Chapter 40

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「To think that you would destroy the weapon that I just gave you……what kind of a personality do you have…….?」

「Guu…..I have no excuses for that…..」

After logging in.

Thinking that I obviously had to apologize, visiting Haruru, I was pierced by her staring eyes.

「Oh well…..Since I have gotten the money…….and I heard what happened from Rou too…..」


「Did I not say it…..? The one who made 《Rapier of Temptation -Mellow Rapier-》 was me, you know…..?」

Haruru giggled as she said this, and I was taken by surprise.

So that meant it was like that? The reason that Rou went to the trouble of coming here was to meet Haruru, was it?

「She is one of my regulars, you know…..since criminal players can’t get into the town……I have to go to her though…..but in exchange she would also include the price for that……..and she also pays well too…..」

I, who was lost for words, couldn’t say all of the many things that I wanted to say.
Haruru didn’t shy away as she said it.

「Now then…..I have understood that Sukuna-san uses that art that makes smiths cry many times……if so, then I have prepared you something nice for that…..」

I got a grip on reality.

Haruru, who changed the atmosphere that way, brought out one weapon from the back.
It looked heavy, she was dragging it along.

As Haruru presented the two-handed mace that she had dragged along to me, she exhaled and started talking.

「This is called 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type- (zeroshiki)》…..It’s a heavy weight class equipment of the two-handed mace division……」

It was a weapon that Haruru couldn’t move without dragging it,《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》.
It had a really strong-sounding name.

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The impact points it had were obtuse, pyramid-shaped protrusions on each side of the head, and the head part was a bulky hammer type.
Looking at it, it looked like a normal two-handed mace category hammer.

Just that, it looked way too dark.
From the handle until the end of the head, it was mainly colored jet black.

There were some parts where it was decorated in a golden color which really stood out.

「This is made from ore called 《Heavy Metal》…..The required strength is just destructive, but…..its performance was way more than the cost of its material…..

「By the way, how much strength does it need?」

「Around 150…..」


Surprised, I let out a loud voice, but requiring 150 strength, that number is just way too crazy.

The human race basically raised their status by one per level.
If their starting status was 10, then it would need 140 levels.

Though actually, there were bonus points, so there was no need to calculate it like a grade schooler.

Since even if you were to put all your points into strength, you would need 28 levels so it would be questionable if the same human race could carry it even after exceeding level 25, that was the 《Meteor Impact -Zero Shiki-》.

Adding the points that I still hadn’t used up and raising my level a little bit more then, it was not a number that I couldn’t reach……..

「Sukuna-san, you may not know about it, but……Finisher is not just an arts that triples your normal damage, you know……?」

「Eh? Really?」

「I guess the ones at fault were the opponents you used it on……」

The opponents that I used that art on were Aria, who only had 1 HP left, and Apocalypse, who had way too much HP, only them.

Finisher had strong fire power, but since I only used it in moments that I wanted to swing fast, I didn’t really think about its power.

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「Obviously, the weapon’s attack power and your total strength……with a magnitude of 300% and adding 1/10 of the remaining durability as a percentage to the 300%….that is process within Finisher…….With the iron club that Sukuna-san used in the beginning…..if it was in a perfect condition then……with a maximum at 350%, that means that it has the magnitude of a 3.5x damage……」

Raising her fingers slowly as she explained it, I also tried calculating it in my mind as I was convinced.

「I see.
If there was no merit in using it in the case where it still has durability left, it would just become something you use on weapons that are about to break after all.

「That’s right…..Though it’s not an art that you could really use thinking about the expenses after all… the way, using it on the beginner weapons would just cancel it you know….」

「Aah, that one just has broken durability after all….」

Even if the weapon damage itself is low, with just your strength and the art’s magnitude increase, it would become ridiculously powerful.

It was probably wise for the developers to fix the bug beforehand.

「Now then……once again, I’ll explain about the Meteor Impact……You could say that the whole weapon itself is made out of the heavy metal, but……its durability is on another dimension……Meteor Impact has an extraordinary durability of over 1500…….」


「And it’s a heavy class weapon with an attack power which is also over 50…..with the relationship with this game’s physics engine, the weight is also calculated to add to its damage a bit…….so it gives off the image that the actual attack power is a bit higher…..」

I somewhat feel like I just kept getting surprised today.

Super Iron Club had a required strength of 20, its durability was 500, and its attack power was 30.
Considering that, Meteor Impact, with the required strength of 150, it might not be strange for it to have such durability, but in many ways it’s just absurd.

「This weapon, as I made it as a trial when I got my hands on a heavy metal……there wasn’t anyone that could use it…..there are some at the frontlines, but… the players coming to Dualis, there is basically no one…..」

「Eh, but my status is also lacking, you know?」

「The red wolf bonus point, there are those right….?」


「And since you changed jobs to 《Douji》……there should be also an increase rate on your status….」

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Could you have called it the instinct of the peculiarity of business people, or maybe it was just purely the amount of knowledge she had? I faltered from the really sharp points that she had pointed out.

Well, certainly, if I raised my level a bit then it was not something that I couldn’t reach after all…..

Saying it like that, my strength right now is over 100 too, and there were still points from the Apocalypse battle.

After the Aria battle, I put most of my points into my agility and dexterity, so I can’t really rely on that, but I should be able to gain status points from the boss at the Forest of Magic, and if I level up five more times I could easily reach that number.

「For now, making this one of the options…..there is one more weapon I would like to show you….」

Saying that, she once again went to the back, and what she brought back was a huge box looking like a duralumin case.

Taking off the locks to open it, what was inside was a pair of arm guards.
Since the color was mainly black too, it might also be made out of heavy metal.

「Sukuna-san, you like using blunt weapons, right…..?」

「Yeah, since they’re tough and easy to use after all」

「I also love blunt weapons…..However, most of my customers are sword users…..most of the blunt weapons that I have made as a hobby were stored away…..」

Was she very disappointed about it? She said it in a displeased way.

When I thought about why she had such a collection of blunt weapons, it looked like it was because making them was Haruru’s hobby.

「This too is one of the blunt weapons, but….its name is 《Heavy Metal Gauntlets》……As you can see, it’s a set of gauntlets that you use to fight with 《Grappling》…….」(9: originally its hand to hand combat, but its just too long so I went with grappling, if there is suggestions please say so, btw martial arts is a no go, or karate)


「To be exact, you could call it the《Unarmed Combat》skill……Unarmed, in short, is a skill where being in a state where you aren’t holding any weapons you get an increase rate to your attack power, but….you could ignore the increase rate and equip a weapon just like this….」

The rate was around 50-50.
While saying that as she passed over those gauntlets, I realized they were absurdly heavy.

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It was not like I couldn’t carry it, but wearing them on my arms, I could tell their heaviness.
Most likely, it was a weapon that I had barely reached its required strength.

「With both arms, its required strength is right at 100…….that equipment has a reduction on agility, but… exchange its attack power is increased…..also, in exchange for the short range, it has high attack power…..」

「I see….Yeah, it might be possible.」

Certainly it was heavy, but it never really obstructed your movements.

A pure kimono dress, which was the red wolf’s attire, with a metallic heavy metal gauntlet, setting aside the affinity of how they matched, because it was a gauntlet it was not like there was no defensive use.

Though it was a defensive phenomenon where, when you hit it with other weapons, it didn’t really raise my defense, but if it allowed me to guard then that’s fine.

「Ufufufufufu……it looks really good on you…..」

「Really? Does it not clash with the Japanese clothes?」

「Not really…….A girl like Sukuna-san equipping such a grim and heavy blunt equipment……it’s just what I really like………..」


“ufufufuhihihihi,” a rather slovenly face came from the little girl as she laughed.
I took a few steps backwards.

「By the way, the price is?」

「With the both of them, its 150,000 Iris…..」

「Ghu… about trading with materials?」

「It would depend on negotiations….」

After using most of the contents of my inventory and receiving a discount from giving a screenshot of me with the equipment, I was able to protect the red wolf materials till the end.

Damn it, this smith, just who are you looking down on……..?

「From now on, please continue to support me, okay?…..Ufufufu…..」

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