Chapter 41

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「And so, we will be going to the forest of magic as you might see, yo.」



『wakotsu, what do you mean』


『First time here』

『I was waiting for this』

Standing at the main gate of Dualis and speaking in an unknown weird accent, the watcher’s reactions weren’t that great.

Well, yeah, I was the bad one for saying it like that at the start of the stream.

「But before that, I’m sorry for not being able to stream yesterday.
Actually, I was rolled up in the magic from a certain video and had the death penalty….

『Was it that one?』

『So you were there』

『I thought it was just like that』

『I guessed it』

『That certain video?』

『↑looks at the official bbs thread』


A total lie….Well, it was totally a lie, yep.

Looking back on what actually happened, I did not die because of the magic, I died because I was killed by Shuten after all.

Though, the watchers reacted with sympathy.
I said that as if I had been a victim, but there should have been many casualties from the magic directed at me…..

I hoped that there would be some kind of compensation for the people that got dragged in.

「Though, I was able to get new equipment, and I was able to level up a bit yesterday too.
I will be fighting with my fists today!」

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I showed the heavy metal gauntlets.
I was gradually getting used to their heaviness.

『Grappler Sukuna』

『To be born being a man!』(9: I’m not sure what this is referring to, prolly some famous anime or something)

『Hou….so knuckles is it』

『It looks too rough』

I really do agree that it looked too rough.
“Can it do something kind of like a rocket punch?” It felt just like that.

It felt like the arm piece of an all-metal mech, and moreover, it was absurdly heavy and looked almost completely jet black.

「It seems to be made out of the material called Heavy Metal.
And also, I’m 100% a maiden, okay?」



『yeah yeah, a manly woman is it』

『manly woman』

『stop it with the manly woman, it makes me laugh』

「This is what you call impression management, is it? 」

If you kept saying that, my anger might reach its peak, you know…!

「And so, let’s go to the forest of magic.
I don’t want any more frogs…..」

『They have blunt resistance after all』

『Sukuna can’t do other than blunt after all』

『after all she is a blunt-type』

『I also want to see a two hand weapon』

『Throwing too』

That’s right, the frogs at that place had blunt resistance, so it wouldn’t feel good if I hit them.

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Their movements were not that agile, but that resilient bouncy sensation, I was kinda tired of it after two days.

「I will use a two-handed weapon soon.
Today, I will be trying this out though.
Oh, a goblin.」

Looking at the goblin that I could see in the distance, I closed the distance as I ran towards it.

In that field, with my agility that had increased too much, I had closed several meters of distance in the blink of an eye.


Was it trying to hide in the shade of the rock? I put up a fist, preparing to launch it towards the back of the goblin that wasn’t looking at me.

“ZZUDO!” With a blunt sound like that, the goblin was blown away, clueless as to what had just happened as it disappeared upon hitting the ground.

While seeing that that had happened while my fist was still raised up, while feeling a bit happy from the good sensation that had been better than I thought, I quietly lowered down my fist.

「This might feel good.」

I could somewhat feel the sensation of impact with the metal club, but I couldn’t get enough of the sensation of it directly reverberating through my arm.

I didn’t really feel any problem regarding the speed boost of the red wolf’s attire while closing the distance, and the reduced agility caused by the gauntlet didn’t really have that much effect.

「I want to test it out more…..where’re the enemies?」

Using my detection skill, I saw there were two to three monsters in a group.

Since there still weren’t any monsters using any magic around these parts, there shouldn’t be any problem with me assaulting them from one side.

「Let’s hunt them down, one by one.」

The nearest one was a rabbit-type monster.

Normally, rabbit types only had attack patterns of rushing or jumping.

Normally, they were hard to hit because of their small size, but if they just jumped into the air themselves then….right there.

PPAN! A huge exploding sound resounded as my right hand blasted forward, intercepting the rabbit with a giant swing.

Confirming that the critical hit shaved off all its HP, I once again used Detection.

The next target was forwards and to the left of me, hiding behind the shaded side of the rock.

I wanted to use a throwing item to lure it out, but because the gauntlets covered up my fingers, my throwing accuracy had fallen a bit.

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「…..Ah, there was this one.」

When I tried looking for an item to use, there was one item I bought from Haruru yesterday that I could use.

Holding a ball covered in black cloth, I pulled the stick that was stuck into it and threw it gently and precisely to the upper side of the rock.

When the ball reached towards the top of the rock it exploded, and a white powder was spread around.


Was it a goblin that was the one hiding? It leaked out a surprised voice from the powder that suddenly fell from above.

Using that opening, to the goblin that was panicking behind the rock, I dealt a three-hit combo to its body, its liver, and its head.

Not able to deal with the surprise attack, the goblin anticlimactically lost its life.

「This is what you call wheat flour ball tactics, you know?」

According to Haruru, after pulling the stick, which was the fuse, it would explode in ten seconds.
It was an item just like some sort of hand grenade.

It seemed like it only had enough destructive power to burst through soft cloth, so it might have been way too crude to call it a hand grenade, but depending on your strategy you could use it like that.

By the way, Haruru said that she would someday make a pepper ball.

『Was that a wheat flour just now?』

『So there was something like a wheat flour』

『I thought it was some sort of dangerous drug(whispering voice)』

『just when did you get something like that』

「I bought it from the girl that sold me this weapon.
I thought that there would be some use, but it looks like there are quite a lot.」

Though, it was not something you would throw up front, so I needed to properly think of how to use it.

By the way, even though I said wheat flour, it seemed like there was no wheat flour being sold in the game.
It was just a white powder that looked like wheat flour, and for convenience, Haruru was only calling it wheat flour.

After all, you could also cook in this game.

Since rabbits, wolves, or frogs all dropped meat, as long as you had the skill, cooking might not actually have such a high level of difficulty to do.

「Hmmmm, however, this gauntlet, it feels good to hit with, but I feel like I’m not hitting that well.」

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『on which part…?』

「Well, it’s somewhat like…..I feel like I could do it more efficiently, you know? No, I’m not talking about doing them in, okay?」

If I had to fight with just my body, there was a need to change the way I fought depending on how the opponent’s size leads them to attack.

This was simply a problem with the reach and the method of receiving the opponent’s attacks.

Regarding the problem with the reach, the fight with the rabbit was a good example.
Basically, my point was that a punch wouldn’t be able to reach down to the level of my feet.

And, thinking up until this point, I suddenly thought.

“Isn’t it fine if I just used kicks?” That was what I thought.

Wearing the gauntlets took my attention from that, but in the first place, when I was using a metal club I was also using kicks.

Forcefully using the metal club as the axis to forcibly do acrobatics might not be bad, but as I had thought, I was more used to using my own limbs to do those movements.
Putting it that way, you could say that I could move around much more easily now.

Testing it out on the horn rabbit that was hiding in the bushes, evading its horn, I kicked it like a soccer ball.

Saying it clearly, my kick had enough power to match my punch as the horn rabbit was blown away.
The level difference sure was frightening.

「Hmmm, like this? No, maybe this one.
Ah, this might be good.」



『She is heartwarmingly yelling out as she slaughters them』

『It’s the return of the brutal ogre girl』

『This is bad, this is bad』

Along with the blunt sound, the monster died.
Did they see that scene? The moment I wasn’t paying attention, the watchers were shivering.

For a little while, I ignored the watchers and cleared the dungeon.
I, who had been focused on practicing unarmed combat, after finishing that and looking at that comment section, I did a little bit of a face palm.

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