lan or not, it’s not like you always have to be careful about magic, though.」

「《Dance of the Mirroring Waters (Mikagami no Mai)》….was it? I wonder how much strength I need to learn it?」

「Fufu, I wonder.」

Kohaku just smiled.
Whether it was about when I would be able to learn it or what it’s effects were, she wouldn’t teach me a thing.

Mikagami no Mai, Dance of the Oni’s Cry (Oninaki no Mai), and Dance of the Douji (Douji no Mai).
Although she had taught me the names of the three remaining formations, I had absolutely no idea what they did.

All I knew was that they were self-strengthening skills like Dance of the Man-eater (Rasetsu no Mai) and the Double-Edged Dance (Moroha no Mai).

「The more you fight, the more moves you can do, and the more you pile up your experience, the better judgement you will have.
You might have known it already, but the part during the match where I was able to use my strength to supplement my other statuses too, that was all from my tens of years of experience and training.」

Placing her hand on my head, Kohaku had a loving expression as she looked at me.

It felt kinda embarrassing, but the warmth I felt from Kohaku’s large hand felt good.

「Even if you have your promise with me and your promise with Kishin-sama, don’t get impatient.

Take your time and get stronger.
Even I, too, am still young, and Kishin-sama has been sealed for hundreds of years, so even if you have to make her wait, no one will punish you.」

Mysteriously, that had been the same thing that Shuten said to me.

Shuten said 「Kohaku also understands,」 but these two kijin’s opinions were too similar, to the point that it made me want to accuse them of contacting each other behind my back.

I didn’t know how long it would take me to reach the place they were standing on.

However, the two of them had no plans to make me hurry up, it seemed.

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Then, I just had to enjoy the process in my own way.

「And also, there is no meaning to just you getting stronger.
To grant our wishes, we need many comrades.
That’s why I will be going to the kijin village for a bit.
And it seems that some of your kin have already arrived there as well, I think that I will once again ask for their help.」

「Yeah, they are all good people, you know?」

Yesterday, I talked with the players on the race-exclusive kijin thread.
From things I hadn’t researched to things I felt like I wasn’t worthy of knowing, they taught me various stuff.

Well, rather than a BBS, it felt more like a group chat, though…..Since we weren’t anonymous, you know, it couldn’t really be helped.

「Ah… that I think about it, what kind of technique is Kohaku’s Final Formation (Tsuishiki)?」

Since we had reached the end of the previous topic, I suddenly remembered what Shuten had told me about Kohaku’s ultimate technique.

「I’m surprised, just where did you-…, I guess it’s from Kishin-sama.」

It seemed like Kohaku didn’t expect to hear about Tsuishiki from me.
Her expression had hardened up for a second with surprise, but she looked convinced and softened.

「You see, before I came here, we talked for a little bit.」

「….Geez, It’s like you’re making fun of the dream that I have been chasing for my whole life.」


The sound rebuttal that Kohaku had made was too on-point, so all I could do was laugh to dodge the subject.

「The Tsuishiki of Oni no Mai, you see, is the ultimate technique that will manifest at the same time as the fifth formation.
The name of the Dance, without exception, always has something to do with the Dancer’s name, and you won’t be able to know what it does until you use it.
Though, it has been said that it mirrors the dancer’s whole life.」

「If it’s like that, then in Kohaku’s case, would it be called《Kohaku no Mai》?」

「You have a point.
By the way, to my answer earlier, my Tsuishiki is, to roughly say it, it’s a ultimate sure-kill move, you know.」

「Aah….I guess it was like that after all.」

It was probably the most fitting ultimate technique for Kohaku who had a pure strength build.

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It might’ve also been the source of Kohaku’s famous nickname 《Castle Crusher》.

「I’ll show it to you next time.
If I use it right now in my current condition, I don’t know what will happen, after all.」

「You’re right.
I think that’s a good idea.」

As someone who took Kohaku’s attack in the flesh, knowing that even her normal punches felt like they could destroy anything, all I could do was shiver when I tried imagining the ultimate technique of such a powerhouse.

It should at least be able to reduce the entire mini arena to rubble, and in the worst case, Tria itself might be in danger.
Just thinking about the number of people that could get caught up in it…..damn, that was terrifying.

「Ah, that’s right.
There was a message from Kishin-sama for you.」


Due to the sudden practice match, it slipped my mind since I had been blown away in various meanings of the word, but I now recalled the message Shuten entrusted to me.

Since I obviously couldn’t just say Shuten’s name in front of Kohaku without the proper respect behind it, I should just call her Kishin-sama.

「『I will be looking forward to meet you,』 she said.」

After having conveyed those words to her, Kohaku’s thoughts completely shut off.

Kohaku, she sure was weirdly weak to unexpected things, wasn’t she?

Kohaku, who had finally rebooted, patted my head, and without saying anything she left the mini arena.

Her face was really red, and her expression was a sloppy mess….most likely, she was so happy that she couldn’t put it into words.

Secretly preserving the moment with a screen shot, while thinking that she must’ve been reacting like a fan did when meeting their idol, I sat on the edge of the bed to recover from my still-swimming head.


Author noots:

The first time I knew about the word one hit certain kill (ichigeki hissatsu) was from pokemon.

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