ith enough force to destroy it, and then I smashed down one of the magical matangos that were chanting magic on the ground.

「Though- I barely made it….!」

From the flat, crushed corpse of the dead magical matango, I slowly pulled out the weapon and put it on my shoulders.

The Haruru-made two-handed mace, 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》.
A really heavy weapon requiring over 150 strength.

With my increase in level from the Apocalypse battle and then from the level that I had gotten earlier, spending all my remaining stat points, I was finally able to 「carry it」.
I was equipping such ridiculously heavy equipment.

Required strengths are basically added together.
If I considered actually being able to move around, then I needed to take into account both the required strength of the Meteor Impact -Zero Type- and the required strength of my armor.

Although the Red Wolf’s Attire -Solo- had an extraordinarily low required strength of 5, my strength right now was only 152.
The exact required strength of the Meteor Impact -Zero Type- was 151, so to move around while carrying it I needed four more strength.

Then why was I carrying a weapon that I couldn’t move around with?

Well, if you’re only carrying a weapon then as long as you reached the required strength it was possible to do so.

Basically, I was not planning to carry this weapon to beat the enemy with it.


I was using it by throwing it around.

It seemed that they weren’t able to react to it being thrown.
The Meteor Impact -Zero Type- rotated in the air as it landed on the head of the nearest goblin mage, blowing it away.

As the headless corpse of the goblin disappeared after a few seconds, I understood that its kin was a bit shocked by what happened to it.

Using the time when the monsters had faltered temporarily, I once again picked up the Meteor Impact and threw the black metal hammer towards the place where the monsters had gathered.

This time’s throw blew away a butterfly magi and the magical matango behind it.

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Haruru also said it, but the heaviness of the weapon was important as it was also a factor that was calculated into the damage.
Especially if it was a blunt weapon, that damage would be greater.

If it was a sword, then the bonus would be based on its sharpness or something, so there were other things that were calculated into the total damage.

The monsters in the Forest of Magic were specialized in magic.
To me who specialized in physical-type stats and was weak to magic, the monsters in the forest of magic weren’t strong against physical attacks.

That meant that these monsters and me are both each other’s worst enemy.

Though it was not like their physical defense was as low as my magic resistance.
Just, compared to their kin, they were soft.

It seemed this would be likely, but magic users like Rin-chan, in a way, shouldn’t they be having trouble in this forest? Since all of them would naturally have magic resistance, after all.

Now then, understanding that the Meteor Impact -Zero Type- was really effective against them, naturally they wouldn’t just stand still as they got slaughtered.

Picking up, throwing and then recovering the hammer, since this single loop of actions took around ten seconds, I had to evade all the incoming magic as I did it.

While I jumped from tree to tree or went through the gaps between the crowd of monsters, not panicking, I reduced their numbers.

Throwing, crushing, punching, kicking, recovering, and once again throwing.
All I could do was repeat all of those steps, but it was gradually becoming difficult.

To throw the Meteor Impact -Zero Type-, I couldn’t equip any weapon at the same time.

On the other hand, unarmed combat had a bonus on attack power when you didn’t equip any weapon, but right now I was equipping the Meteor Impact -Zero Type-, so I won’t be able to receive that bonus.

That meant that my normal damage had decreased.
While strategizing as I took out and used throwing weapons to cancel out magic, the enemy just wouldn’t stop.

While I was fighting, more monsters came up, increasing their numbers, and as I defeated twenty of them, another ten would appear.
It was that kind of a situation.

It was normally faster when I just hit them, but once it came to this, it just got gradually worse.

I was carefully managing my SP, but with one hit being fatal, if I got careless in evading what will be waiting for me was only death.

Even with the effects of《Moon Camellia’s Solo (tsubaki kanade)》which basically doubled my SP, because I didn’t even have time to rest, my SP had already been reduced to half.

I was clearly feeling the pressure of death, but while I was in what you might call a monster swarm, I was having fun.

The remaining monsters numbered thirty.
Considering the gathering monsters too, I could probably survive if I defeated fifty more monsters.

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「This is just too impossible!!」

That was impossible, I thought, but.

I should just do as much as possible.

I was starting to get used to throwing the Meteor Impact -Zero Type- and I could mow down about three monsters in a single throw.
Besides, I felt like it wasn’t like I didn’t have a chance.



After this is a weapon explanation corner.


Meteor Impact -Zero Type-

Two-handed mace

Attack Power: 55

Required Strength: 151

Durability: 1670

Special Gimmick: 《???》

A super heavy two-handed mace made from heavy metal.

While having a simple look, it only has one special gimmick installed in it, however with her current strength, Sukuna can’t use it.

And once again, you could say this to all two-handed mace category weapons, but in the case that you don’t have enough dexterity, you would be just swayed around by the weight, unable to swing as you want.

On the other hand, it has 3 times the attack power of a one-handed mace, they basically connect from the difference of damage magnification and a huge firepower.

Having the special characteristics of a heavy metal, it boasts of having a huge strength requirement and tremendous durability.

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