now what katakana is, its basically like foreign alphabet in Japanese, used for mostly foreign words, just google it, if you want to know more)

「It seems that Melstive is the name of the hero of the foundation of the country.
Something like that person held back 10,000 monsters alone」


「It seems that there is a statue at the Capital, so let’s take a look at it after this.」

I was not so surprised about the hero called Melstive, rather, I was surprised at Touka-chan, who had such knowledge of the game.

No matter what I asked, she’d always have an answer, and she was considerate enough that she wouldn’t annoyingly give too much info.

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For now, when we arrive at Fias, let’s take a look at the statue of Melstive or something.

For me, who had nearly been done in by just thirty monsters in the Forest of Magic, hearing the legend of fighting ten thousand monsters left me feeling quite shocked.

Crushing castle walls, holding back ten thousand monsters, the legends of the NPCs in this world were just too high-scaled.

Even so, this place was mysteriously peaceful.

Since they said that it was the capital, maybe they properly cleaned up around town?

If you asked if the monsters were just weak, it was not like that at all.
Monsters that regularly exceeded level 30 were just wandering around.

I wondered what the people at the capital did when they first started raising their levels.

No matter what, since it’s peaceful, it’s good that it’s relaxing.


「What’s the matter?」

「Please be quiet for a bit.」

Quite far away, around an area where the trees were packed closely together, finding something, I took out the throwing weapon I could throw the farthest, the steel ball.

Considering the weights I threw from the previous battle with the Mount Gorilla, my strength should be sufficient.
The calculation of the trajectory would be fine too.
It seemed like it wasn’t running around, so I prioritized my precision.

Raising my concentration, holding the steel ball in my right hand, I did a short running approach as I swung my right arm.


With a sharp exhale, the thrown steel ball, unlike the weights earlier, flew with a straight trajectory.

This time, to increase the power of the throw, I used the《Shot》arts from the《Throwing》 skill.
To compare it to《Shoot》, it traveled straight, went faster, and had higher power, a throwing art.
(9: yeah, apparently Shot and shoot are 2 different arts)

With great force, the steel ball passed into the crowd of trees.
Ricocheting three times from branches and trunks, it thrust itself into the forehead of the target.

That monster, which had probably been sleeping on top of a tree branch, was in agony with the pain and shock, and as it fell, having calculated the time difference, I released two throwing knives.
They stabbed it.

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It seemed like it smashed through its throat.
With the force of the throwing knife, the monster was skewered to the tree.

The monster that ceased moving, after a while, it disappeared from bleed damage.


Since it looked like some kind of rare monster, I targeted it, but still, having hit it as I envisioned felt good.

Since the battle with the Mount Gorilla, my condition was really great.
And my head was clear too, it felt really amazing.

「…..Was there something?」

「Yeah, there was a rainbow-colored rabbit, you see.
I was only able to see it for an instant, you know」

「Did it hit-… would boorish if I asked that.
A rainbow-colored rabbit, was it the one that Suku-neesama saw from the opposite shore?」

『What is it? what is it?』

『So a rainbow rabbit』

『mmmm, can’t see』

『Well of course, since it already disappeared』


『Even looking through Sukuna-taso’s pov I still have no idea.』

「It seems to be called《Mysteria Rabi》.
The materials…..I have too many of them」(9: just a reminder, the drops seems to automatically appear in your inv in this game)

The meat should be delicious.
The fur would sell for a lot.
The experience gained was on the lower side, but I had earned a lot of money.

They basically warped away when they detected a player, so it was normal to defeat them by quietly sneaking up on it and defeating it before it warped.

If you found it like I had just now and defeated it, you could receive a lot of materials.
That seemed to be how it was set up.

Since it was rather fragile, if I defeated them whenever I found them, then it might be quite lucrative.

I just saw it by chance earlier, but next time, let’s purposefully look for them.

Ever since Haruru drained me dry, my wallet’s life was just barely hanging on.
The fact that I had to earn money was a harsh reality.

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