d, if you didn’t strictly follow the set actions, the arts wouldn’t be able to activate.

The real origin of the skill 《Oni No Mai》was from an era where it was a 「dance (mai),」and making it actually practical and easier to use was Shuten’s achievement.

And still, though it more or less had a usage restriction, thinking of how strong the skill’s effect was, it probably couldn’t be helped that there were conditions.

In the first place, if this wasn’t a one-on-one match then the restriction wouldn’t really matter that much.

What I activated was the《Second Formation -Doubled Edge Dance (Moroha no Mai)-》.

It gave me the exhilarating feeling of my strength and agility increasing a lot, but I also felt fragile after losing all my defense at the same time.

The one before me was, without a doubt, an existence with the power to be called the 「strongest.」

With the effects of my Moroha no Mai, it wasn’t just the defense from my Toughness that had been stripped away.
The defensive power of my armor was also gone.

I only had three minutes left before Kohaku could start attacking.
As if to show her that I was done checking things out, I shoved my foot into the ground and blasted towards her, releasing a punch.

Kohaku was planning to receive it with her palm, but before my fist reached her, I opened my hands and grasped onto Kohaku’s fingers.

Using the hand I grabbed as an anchor, I used it to pull our bodies closer and then I once again dug my foot into the ground, driving a palm strike into her.


While feeling that Kohaku reacted with just a「little surprise,」today, for the first time, I was able to get a clean hit in, and with the effects of the buffs on I was finally able to succeed in reducing Kohaku’s HP.

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The amount of HP that I removed was just a little bit, but I understood now that as long as I had strength over 300 and I equipped a weapon, I could pierce through Kohaku’s defenses.

And when I thought that I should continue with another attack and was letting go of Kohaku’s hand to do so, Kohaku tightly caught my hand, fixing it in place.


When I tried to pull my hand back with all my strength, she let me go and I let out a weird sound as I struggled to not fall down onto my bottom.

With the small break that had opened in the fight, Kohaku took the time to say something.

「Moroha no Mai is supposed to be something you shouldn’t be able to handle properly the first time, you know, but-……ah, now that I think about it, you also have a skill that is similar to it.」

Against Kohaku, who had a genuinely surprised reaction, I realized I had been seen through, just as I expected.

It wasn’t like I was hiding it, but at the point she had taught me the skill, it may have been exposed that I had another buff skill.

Rather, it seemed like Kohaku had seen my fights with Rou and Apocalypse too.

To be precise, I think that it was exposed that I had some sort of skill then.

While replying, I once more moved forward.

Since otherwise it would be a waste of time, I moved my limbs frantically.

「Though since I already used it yesterday, I can’t use it today though!」

「A skill that is limited to one use per day, that’s unusual.
I didn’t really see it having enough of an effect to warrant that kind of cooldown, though….」

While defending against my attacks seriously unlike she had earlier, Kohaku said that with such a leisurely face.

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Yeah, I also thought so.
I thought the same thing the moment I learned Moroha no Mai yesterday.

But the result was that I was able to find out new effects of Ravenous Wolf, so in the end, it wasn’t a waste.

There was a difference in the order you should use buffs if you wanted them to affect each other.
From now on, this would be an important factor.

While talking, my fists never stopped.
I used dirty strategies like surprise attacks shamelessly.

However, unfortunately, because most of my surprise attacks were made from unreasonable positions, their power was weak enough that Kohaku didn’t even bother to evade.

「You really are someone who can suddenly attack from anywhere.」

「It’s my redeeming feature-! After all!」

I hate status’s violence.
Even though my strength was increased by twofold, even if I hit, she wouldn’t falter a bit.

「C’mon c’mon, there are only two minutes left, you know?」


Against Kohaku, who was provoking me by telling me the remaining time, I continued charging in, this time with desperation.

After this, taking a look from the archived stream, set in a field that looked like a small arena, the scene displayed would make you say that our battle looked like a bull fight.

By the way.

While she was dealing with my attacks.

It seemed that she was having fun, Kohaku had a big smile on her face.


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