ably possible if we were going with the assumption that Kohaku’s strength is four digits, but if I could reach a four-digit level of strength, could I also do that kind of thing?

Just one hundred fifty more levels and I could probably reach that.
But naturally, my stats would end up way too unbalanced if I did that.

「Changing the topic」

「What is it?」

「I wonder why these plains is just full of gorillas」

This wasn’t limited to WLO, but in every game area, it was natural for each field to have some sort of theme.

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If I were to raise the example of a certain RPG game then there is a secret field where only slime-type monsters spawn, or like a bonus field where only high-experience monsters spawn.

Another example would be WLO’s Lawress wetlands near Dualis.
It was inhabited with frogs, and so it was a frog kingdom.

At the south gate at the Town of Beginnings, the field that was spread out before the Forest of the Edge was wolf territory.

Also, there were areas like the Forest of Magic that only had magic-using monsters.
It really wasn’t weird at all for fields to be made with some kind of theme in mind.

If I simplified it, forests where insect monsters appeared, or seas where fish monsters appeared, those kinds of nature-based areas, the spawn patterns of those could also be considered a theme.

I’ll say it in advance, but it’s not like I knew a lot about gorillas.

That being said, they seemed they would fit better in forest settings and it felt out of place seeing them on the plains.

And if you said that these plains just had a gorilla theme then the topic just ended there.

Their experience was good, and they were just tough, not really hard to defeat.

Unlike the area around Dualis, if you went over the lake, then the area around Tria had a calm weather and climate, so it wasn’t really that hard to deal with the gorillas.

「The reason that this field is full of gorillas, its because the boss of this field is the same, you know?」

「The boss is? is it Named?」

Just like how Aria was among the pack of wolves?

Well, Aria was a loner wolf, but it was a monster suited to be the boss of a field of wolves.

I asked thinking like that, but the words that came in return were words of denial.

「No, it’s different.
Its a boss that defends the boundary between Tria and Fias.」

「Boundary, you say… the main thing is the dungeon, right? Right now, it’s just plains all around from what I see.
Do the gorillas come from that far away?」

A gorilla in the field and a gorilla in the dungeon.

Imagining all sorts of gorillas on the way there, I winced a bit from it.

It seemed that she read through what I was thinking.
Touka-chan looked flustered as she waved her hands, denying what I was thinking.

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「It’s not like that, Suku-neesama.
The way from Tria to Fias, there are no dungeons」


There were…no dungeons?

「Between Tria and Fias, there is a large river.
It’s a very big river that spans one kilometer.
To go over that large river, there is only one huge bridge.
And that is the place of the third guard, called the《Armored Mount Gorilla》.
It’s a fight you can’t avoid if you’re headed to the 4th town.」 (9: mount gorilla, mountain gorilla)

「Armored…Mount Gorilla….」



『G o r i l l a』

『↑ why is the last one in english lol』

Even though it was the boss of the river….mount…? I locked that word away in my chest and instead imagined the silhouette of the boss with a really strong-sounding name.

Now that I thought about it, Rin-chan said something about there being quite a strong boss on the way from Tria to Fias, if I remembered right.

Most likely it was that Armored Mount Gorilla.

「It’s a really strong boss.
It’s blatantly tough, and it has high attack power, and it has sufficiently fast speed, a physical type boss.
I also challenged it with a friend once, but I just lost.」

「Wait, is it a physical type boss?」

It does not have magic attacks.
Just that, it has big enough attack power to give quite big damage to tanks.
If you can say that you have an advantage with being a physical type, then it’s a bit complicated.」

「Well, but still…It has good affinity with me, right?」

Hearing about how the Armored Mount Gorilla’s characteristics as a pure physical type, I thought that it had a really good affinity with me.
We matched types, after all.

Well, rather than having a good affinity with physical types, it was more like I was just fatally weak to magic types…but still, from what I heard, it wasn’t the type that targeted my weak point.

「You’re right.
And so, I have one proposal.」

Touka-chan, who agreed with what I was thinking with a smile, raised her finger, saying that she had a proposal.

「Together with me, would you like to challenge the boss right now like this?」

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