You’re right

176: Momotetsu (peach metal 桃鉄)


I heard from the previous day from the person that got killed by her, it seems that she is over 60

177: Proshoot

Well, Moving aside from the murder princess~

Just maybe, Sukuna-chan might have fought that black dragon, though just maybe~

178: Tentomushi

If its like that then, she wasn’t killed by the murder princess, doesn’t that make her just crazy?

179: Chlorobenzene

Isn’t it common knowledge that they are crazy people

180: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

No matter what it is, it is the development that all of us in this thread have been waiting for you know

Ever since Sukuna-san has chosen Douji

181: Teppen Himiko

Thou are right

Since even if we have already discovered the kijin village, with the current condition right now, there is really no meaning to that.

And even the keeper of the rare skill too, she is way too strong, that thou can’t get to her

182: Pegasus Seikou

Since the favoritism of quest to the 3 major races that has the most population, and we have the case of our race having few race related quest

183: Akamichan

tensuunorouorekiuemu( Wolf king of the Sky Pivot, Requiem)

184: Teppen Himiko

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Requim, myself has not heard of it

185: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

So Akami-san also came

186: Chlorobenzene

It’s the afternoon of a weekday you know

I think I have heard about the Black wolf of congregation

187: Proshoot

I think it was the demon that nests at the volcano~

188: Chlorobenzene

Ah, that’s the one

I think that it’s beyond Zeronoa, so I think its the next one

189: Tentomushi

Does no one know about the white wolf?

190: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

The name heavenly eye is famous right?

The world’s strongest vampire, the hero character that defeated a dragon alone.

191: Proshoot

Even though Kohaku-sama is on the list of heroes, so they are not acquainted~

so that means that she is the first one~

192: Teppen Himiko

Even so, methinks that this is the first time I have seen Kohaku-sama talk this much

193: Akamichan

Well, integrating it from the conversation at the village, she was quite a wild kid so isn’t she originally like this?

194: Iruka (dolphin)

Rather than that, I’m curious about the ornate hairpin on that girl…..

Isn’t a ground cherry………in that world…….the symbol of Kijin right?

165: Chlorobenzene

Sea pig bro!

As usual the way you see sure is persistent

196: Teppen Himiko


Kishin…..does anyone know something at thy village?

197: Iruka

nothing that new….just that, to the Kijins it’s a really holy existence……and that there are no places at the village where they worship it…..

198: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

Kokuyou(黒耀)-dono that kept beating up chlorobenzene, it seems that if you are not strong enough to be in her class, you won’t even be allowed to say it in front of her.

199: Chlorobenzene

Can I cry?

200: Proshoot


let’s talk about that later

It seems that Kohaku’s goal is Kishin-sama~

As of right now she has no clues~

I wonder if Sukuna-chan’s hairpin has something to do with it~

201: Akamichan

I have no idea at all

Ah, isn’t it about time for the boss battle?

202: Tentomushi

let’s see how good she is()

203: Chlorobenzene

after all this time, just what are you trying to see


405: Proshoot

It’s not on just a level of a new informing~

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406: Orgon

She is totally on a different route than us, that girl.

407: Chlorobenzene

Rather than that….the rare skill that I was having trouble trying to get was-…..

408: Tentomushi



409: Mememe Mememe Mememru

No, do you not know that it also comes to you too….

410: AAAA

So the Forest of the edge is it? Since I thought it doesn’t have any connections with clearing the main part that I ignored it but, looks like I can’t overlook it anymore.

411: Proshoot

I took a lot of screenshot of Kohaku-sama and I’m happy~

412: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

Though still….Sukuna-san, I wonder just where she met Kishin-sama?

413: Chlorobenzene

That part is just full of mystery

414: Proshoot

It’s still early for the theorizers to come too, and then the kids that was here earlier has logged out, this is troubling~

415: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

Guessing from Kohaku-sama’s story, as long as you are a Douji, there is a possibility that you would be contacted right?

So that means, achievements? As I thought maybe you need an achievement on the level of defeating a named solo, is it…..?

416: AAAA

I think that it’s a bit different

There must have been some sort of trigger isn’t it?

C’mon, just like the event that happened yesterday right?

417: Proshoot

The black dragon invasion event~?

418: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

Now that I think about it, Proshoot-san, you said that the black dragon and Sukuna-san were fighting each other right?

419: Iruka

Certainly on the previous day in the archives, she didn’t have the ground cherry ornate hairpin….there is no mistake, something happened yesterday

420: Sukuna


421: Proshoot

There was only a witness at the main thread that she was fighting against the murder princess you know

to this might just be a maybe kind of topic~

422: Mememe Mememe Mememeru


423: Iruka


424: AAAA

As expected, I was startled

425: Chlorobenzene


426: Proshoot

no way~

427: Tentomushi


428: Sukuna

Nice to meet you

I’m Sukuna

Please take care of me

429: Orgon

When I came back it got really absurdly interesting lol

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