Chapter 50

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「Yes, ma’am.」

Kneeling on my knees on the carpet, it was just the two of us.

Feeling the pressure of Rin-chan’s smile, I looked away a bit.

「It’s not like I am angry, you know?」

「Ah, really?」

「While we are at it, let me groom your hair.
Come here.」

Is grooming something a person should do to another person?

That thought crossed my mind, but Rin-chan was smiling as she tapped her thighs, so I had no choice but to entrust my head to her.

She was not angry.
Certainly, Rin-chan was not angry.

But still, because of how long we had been together, I could tell.
Right now, Rin-chan was in a really bad mood.

「As always, your hair is so smooth that’s irritating.」

「Rin-chan’s is the same too, you know?」

「I put quite a lot of effort into it, you know.
Don’t lump me together with you, who only needs water and soap.」

T-that’s rude.
I also use a shampoo for rinsing, you know.

「It’s that part that’s irritating, you know? Geez.」


It seemed she noticed what I was thinking about.
She flicked my forehead.

Although Rin-chan seemed to be the one who was getting more hurt from hitting me, if I pointed that out, she might tickle me like crazy, so I wouldn’t do it.

Since Rin-chan’s fingers were skillful, she was really good at tickling.

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It seemed like she now seriously wanted to play with my hair.
Rin-chan closed her mouth and had gone quiet.
It felt good to have my hair stroked, so I didn’t really resist.

After sitting a while in that calm quietness, feeling like I would melt from how good her fingers felt combing through my hair, suddenly Rin-chan broke the silence.

「I heard about it, you know.
Today, another woman gave you a lap pillow, right?」


She still had a calm smile and was tenderly touching my hair as she said those words, and I unintentionally let out a weird voice.

Panicking about what I should say as an excuse, it seemed like I looked funny.
Rin-chan giggled and she stopped her hands.

「I’m just kidding.
I’m not really mad at that, you know?」

「I-I sure was surprised.」

「So this is like the reaction of a guy who got caught cheating, huh?」

Rin-chan said that while laughing as she poked my cheeks, and I calmed down my heart, still racing from panic.

「Excuse me.」


I, who was being given a lap pillow, was suddenly lifted by my armpits, and then my head was placed on her bosom.

It had been around a week since I could feel Rin-chan’s soft chest.
While the back of my head was feeling very happy, her arms that were around my stomach tightened.



「Ehehe, you advanced a town today, right? That’s a nice pace you’re going at.」

Hmmm, for some reason there was a weird tension.
Even though earlier she was certainly in a bad mood, right now she was in a good mood.

Her mood seems to be unstable, and since there was no smell of any alcohol, it was not like she was drunk, but-….

「Tomorrow and the day after, I have some business to do, so I won’t be home.
I was called out to do something related to Cloclo.
So right now, I’m stocking up on Nana vitamins.」

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Ah, I see.
So that meant that right now, Rin-chan was in her -wants to be pampered- mode.
The reason her mood was weird was probably because of that.

This side of her, she absolutely didn’t show this side of her to anyone else.
I think she showed it only when she was with her family and with me, I think.
In the first place, since she was the youngest, Rin-chan was really spoiled, to the point that she was skilled at wanting to be pampered.

Though she said that it was because she had some business to do, I think it was actually because she really didn’t like it when Kohaku gave me a lap pillow.

And I could tell because she was mad to the point of being clearly irritated and then went on a tangent about something else.

If she didn’t work through it, she would be in a bad mood for a while.
During middle school, there was a time where two weeks passed and she wouldn’t talk to me, so there was no mistake.

I couldn’t properly see, but I raised my hand and petted her hair.「Ehee~」I could hear quite a goofy voice.
She is beyond help..

Ah, wait, even if your mood got better, don’t tickle my stomach!

「Fuu, fuu….now that I think about it, is Cloclo the one that Rin-chan did before?」

After being released after being tickled for ten minutes, blushing after realizing what she just did, I continued the topic from earlier.

「That’s right.
It’s not about a new game, it’s a normal RTA event.
I was invited as the world record holder.」

That sure is nostalgic, Cloclo.
Well, I haven’t played it, though.」

「After all, it’s a single player game.」

For me, or rather, for Rin-chan, it was the one game that left the biggest impression.

Rin-chan accomplished such a great feat in it that you could call it a legend.
It was a game with a lot of close memories.

Pro Gamer Rinne.

She was the absolute ace of the pro gaming team 《HEROES》, a super gamer that was an expert in all kinds of game genres.

And as she was a player and not just the main advertiser of HEROES, the first time her name was known was actually not at a grand tournament, but on a certain RTA game, a streaming playstyle called real time attack.
(9: basically speed running)

《Clock Lock-Actors ―Hero of the Forgotten Time―》.

Even though it was released several years ago, it was still the action game called history’s greatest open world game.

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And why was it the history’s greatest?

There was a simple and clear answer, it was because it had an overwhelmingly huge field.

Just like an open world game, while it was designed that you would be able to go straight to the last boss in the shortest route, the fastest recorded time to complete it was still three hours.

It was just physically too far away.
Including the tutorial, you would have to keep moving the entire time, which took more than at least two and a half hours.

The highlight, which was the last boss fight which was even called a certain defeat battle, showed off the player’s skill as they freely moved around using glitches and tricks at will.

It was said to be that the total area measurement of the map boasts of being five times larger than that of the largest open world game up until that point.
It was said that its story was worked on for more than ten years, arranged so that there wouldn’t be any holes.
Having such a large, lore-steeped world, the average clear time exceeded three-hundred hours.

The area Rin-chan’s name got known in was the RTA category with the most difficult clear conditions.

You had to complete all the grindy parts and collect everything, aiming for a perfect clear, it was known as an 100% RTA.

Though the conditions of the RTA’s nowadays had gotten much kinder, the reason why it was called the most time-consuming RTA was because of the overwhelming amount of game time it took to complete….that was not it.

Instead, it was because of the rule that you were forbidden to stop the time counter when sleeping.

It was fine to sleep, it was fine to rest.
It was just that, at those times, you couldn’t stop the timer.
Simply because of that rule’s existence, the RTA for this game had become the picture of hell.

One of the first ones to have participated in it was a Canadian player who put in one hundred sixty-eight hours to complete it, and that record was officially confirmed and recorded.
It took a week, but it was said that forty of those hours were just sleep.

As for Rin-chan, who was still a middle school student at that time, the time she took to clear it under those conditions was seventy-nine hours, twenty-two minutes, and thirty-seven seconds.

Not getting a single wink of a sleep and mostly not taking any meals, Rin-chan during middle school established that record, and so far, no one had passed it.
At least, not as of right now──it seemed.
I just checked earlier.

Currently, the second place record was ninety-five hours and the third place record was ninety-seven hours.
Comparing them with Rin-chan’s record, you could say there was an overwhelming difference.

By the way, Rin-chan stayed in bed for three days straight after completing the RTA.

The absolute monarch of Cloclo’s RTA.
That was Rin-chan’s origin as a pro gamer.

It was not widely circulated, and at its core, it was just a minor beginning.

However, Rin-chan used that as a stepping stone, and with time, and through her connections, she made her name known throughout the gaming world.

Of course, Rin-chan had the playing skills, but I think that her success was mostly because of using her family’s connections.

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Right now, Rin-chan was a top player that you couldn’t pull down no matter what you did, but that origin started with Cloclo, there was no mistaking it.

Most likely, the event that she was called to right now was just a small one.
At least, it shouldn’t be a huge gaming festival.

Even so, as Rin-chan was participating as a guest and staying a night over, she probably had a lot of important feelings for that game.

「By the way, the developer team of Cloclo was involved in creating WLO, you know?」


「Well, only one of the heads though.
I’ll be meeting that person tomorrow.」

Could you really even say that the developer team was involved then…..?

And rather, just now, she just casually said that she was going to meet that person.
Were you acquaintances? I see, okay.

By the way, Cloclo sold about 2 million units around the world, although it was not a series, it was such a hit game.
Even with the great amount sold, about half of the people who bought it still hadn’t cleared it, I heard.

Most of the cons people mentioned were about how「it took too much playing to clear.」Most of the criticisms were about that, there weren’t any objections with the quality.
As people who lived in this modern society, they just couldn’t handle that much.

Even if you watched a playthrough of it, it easily went over three hundred episodes.

「Rather, three hundred is just around mid-game, you know?」

Is what Rin-chan had to say about it.

While I was soaked in a nostalgic feeling from remembering such a thing after a long time, I suddenly noticed a certain coincidence.

「Now that I think about it…..there was a character in WLO that had the same name in Cloclo.」

「There are so many characters appearing in WLO that it wouldn’t be weird, but….was there really one?」

「Yeah, there is no mistake about it.」

A supporting character in Cloclo, rather, a character that has no relationship with the main story at all, I don’t really know why, but they remained deep in my memory.

「《Melty Bloodheart》.
The vampire of the beginning and the end.
Wasn’t it?」

That was what Kohaku had heard about, the only name of the person who had defeated a solo named alone in the world.

The strongest vampire NPC, 《Melty the Heavenly Eye》.
For some reason, I can’t help but feel that these two existences had some connection.

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