just regarding the topic of the spell’s range.

The whole field itself was basically destroyed from the force as it was released.

Most likely, that girl was not the only victim….

By the way, I did say that just now, but I think Rou herself was also alive.

Just how was it that the surrounding players are all dead while the both of us lived?

「Within a radius of around three-hundred meters, it looks like all the players and monsters were erased.
I think it might be some kind of magic that has some specific conditions to activate.」

「Thinking about how there is a possibility that I would be fighting against this makes me not like this at all.」

「It’s specialized in magic right? It’s your achilles heel after all.」

「Just grazing me was enough to put a hole in my stomach, you know.」

「That’s way too soft.
Probably, if it was me or Touka if it was just a graze, we wouldn’t receive that much damage, you know.」

「I wonder.
Even I didn’t receive that much damage, I think its attack’s main purpose is to make you lose parts of your body.」

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Seeing me groaning in dissatisfaction, Rin-chan looked like she was having fun.

However, as it was set as a monster, it was an opponent we would end up fighting, but I wonder how you would defend against that?

「I guess it has to be some kind of event item.」

「Yeah, since if you don’t have any counter plans against it then you surely won’t be able to win.
For example, from the color of the magic circle, it’s dark attribute magic right? You might be able to defend against it, if you raise that resistance.」

「I’d like to propose a theory that no matter what they did, a Kijin would die.」

I was done.
Well, there should be some enemies that you couldn’t defeat, and I might be able to kind of defend against it if I evolve the 《Douji》job.

「If so, then you should give up.
Ah, you finished the pizza? There is a cake in the fridge, you know?」

「Really? Yaaay, sachertorte!」

「Its from Touka, since you like it.」

「I really love it like this, with its high calorie count.」

After feeling that two boxes of pizza weren’t enough, I was informed of the cake inside the fridge.

While eating the sachertorte that Touka-chan left for me, although it wouldn’t help anything, we continued chatting for a little bit about Apocalypse.

By the way, I might have also eaten one of the cheese tarts that Touka-chan gave us yesterday.

Rin-chan was a rich person, and it wasn’t like I couldn’t buy one, but since Touka-chan still bothered to go and bring it for us, I felt really happy.

「Nana, you’re not going to dive in again today, right?」

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「Yeah, since my death penalty will be removed late at night.」

「Then, this afternoon, let’s drag Touka along and go shopping.
Since it’s been such a long time, I want to buy Nana some clothes too.」


My body stiffened upon hearing Rin-chan’s proposal.

As I said before, Rin-chan and I don’t really think that much about our appearances.

It’s just that, Rin-chan, for some reason, liked to dress me up like a doll.
Once I was caught, I wouldn’t be able to escape for a long time.

Since the main goal was to dress me up, whether or not we should actually buy the clothes was also a problem.

I had been diligent about avoiding this, making immense efforts to turn Rin-chan’s attention away from clothing shops whenever we played around.

However, having made it to this point, to think that there was such a trap.

「Touka should be returning today within an hour, so get ready, okay? I will be taking a shower now.」

「No, wait a minute-….」


「Yes ma’am.」

I felt a terrible chill for a second.
Waiting for that glint in her eyes to go away, I collapsed into the sofa as soon as she left.

And just like that, the sudden free time I got was crushed by the shopping we would be doing.


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