Chapter 38

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「T-th-th-th-the real Rinne is right before me……」

Saku-chan, who fortunately rebooted, while doing dodgy actions he brought out his notepad.

「P-please give me your autograph!」

「Yeah, why not.
But, it’s a bit sad with just that notebook.」

Rin-chan said that as she took out a mini colored paper from her bag, and then did her autograph as if it was nothing and passed it over to Saku-chan.

If I were to say it like Rin-chan would, it was a famous person’s preparedness, so she always brought a number of mini colored papers.

Even though Rin-chan’s disguise was good, there were times she got exposed when she called herself out like this.

Being able to do fine fan service during times like this, it was also a part of the charm of Rin-chan.

「Huooooh…T-thank you very much!」

「Make this a secret, okay?」

Saku-chan, who reverently put the colored paper with the words written “To Sakura-kun” on his pocket, 「Ah!」suddenly let out a big voice.

「I’m sorry, I was still working.」

「Ah, yeah.
You’re right.」

It’s great that he noticed it.

「I’m about to be done, so if you two are fine with it, can we talk a bit more….?」

Saku-chan asked with an apologetic expression.

I’m fine with it, so I asked Rin-chan.

「I’m fine with it.
How about Rin-chan?」

「He’s a friend of yours, right? Since it’s come to this, I’d like to hear about Nana when she was working.」

「Eeeh, that’s embarrassing.
Oh well, in that case, Saku-chan, can we meet up at 4pm at the cafe on the 2nd floor?」

「I’m fine with it ‘ssu! Thank you very much!」

Bowing his head deeply, Saku-chan went back to his work.

Looking a bit at the area around where he was working, it seems like he was put in the center to deal with the customers.

It was not that long ago that he quit his previous job, so I guess he was still not allowed to make pastries.

And just like that, we parted from Saku-chan for now to meet up later.

「Uwu, so tired….」

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A bit before 4 pm.

After earlier, I was treated like a dress up doll by Rin-chan at the boutique, and now I was collapsed on the table at the cafe.

Rin-chan went to the washroom to fix her make-up.

「Nana-neesama, sorry for making you wait」

「Ah, Touka-chan.」

I had allowed myself to melt on the table, but with Touka-chan’s arrival, I solidified myself and sat properly.

Since Touka-chan was really tall, she gathered gazes from all around.

Was she used to it? The person herself looked like she didn’t mind at all.

「Where’s Rin-neesama?」

「She went and did her make-up again.」

「Oh, I see.
If so, I can monopolize Nana-neesama for myself for a while.」

Giggling as she said it, Touka-chan sat on the other side, facing me.

Considering Touka-chan and Saku-chan, I took a table for 4.

Since the table itself was made to be a bit comfortable, It seems like it was easy for Touka-chan to sit at it.

「Nana-neesama…, Nana-nee.
Talking like this makes me feel it.
Compared to back then…you have really changed.

「I see.
Well, six years have passed, I suppose something like changing could have more or less happened.」

「Fufu, that part of you hasn’t changed at all.
But, if you ask the people who knew you back then, I think everyone will say the same thing.」

「I don’t really think it will be.」

Touka-chan’s tone was gentle, so it looked like there wasn’t any ill meaning behind it.

However, from her words, I felt a little bit of headache.

Actually, ever since my parents died, especially the year that it had happened, my memories weren’t really clear.

Even when I negotiated with my Aunt to start living alone, for a little while, I just remembered doing laboring work to survive.

Was it because of the feeling of losing someone important, or was it just because I was desperate to survive?

I felt like I had lived while dead, to the point that I barely contacted Rin-chan.

And also, I feel like there was someone else, but I don’t really remember…..

「Ara, so Touka-chan came already.」

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Tsk, the time I could monopolize Nana-nee was too short.」

「Geez, don’t say anything that you don’t mean okay…..Nana, what is it?」

「….Eh? Ah, no, its nothing」

It seems like I had spaced out for a bit, before I knew it, Rin-chan had come back.

Rin-chan sat beside me and opened up the table side menu.

「You can order a cappuccino here, you know.」

「I’ll go with a milk tea.」

「Touka, you still can’t drink coffee? What a kid」

「I’m bad with bitter stuff.
I’m not good with things I’m not good with~」

Rin-chan provoked Touka-chan while grinning, and Touka-chan looked away pouting.

It was so pleasing to see them getting along so well that, before I knew it, the headache had calmed down.

「I’m sorry for being late!」

「You’re right on time you know, so don’t mind it.」

「Ye’ssu! Ah, please excuse, I’ll be sitting beside you.」

「Yes, go ahead.」

Saku-chan looked as if he were in a hurry, however, he didn’t make a mess as he entered the cafe, and he bowed his head as he sat beside Touka-chan.

「Ah, I am Satou Sakura.
I’m here because of their kindness…… 」

「I am Takajou Touka.
I was also invited by them, so you don’t have to be that polite, you know?」

「No, but, since you’re older than me…」

「Aah, Saku-chan is getting embarrassed.」

「Uu…no, yes, since I’m also a boy….」

I only planned to tease him a little, but Saku-chan stiffened up.

Fumu, now that I think about it, at that part time job, there weren’t any girls near the same age as him after all.

And Rin-chan and Touka-chan are pretty girls, and regarding Rin-chan, it seemed that he was a fan too.

「For now let’s do our orders.
Nana, you’re fine with the same as mine, right? Sakura-kun….that is a bit hard to say, so Saku, is there something you want to eat?」

「Sa-…..S-since I’m going to have dinner soon, just drinks….I will go with coffee.」

「You don’t have to hold back, you know? I’m rich after all」

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Well yeah, Rin-chan is a dreadnought-level rich person.

There was also that part where Saku-chan was super tensed up, but this cafe’s items are normally expensive.
At the level where one coffee costs 1000yen.

Considering the fact that he was still a highschooler, he probably didn’t really go to expensive shops like this, so it couldn’t be helped that he was reserved.

And moreover, it made you more reserved since the person you admired was treating you.

「Saku-chan, I’ll be paying for it, so just choose what you want, okay?」

「Nanako-senpai….then, I’ll get the same as you two….」

Was it because it was suggested to me who he is used to? Saku-chan hesitated a bit as he requested.

「Nanako-senpai was the main support of the previous job ‘ssu.」

We were chatting while slowly sipping through the drinks that had arrived for each of us, but with one word from Rin-chan, the conversation became the topic of our previous work place.

「It was my first time doing a part time job, so I didn’t noti’ssu it, but that place was what you would call black.
There weren’t enough people, and there were no breaks, and regarding overtime too… didn’t happen to me since I am a highschooler but, it seems that it was done a lot of times to the college students.
Well, diners were the same everywhere it seems though.」

「I sometimes see it in the internet but, it really exists, that kind of thing.」

Touka-chan, as a lady raised in a birdcage, it seemed like she had no connection to the darkness of part time jobs and was listening quite interested by it.

Since the university she goes to was full of rich people, she probably didn’t hear many of these kinds of stories.

「It seems common.
And then, I think that both of you know it already, but Nanako-senpai is just amazing, isn’t she? 」


「You’re right.」


「Just by herself….in a hall for many people, I think that she was going around the whole thing.
It was said that she was like a wind that runs through the halls.」

Eh, what’s that, I haven’t heard of that, you know?

「Well, but, thinking about it right now, I think that letting her do all that was the biggest problem.
The main problem was being postponed, making senpai carry all the burden from the lack of helpers.
And in the end, more than that there was a scandal and the shop diminished, and they got bankrupted ‘ssu.」

That’s right.
The place we were working at was a chain of a hotplate shop but, there was some scandal or something about the sanitation, and for that reason it closed down.

「It also seemed like there were a lot of complaints from the customers too ‘ssu.
This was tied to the issue of the lack of helpers ‘ssu.
And it’s not like Nanako-senpai would always be there, and because of that, everyone would have so many tasks to do and the servicing of the customer was scarcely done too.
There were sales, but in the end it got crushed.」

「Ah, so the place that Nana worked was, a chain from that company was it.」

「It was that recently talked about in the news, right.
Like there were deaths or something….」

「Eh, So it was like that.
I didn’t know.」

「Why is it that the person that was the main topic was the one that knows the least….

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Well, after all, my house didn’t have any TV, and there was no internet either…

「What I’m surprised the most about was that no one knows Nanako-senpai’s contacts’ ssu.
There should have been someone else that had gotten along with her, but they said that they didn’t know.
Thinking about it properly, I haven’t really ‘sseen senpai use her phone.」

「Me neither, just only that time when we exchanged contacts.」

「She is that kind of girl you know.
Stoic, or you could see she doesn’t really care about it or something.」

「Actually, we have just met each other since many years after all.」

With the mood getting worse for me, I drank my cappuccino to stray away from it.

Ah so good.
Cappuccinos are delicious.

「Well, but still, I think that it was good that it got crushed.
Since I could earn more than before too, and Nanako-senapi is also doing great too.」

「You’re right.
To me, the fact that I could finally catch this part-time berserker, was a relief.
You see, this girl, when I invited and invited her again, she would always say work, work and refuse.」

「It was the same before too.
She would only absolutely follow her schedule to leave work.
Since she was doing everyone’s work like nothing, so no one could complain about though ‘ssu.」

「…..Nana-neesama, just how much did you work in one day?」

Touka-chan, listening to their topic that was flaring up, asked it out of curiosity.

Umm, mixing in the two full time part time jobs with daily employment……

「Around 17-20 hours, I guess?」



「You really are an idiot….and moreover was 7 days a week.」

「Why are you still alive?」

「Really ‘ssu.」

「Even if you say that to me…」

Since I had too much stamina, and I didn’t have anything to do other than work.

Well, it’s not really like I had nothing else to do since I refused Rin-chan’s invitations, but it was more of a problem with the timing, you see.

「Well, but still, you’re right.
Knowing that Nana was properly being accepted, I am relieved.」

“Really, from the bottom of my heart”

Rin-chan, who said that, looked relieved.
Her appearance left a big impression on me.

After that, Saku-chan and Rin-chan talked about games, which was a topic that flared up.

Being pointed at for being acquainted with Saku-chan’s admired person without telling him, we had a fun time.

In the end, we exchanged contacts, left the cafe and parted ways.

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