappearing is called respawn.
(9: in the raw, they call it pop and repop, instead of spawn and respawn)

「If we go a bit further, the wolves’ would gather in a pack just like before.
Normally it would be dangerous that I wouldn’t recommend it but, with what I saw earlier, the efficiency there would be better」

If there are about 10 of them, I think I could handle them with how I am right now」

「That’s reliable.
Then let’s go」

With the result of our conversation, we decided to advance further in the south plains.

Now that I think about it, I have been the only one fighting but I wonder how Rin-chan fights?

I was curious about it a bit but, at least, Rin-chan who had been playing for 2 weeks, if she participated then I wouldn’t be doing anything.

For now, let’s level up.
And then catch up with Rin-chan.

Then I will be looking forward to that.
Thinking about those, I brace myself.


I back stepped avoiding the two wolves’ that attacked me from my sides, I beat down the back of the wolf that went to my left.

Ignoring the fact that it back was crushed being bent backward, I threw a stone to the wolf at the right side.

The wolf that just landed didn’t think of the incoming project and faltered, on the same timing as I threw it , I closed up the distance and then used 《Strike》 with my club on top of it’s head.


Being surprised for one-hit kill and exploding the wolf, but it wasn’t time for that.

I was stunned for a moment for using a skill so another wolf came leaping from behind me but, after the stun was removed, I simultaneously swung my club towards my back.

Unfortunately the club didn’t directly hit but hit the arm it seems, Trampling on the wolf that fell down, disabling it and then beating it to death.

And lastly, the first wolf that was disable with a broken spine, I defeated it with a 《Strike》


The recent games sure are amazing.

I’m sure that they even made the structures insides of the monsters.

That’s why if I hit their chin, their brain will shake, if I break their leg then they wouldn’t be able to move.

They won’t die as long as they have HP left but, probably with a sword, if you cut off their head it will be a critical and an instant death.

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Might have been because the battle has ended.

I received the exp, and then the notice for a level up appeared.

It’s the 6th time this has happened so, I am now at Level 7.

After distributing the points, I took a loot at my status.


PN: Sukuna

Lv: 7

Race: 《Ogre Tribe》


Money: 4880 Iris


HP: 120

MP: 7

SP: 65

Strength: 35

Toughness: 28

Dexterity: 48

Agility: 41

Wisdom: 3

Magic Resistance: 3

Luck: 22

Remaining Status points: 0


Weapon: Club

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Head: none

Body: Flax shirt

Arm: none

Leg: Flax trousers

Shoes: Fur shoes


《Blunt Weapon》: Mastery 10

《Throwing》: Mastery 7


Thanks to the fact that I keep putting half of the points when I level up on dexterity, it had gotten pretty high.

If I were to compare it to the beginning, then you could say that I’m getting closer to the movement that I wanted to do.

And also because I was increasing agility since level 3, it had got higher.

Strength too, little by little.
I don’t really feel the need to increase it in this place that’s just full of wolves, so I should just do it gradually.

And I feel like my money is slowly increasing.

The problem is the skill’s mastery.

I don’t understand the basis of this.

「I wonder how high the skill Mastery can get….?」

「It was officially announced but, basically 1000.
Some will depend on the skill.
It seems that it will be the real thing when the 《Blunt weapon》skill starts branching」


「For example the skill 《One-hand mace》, the skill 《Two-hand mace》or rarely 《Two hand club》 is also a branch of blunt weapon.
If it’s 《One-hand sword》then 《Saber》 or 《Two-hand sword》.
The first weapon skill you choose is strong if you max it out out but, it’s also fun way to branch it into these」

Looks like they even went into detail with the weapon types.

Even though it wouldn’t be strange that depending on the game they would just categorize them with just 《Mace》 or 《Hammer》.

By the way, by two-hand club, it might actually be the weapon used in the martial arts called 《Bojutsu》.
(9: the kanji for the two hand club can also be tl’d into two hand rod or something, and bojutsu is the martial art where you use a long stick)

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It’s just like a spear without the sharp point, it looks simple that it just looks just like a pole.

Maybe you could understand if I say it’s a magic staff(9: from journey to the west) that doesn’t extend? It can’t cut but you could strike, pole, mow, and ward off, it excels in doing basic movements.

With a simple power the mace might be more powerful but, collectively with it’s length and usage it could be better, I guess.

「I see.
so you mean that….it’s also possible to just strengthen《Blunt Weapon》」

「To be honest, blunt weapons are a bit special.
Even if you have a mace or a club , the《Blunt Weapon》’s arts…ah, it’s the technique you learn from the skill.
You can use it.
The highest master is only 500, and it seems that you couldn’t learn the other high power skills.
That’s why they transferred」

「Hmmm…..well, all sword users begins from one-hand sword so, I guess it’s just like that」

The 《Blunt Weapon》 might have been just a tie-in skill, but thinking calmly, someone who uses a two-hand sword also needs to have 《One-hand sword》 as a tie in skill.

It’s not that blunt weapons are useless.

In reality, the technique…..arts? you remember from 《Blunt weapon》 can be used by all blunt weapons it seems, so there shouldn’t be a problem with mastering it.

Even if you need a certain kill technique for the strong enemies, simple techniques are useful against small fry, that’s just normal.

《Strike》 is so convenient that all you need to do is swing it with two hands.


「By the way for example.
《One-hand mace》skill, you need about 30 master to unlock it」

「Ah, as I thought it depends on the numbers」

「I heard that there are also special conditions too, you know.
《Katana》 skill was just like that」

「There is a romance in that after all」

Katana, I wonder if they can do iai with it?

I think slashing enemies into pieces feels good , but If I use it I feel like I will make a mistake and break it.

But in that spot, a blunt weapon is good.
All you need to do is smash them with all your might.

「As i thought bludgeoning is simply just violence 」

「What are you talking about so suddenly….」

Rin-chan who heard the word I unintentionally said, looked at me as if I’m a dangerous person.

After that, we went deeper into the plains, and had a fun festival with a lot of wolf resource and after that we returned back to town.

With achieving level 10, The viewers who saw me through Rin-chan’s stream, gave me the nickname of 《Bludgeoning Ogre girl》.

Maybe I should try being more graceful…..

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