ead-on clash.

Normally it was specialized for thrusting, but a rapier was still a two-edged sword.

That was why, if she wanted to, she could cut with it, and actually, Rou frequently chose to slash more than thrust.

However, that was only if we were talking about hypothetical ways to use a rapier.

At the very least, the rapier’s thin blade was not made for collisions, and although this was a game where durability rules, a thicker weapon was still more suited to clashing than a thin weapon.

In conclusion, the rapier shouldn’t even have the structure to properly fight in a head-on battle.

Even after a minute of defending against dozens of attacks from her, she didn’t show any fragment of being impatient.

「That sure is a tough- rapier!」

「Yeah, it is my favorite.
I understood that as soon as I saw it.
It’s the same as Sukuna’s armor, you know.」

Seemingly looking happy, Rou said so.

My armor was made entirely from the materials of a named boss monster, and as of right now, it was equipment that boasted of having monstrous specs.

This included the hair pins as well, which were made from the super rare drop, the 《Soul》of a Named.
These too were pieces of equipment with truly broken specs.

Those who had the same kind of equipment, according to Konekomaru-san, only numbered three, excluding me.

Which meant….

「So a Named weapon, is it?」

「Yes, that’s right.
It was made from killing the one named《Poisonous Snake of Enticement -Valdia- 》.
Though obviously I had a friend help me out, that too was a wonderful battle.」

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Rou, who stopped attacking and gently rubbed the blade, looked to be in a really good mood, and talked about the birth of her weapon.

Rather, she had a friend? So she had a friend.

If it was a friend of a red-named player, then they ought to be really troublesome.

Even if she had no more than one friend, the idea that she had a friend that could fight equally as well against a Named was a surprise.

「《Rapier of Temptation -Mellow Rapier-》.
That is the name of this weapon.
『Every time you Slash your opponent, their abnormal status resistance reduces』, it’s a blade with that effect, you know?」

「….I see.」

That certainly was a powerful effect.

Poison, paralyze, sleep, even with just those common effects, if it could ignore the resistances of the opponent then it could certainly maximize those effects.

It was just that, for a named weapon that was most likely made with a《Soul》, its effect was a bit weak.

「You think that it doesn’t have that much effect alone? Fufu, since Sukuna defeated a Named too, you should know as well, right? When you defeat a Named, you can get a rare skill.
The reward I got from Valdia was the rare skill known as《Trickle of the Poisonous Snake》.
And the effect is『Consuming MP to enchant poison attribute to the weapon』, a rather simple description.
It’s strong by itself, but if you pair it with the Rapier of Temptation….You see? 」

As if to display it, Rou placed a purple aura on the rapier.
That was most likely the effect of the 《Trickle of the Poisonous Snake》skill.

So that means the thrust art《Death Thrust》 that she tried to hit me with earlier should have been totally absent of the poison attribute?

Really, that skill was nothing to laugh at.
Its activation could be done anytime, and the effect of the weapon matched with the skill as if they were made to be used together.
Thinking about the durability of named equipment as well, I couldn’t hope for it to break.

To make it worse, she was a red-named player that probably had a higher status than me.

A situation so bad that you would just laugh–that was how bad my current situation was.

「So, are you fine with exposing that?」

「My skill and I are quite famous, you know.
I don’t really have any reason to hide it anymore.
And moreover, this is something that I only use when I want to play with a monster or torment small fry.
Most of the time it won’t really do well against players like Sukuna, and regardless of whether a small fry knows or not, they’ll die either way.」

「You sure are full of confidence….
Having that much ability, it’s probably only because of that-」

Fighting against this girl, I had felt something.

The way this girl fought was neither bad nor good, it was extremely careful and she altered it on the spot.
She investigated her opponents thoroughly, and rationally did a surprise attack.

That was why I had no plans to say that it was simple, but no attacks come from impossible angles, and if you can see them, it would not be as difficult to deal with as it looked.

It was just, what was troubling was that she attacked using her unusually high status.

To say it plainly, she had a higher physical status than me.
And that was including not only that she was human race, but also the status increase from my red wolf’s attire.

There was almost certainly no mistake that she was a player who was higher-leveled than Rin-chan.

No matter how simple it was to handle her attacks, if this pattern of endlessly receiving her attacks continued for a long time, it would be a pain in the neck.

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Although, saying that, if I were to also charge in, with the difference in status, I would probably just be evaded easily.

Even with the halved SP consumption from the 《Moon Camellia’s Solo》, it was doubtful that I would be able to gain the advantage.

It looked like I had to prepare for the worst.

Although it was not like I would lose anything, I should at least struggle as much as I could.

「Hey, Rou.」

「Aha, what is it? It’s the first time you called my name.」

「In exchange for telling me your secret, I will also show you my secret.」

「Really? I’m really happy.」

Opposite of Rou whose face brightened up, I felt like sighing.

To be honest, I didn’t think that I would use it that quickly.

However, fortunately, I was not streaming right then.

The whole point of keeping your trump card a trump card was for situations just like that.

There was a feeling that it was a waste.
But, for some reason, I didn’t like the feeling of losing to her without going all out.

The activation key was just one line.

And I-…loudly sang:

「《Hunger and Devour, Wolf king’s fangs》」

At that instant, my body was covered in a red aura.

Rare skill:《Ravenous Wolf》.
The skill received from Aria the red wolf……consuming my own HP, for five minutes max, my strength and agility were raised….it was a double-edged skill.

The feeling of excitement covering my whole body was reflected in reality through the change in my status.

「So, that is Sukuna’s trump card.」

「The one and only, you know.」

「It really is wonderful.
My heart skipped a beat, you know.」

With a face of ecstasy, Rou said so.

There were no more words needed than that.

No, there wouldn’t be any more leisure to do so.

When our eyes had exchanged glares, the death match began.

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