rance of the Forest of Magic.

I didn’t think that I would end up using these shops near the entrance but it couldn’t be helped.
After taking a break to gradually restore my HP, I once again returned to exploring.

Hmmm, but still, becoming like this from beginning magic, then it was all the more strange that I had received just a wound from Apocalypse yesterday.

To me, receiving that first attack, I didn’t really know what had been done to me.
Totally being unable to see it, my stomach was pierced.

I thought that the spear of light that came later in the battle was the same thing as that, but after the attack from the butterfly magi earlier, it was obviously strange that I was able to survive it.

At that time I thought it was magic that was specialized for making you lose body parts but…….I didn’t get it.
After all, it was just a meeting that happened in just around one minute.

While pondering the new mystery that was revealed after coming here, since I wouldn’t be fighting Apocalypse now either way, I stopped thinking about it.

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According to a well-informed watcher, the butterfly magi itself was actually one of the monsters that had a high magic attack.
That was why, even if I was hit by the same spell as earlier from the other monsters, I wouldn’t receive the same degree of damage.

However, there were monsters that could use stronger magic, so I concluded that I should just evade all magic.

That was fine and all, but…

「T-this is bad!!」

Right now, I was in a big pinch.

It started about five minutes earlier.

After an hour of exploring as I filled in the map.
I was getting used to dealing with the monsters using magic, mainly the butterfly.
Since I believed that my victories were assured by this point, I lowered my guard.

「Ah, look at that.
It’s a monster that’s really shining…….it looks like a fox but I wonder what it is?」

In the middle of the exploration, on a level beyond just being bright, there was a fox that was beaming in the midst of the bright forest.

Stealthily closing in, its name, 《Shiny Fox Lv 5》, was displayed.

Thinking that it might be some sort of really rare monster, while my heart was beating, I prepared my throwing knife.

Since the power of the throw basically depends on the strength, I judged that even with the low attack power of a throwing knife, I would deal enough damage to defeat the shiny fox because of our level gap.

Even if I couldn’t control it in detail because of the gauntlets, it was not that difficult to throw it straight.

Carefully, and carefully.
I threw the knife towards the shiny fox.


My plan certainly worked, my knife prettily pierced its neck as it shaved off its HP.

Since I hit its throat, its scream was short as it collapsed.

At that moment.

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The shiny fox that was shining with a bright white light, at the verge of death, scattered a red flash to the surroundings as it disappeared.

「I-I wonder what that was right now…?」

While I was a bit surprised, getting the results of the battle, I received so much experience that you wouldn’t think it had just been a level 5.
It was so much that it was enough to raise my level.

And adding more to that, I also got 10,000 iris.
It was a reward that you wouldn’t think it was from a level 5 monster.

「I see, so it was a bonus monster.」

Being happy from leveling up and making my wallet swell, I honestly brought out a smile.

And then, seeing two butterfly magi that appeared in my vision, I immediately switched gears.

Two of them were a bit troublesome.
While thinking that, I readied up my fist, and then on the side of my vision, there were another three more butterfly magi.

Having a bad omen, I instantly looked behind me, and then, not only was there a butterfly magi, but there was also a 《Goblin Mage》and a《Magical Matango》 included, the forest’s normal mobs were spawning one after another around me.

Noticing it, they were at the center of where the shiny fox died, and then, by the end, there were around over thirty monsters that had spawned.


In that rather hopeless situation, I unintentionally muttered those words.

What brought me to this situation was, no matter how you thought about it, that shiny fox.

Its last light was most likely some kind of skill that called out monsters.

That one was not just a rare and high experience monster.
It was literally a trap.


I messed up.
When I thought that, the battle had already begun.

The five ice balls that were released as the first shots were coming towards me.

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