Chapter 66

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「I’m hungry!」

「Let’s get takeout.
I don’t have any willpower to cook.」


My stomach started to growl as if complaining.

For some reason, I seemed to have slept deeply for more than a day.
When I woke up, Rin-chan had already returned.

I felt happy and yet sad because I had slept all day.
I also needed to reply to Touka-chan, who had worried about me while I was sleeping.
While Rin-chan was ordering, I sent out a message.

「I just went and ordered whatever, so it should come whenever it’s ready.
Did you contact Touka?」

「Yep, absolutely.」

「Well, it couldn’t be helped since you fell asleep.
Was it the piled up tiredness from when you were working? Or more probably, you’re still not used to playing for such a long time and you got tired.
Looking only at the quota you only need 10 hours per week, so don’t force yourself, okay?」

「You’re right.
It’s actually just using your head, but rather, I get more tired that way, I think?」

I didn’t do any studying or gaming for years.
Although WLO was a fun game, if you did something you weren’t used to, your tiredness would just pile up.

Although, in the past, I did a co-op play for a whole night with Rin-chan.

「Now that I think about it, I feel like I had some kind of dream.」

「Do you remember the contents?」

「About that, I totally can’t remember them at all.
Since it’s rare for me to have dreams, I think that there’s no mistake that I had a dream.」

Before I woke up, I think it kinda felt like it had left a big impression on me, but at the same time it was just nothing.
However, when I woke up, it had totally gotten lost inside my brain’s memory.

「Your head sure is more empty than a bird’s.」

「It’s not like that, you know.」

「No, You might not be conscious about it, but Nana’s memory strength is quite weak, you know?」

I was given a response in a rather serious tone, so I unknowingly hardened up.

「Eh, you’re joking right?」

「Who knows? What do you think?」

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「Rin-chan, Rin-chan? Don’t avoid the subject!」


I was clinging onto Rin-chan to make her take back her words, and Rin-chan was enjoying the situation.
Messing around like that, we continued goofing around until the catered ramen was delivered.

「Haaa, I ate, I ate.」

「You sound like an old guy, so stop it」

While I was rubbing my stomach which had subjugated the ultimate favorite set of three–ramen, pizza, and sushi–Rin-chan sighed at me.

「Really, just where did that all go?」

「Hmmm….my stomach?」

「I’ll flick your head, you know?」

When I quickly went to defend my forehead, my cheeks were pulled.
Damn you, Rin-chan, and those sly lies of yours….!

「Now then, we should stop messing around.
Nana, since you slept yesterday you might not know, but right now there’s a hot topic on WLO.」

Saying that, she slid her finger on the tablet device and displayed a certain screen.

It looked kinda like an official site, but-…..Ah.

「it’s WLO’s official site, isn’t it?」

「That’s right.
Try reading this part.」

What Rin-chan pointed to was under the announcement column in the WLO official site.

From top to bottom, there were around three items marked (←N e w !).
It was one of those.

「Let’s see….a notice for an event?」

Dungeon Event: 《Stardust Labyrinth》 (9: for some reason the stars are bigger at the end)

Under the guidance of the God of Creation, the path to the Sky Labyrinth has opened.
Drifters who seek for the stars, conquer the dungeon and show your power.

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「Dungeon Event!…..what’s that?」

It was poetically written….rather, it was something like this, yeah.
“They totally didn’t plan to explain it!” Before the sentence that felt like that, since I couldn’t understand it at all, I asked Rin-chan.

「You know, look properly, there is an explanation written there, you know?」

「Fumu fumu.」

When I scrolled down, the event details were written there.

They had politely explained the outline of the event that would be held.
I’mma roughly summarize it.

① Passing through the warp gates that were set right at the entrance of each towns, you’d challenge a place in another world, the 《Stardust Labyrinth》.
It was an event like that.

② There were four stages of difficulty, the Town of Beginning, Dualis, Tria, and Fias.
Furthermore, entering warp gates in those towns would decide the difficulty.

③ The Labyrinth that each player challenged would be a separate instance from the others.
In other words, there would be no butting in.
At the same time, there wouldn’t be any kind of help.
You could say that it was as expected.

④ Along with the event, there would be five event-limited servers.
After the first time the player decided to dive into a dungeon, you would explore that labyrinth in that server.

⑤ After gathering the 《Stardust Fragment》s dropped by monsters inside the labyrinth, you could exchange them for items.
Weapons, armor, materials, etc, you were free to exchange to them for what was available.
In exchange for higher difficulties you could get more 《Stardust Fragment》s.

⑥ Whenever you cleared the boss of the labyrinth, you would get many 《Stardust Fragment》s.
To gather more 《Stardust Fragment》s, it would be faster to clear the labyrinth many times.

⑦ The gathered《Stardust Fragment》 s being the base factor, with various factors, your ranking would be announced in each server.
Decided after the final ranking, a consumable item reward would be distributed.

⑧ For the top rankers in each server, there were….?

In short, saying it super simply, go inside the dungeon a lot and get a lot of items! It was an event like that.

「Am I right?」

「For Nana, that is a good summarization.」

「Ha Ha Ha….are you praising me?」

「Of course.」

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“Good girl, good girl.” As I was having my head brushed, my face softened up.
For some reason I didn’t feel like I cared about anything.

「Well, to roughly say it, it’s a clearing event.
I don’t know about the items you can exchange for, but the reward for the rankings are amazing, you know? The《Revive Potion》 given to the top 1st -10th, it has the same name as a resurrection item was confirmed in the last moments of the beta test.」 (9: i don’t know about the exact term for this clearing event stuff, its basically an event where you grind to clear the dungeon again and again or something)


「Other are….for the high rankers there are quite a lot of rare items, but it seems like there aren’t any kind of limited items.
But with how it is right now, they might have enough value to have a high price.
Well, it’s just a game that started recently, so they wouldn’t give you a one-of-its-kind item right away.」

I heard about the game balance as Rin-chan seriously thought about the event.

I didn’t know about the little details, but it seemed that this event was something good for Rin-chan.

Even so, a dungeon event, was it? And it was slated to be a clearing-type one.

From the -clearing- name, it was about clearing the dungeon again and again, but if I were to give my honest thoughts, it was basically an unspoken rule that the player with the most time to play would have the advantage.

Depending on the difficulty, the rewards changed, and as long as the boss was the one that dropped a lot of the event item, 《Stardust Fragment》, the best thing to do to be at the top of the ranking was simple.

As much as possible and for a long time, you must efficiently clear the highest difficulty dungeon and keep clearing it.

If you properly accomplished this during the event period, it wouldn’t be a dream to be in the high ranks.

「The start of the event will be next Friday.
Which means it will be in six days.」

「Wait a sec, isn’t that the day where the third wavers start coming in? If it overlaps with the event, things would get really severe, right?」

「No, the third wavers will be the day after tomorrow.
This time, it will not be two weeks but a ten-day interval, it seems.」

「I see.」

From what I heard from Rin-chan, since the first wavers and the second wavers were clearing throught the beginning phase of the game faster than imagined, the interval between waves became shorter.

If they added new players on the event day, processing the access numbers would cause the game to lag heavily.
Thinking about partitioning them to some degree, it would be rational to open up four days earlier.

「It seems that beyond Fias, the event dungeon’s difficulty doesn’t change.」


Yesterday….well, not then, but the day before yesterday, thanks to the forceful advance I did with Touka-chan, I was able to arrive at Fias.
You could say that I was able to at least reach the minimum passing line.

It was just that, Rin-chan was at the fifth town, Grifis, which was beyond Fias.
If I had six days, I think I could probably reach it, but-…

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「I get what you are thinking, but you still don’t have to head for Grifis, you know.
Because of the event right now, I will go back to to Fias.」

「Eh, is that fine? Rin-chan is about to get to the sixth town, right?」

「If I went through the shortest route, that is.
There wasn’t much at Tria, but beyond Fias, there are villages and small towns, detour spots like that.
You can also get some skills, so it feels like you can widen your playstyle.」

「The thing about everything up until Fias being a tutorial, I think I have gotten to the root of it.」

Although I said it like that, the ones who had reached Fias as of now with the first wavers were around thirty percent.

There were other players from the second wave like me who had gotten through it, but it still shouldn’t be that many people.
Most likely, there were only around four thousand players.

Even if it increased in the days leading up to the event, the number of players that reached Fias would undoubtedly be fewer than the number of players in Tria.
It seemed that the difficulty beyond Fias was made that way because it was related to that.

「Now that I think about it, I was invited by Konekomaru-san to the NPC organized auction.
And after that, once I arrived at Fias, at Shuuya’s place…..whatever the clan’s name was, I need to go there too.」

The one-hand swordsman that I met at Dualis who escorted Touka-chan, Shuuya-san.

After saying our farewells, I remembered that I was asked to visit their clan at Fias.

「Shuuya….ah, so that person.
Then the clan is the Round Table.
If you meet with their leader, give my regards to her.」

「Ah, Rin-chan is acquainted with the leader-san.
What kind of person is the leader?」

「Let’s see…’s for certain that she is strong.」

Well, yeah, that person was strong enough to become the top of that clan so of course they were strong, but……because of how evasively she was speaking, was there some sort of problem with that place?

「Well, if you met her then you would understand.
You would probably get along well with her.
So from now on, for six days, you can just sightsee around Fias or explore.
If there something you want to then it’s fine to prioritize that, if you want to rest from streaming then you can also rest, you know.」


「And also, stock up a lot on weapons or items.
Since they would be lost during the dungeon clearing after all.」

Rin-chan, you sure are hardcore.」

「Of course! If there is a ranking then we should win it.
That’s natural isn’t?」

It was a strong declaration from someone like Rin-chan who hated to lose.

To Rin-chan, who was wearing a fierce smile, I smiled and nodded back.

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