e player a bit.

There is also a setting to perfectly hide the player, in the worst case they can do that.

Well, it would become a stream where the people are in mosaic, but it should protect their privacy.

However, it’s only been 10 minutes since the service for the second wave has started.

You could see players from the second wave teleporting here and there but, it is still fast.

As I parade through the town’s fountain plaza searching for Nana, I suddenly find a black haired ogre tribe.

There is no mistake.
That is Nana.
After all her Avatar is the same as in the Real world…..

I told her that she shouldn’t really tamper her avatar much as a streamer but, it looks like the netiquette that I taught Nana didn’t really stay much in her head.

「it’s that black hair ogre tribe girl right there.

「Rin-chan! Waah, that’s some cool equipment」

「Well, if you have two weeks then it should be enough.
Nana, your PN is?」 (9: PN, player name)

After all it’s an important name that Rin-chan gave me」

「Wha…I-I see.
Well, I’m also Rinne in this game, so you can keep calling me that」



『A cutie』

『Rin-chan lol』

『Rinne is rin….rofl』

『Sukuna-chan hshs』

『Rinnana so precious…..』

『Isn’t it Rinsuku?』

『An important name…..A flash of an idea came to me』

「I’ll ban those who laughed okay?」





「And so-…… She is Nana, Aka Sukuna」

「Okay, is this round thing the camera? I’m Sukuna, I’m a newcomer but please take care of me」

「She has the live stream permission so, tomorrow she can live stream by herself too」

『Nice to meet you』

『Nice to meet you』

『Nice to meet ya』

『Please to meet you』

『Compared to Rin-chan, she smaller in various places』

『The politeness is plus points for me』

『Black haired ogre girl….so good….』

『This girl’s initial equipment is a club, are you real』

『It really is lol』

『A club for ogres』

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『It’s supposed to be metal clubs』

The one she has is, well it’s not bad i guess.

Though, she really did choose a club.

Before she began she said, “Since it’s easy to use, maybe a club~?”

Clubs have high durability and the attack damage is high too but the image is not that good.

A club in this fantasy what’s with that?, there were a lot of opinions like this, honestly, this weapon is not that popular.

But in reality, it’s stats are the same as the sword, just a different attack type.

「For now, let’s go hunting.
If it gets too crowded it would be hard to find monsters spawning」


「Regarding the Town of beginning, I’ll talk about it as we walk」

『how relaxing』

『It’s like they are sisters』

『It’s more like Master and her student』

『I guess their equipment are too different』

『Rinne that is the south gate you know』

『Wasn’t the requirement for the south gate lv 6?』

『The wolf are too strong』

I told them I won’t do power leveling,

Honestly, If I just weaken it and have Sukuna finish them off, that’s not really fun.

Just that, to show the viewer’s Sukuna’s abilities, I thought that the south is the best place for it.

The Town of Beginning has gates for East, West, North, and South.
There are grassy fields that have different ecosystems.

For example the North’s difficulty is low, a rather calm plain with non active small fries called 《Boar》 is gathered there, and at the east is a bit dangerous field with a rabbit with horns jumping around called 《Horn Rabbi》.

The north plains connect to the next town, and depending on the road there is also a dungeon.

And after the south plains, there is a wide area dungeon called 《Forest of the Edge》, as a stage it’s a dead end.

Just that, there is a wide difference of level from the small-fry’s from other gates.

Basically, the wolf monsters called 《Wolf》are strong.
and also, even though they are strong by themselves they team up.

「Then, We will begin hunting now.
I won’t help out.
Sukuna, it’s okay to fight freely」

Rin-chan, does the stone used for the throwing, is it fine to use those on the ground?」

「They don’t really have that much attack damage, but they do」

「Imma pick some up」

『Stone picking』

『She has the throwing skill?』

『So blunt weapon and throwing is it』

『It’s not like those are landmines but it’s rare』

『Blunt weapons are good, you know.
Just that the appearance of the initial equipment isn’t that good 』

『Though, seriously, are they planning to go hunting at the south?』

『On first day Rinne came here, she was raging mad』

『Raging(expressionlessly barraging magic )』

『That was traumatic』

Looking over Sukuna that was walking while gathering up stones, from the center of the plains, I could see the mobs.

The plains’ leading powerhouse, the 《wolf》.

「Sukuna, right in fro-」

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「Yeah, I see it」

As expected, I should say.

Detecting the enemy way faster than me, she went before me as if protecting me.

The wolfs’ level is randomly from 3 to 5.
The wolf before us is 4, so in the middle in regards strength.

The wolf’s specialty is that they are fast and have high damage.

In exchange for being weak to being hit, they are specialized in attacking, to the modern japanese who aren’t used to fast beasts, they are rather avoided by the beginners.

In regards to the wolf charging straight, Sukuna took a throwing posture.

Holding the stone in a throwing position, she activated the skill calmly.


The flying stone with the shine of the skill, without any deviations it directly hit the brow of the wolf, lightly damaging its HP.

However, what was fatal to the wolf was not the damage, but the fact that it had faltered and slowed down it’s movement.

Facing the wolf that was already getting closer to Sukuna she ran to it, the club that was there before I knew was waved as they passed each other.

It might have slowed down but it was still rather fast, and with a running strike and the damage of the club, like a traffic accident the wolf was sent flying backwards.

Bouncing on the ground many times and when it tried to stand up, it was already when the next attack swung downwards to it.

The wolf shook from being hit on the crown of it’s head, and then once again to the crown of it’s head without deviations.


With the blunt sounds hitting the crown of its head, after that she used her skill and strike down with both hands hitting directly, the wolf lost it’s life and turned into polygons.
(9: polygoned)

「Phew…..oh, I leveled up」

I was bewildered to see Sukuna’s figure smiling really happy but, the atmosphere in the comment section had gone cold.


『Are you kidding me?』

『So much brutality』

『Being hit in the face and the it’s head hit 5 times….』

『Before that the fact that the throw hit was amazing.
That was absolutely on her PS』(9: PS, player skill)

『It’s an ogre』

『it’s the ogre tribe so basically an ogre』

『It’s not the movement of a level 1』


It was summed up to that one word.

It was not a fight to defeat the monster, but a fight to kill a wolf.

Rather than being scared, she was having fun.

「Rin-chan, I leveled up」

Have you decided on your stat point distribution?」

「half each for strength and dexterity, and the others still the same」

「I see…Is it still hard to move?」

「Well, yeah.
Though with this looks like I can easily go back into my rhythm so it’s alright 」

With a low leveled avatar, Sukuna’s ability compared to the RL world, their difference is still large.

To cover that it looks like she is going to raise her dexterity.

In this game, dexterity is very important after all.

「How was it, viewers? This is Nana.
You would want to put your expectations on her right?」

『It was a movement of a beast』

『Even though you say that it’s just one wolf』

『With this level then, I felt the potential in her』

There were negative comments from the comment sections but, after seeing her sweep the floor with the 5 wolves that appeared, all of them had no choice but to accept it.

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