The transforming gimmick of the《Kugelschreiber》was convenient, but the length of the blade was what you would call short.

It was not that different from a spear and if you compared it with a naginata, the blade was only half as long.

It would be a bit hard to cut off the internal organs of a several-meter, large-type frog with this.



I, who was thinking while piercing the weak point of a frog, suddenly heard a voice from far away.

「A scream….so, that way.」

Thanks to the clear surroundings, I could understand instantly which direction the voice was coming from.

Well, I didn’t really have any obligations to help, and in the first place it didn’t necessarily mean that they were in a pinch, but since I heard it I should just go take a look, just in case.

Approaching it, I could somewhat understand what happened.
It was on the same small island that we found yesterday.

Looking at it, a girl in a gothic dress was being attacked by an ushifrog.
Her HP itself hadn’t really decreased, but she was on her bottom, just shivering.

「Hey, you need help~?」


「Roger that~」

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After confirming her words just to be sure, I defended her from the incoming lick attack with the iron club that I had carried with me this entire time.
I jumped towards its head, which was left wide open, made it falter with a《Strike》, and then helped the girl on the ground stand up.

「Can you fight?」

「T-that is….my weapon broke.」

「I see.
Then I’ll defeat it, okay?」

Taking a look at the girl’s body, there certainly wasn’t a weapon.
As long as she didn’t have any sub-weapons or she didn’t have the hand to hand fighting skill she shouldn’t be able to fight.

While talking to her, I evaded the press attack from the ushifrog with a backstep.

Though really, it sure is agile.
Honestly, I haven’t seen an actual bull frog in the real world, are they really this agile?

However, unfortunately for the ushifrog, I had already fought with others of its kind.

「If you don’t change your attack patterns, it will become one-sided, you know?」

Saying that, I took a position for one of the arts.

Did it think that its press attacks wouldn’t hit? It changed its attack to lick attack, which I dodged, and I stepped inward, using my iron club to hit it with everything I had.

To deliver the finishing blow to the faltering ushifrog, I struck it once again.
And one more hit.
And another freebie strike.

And with that, there were a total of four《Strikes》, creating a《4-Hit Strike》 arts

The advantage was that this consumed less SP than doing four individual Strikes.
And its flaws were that you could only do striking movements during activation, and since it was a continuous attack, you needed to deliver hits one by one within a fixed time or it wouldn’t turn into that skill.

That being said, Strike itself was an art with a lot of freedom–as long as you hit with both your hands it counted as a Strike.

But still, if your enemy wasn’t particularly slow, then it was an art that wouldn’t really hit that often.

If I used it against someone like Aria, by around the second strike it would already have taken distance and then my head would fall during the skill’s stun period.

「Since it’s come to this, please allow me to try out various arts, okay?」

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Actually, yesterday, thanks to the frogs, who were pointlessly tough against blunt-type damage and who I fought for like forever, my blunt weapon skill mastery had increased quite a lot.

Because of the circumstance with Aria, I couldn’t properly increase my skill mastery which was very low compared to my level.
Yesterday when I came here, all I could use were《Strike》and《Finisher》.

《4-Hit Strike》was an art you would learn right after Finisher, but it only reduced 20% of the ushifrog’s HP.

In that case, I should direct my arts in a more effective way.

For a little while, as I evaded lick attacks and struck back, I waited for a chance until finally, the timing I was aiming for came.

I stomped on the ground and jumped.
Or, in a set of movements that you could call evading the charging ushifrog, I jumped right before it reached me, evading it and positioning the iron club like a bat.

With the feeling of charging at the ushifrog’s head, I swung my iron club with all my might as I was accelerated by the arts.

Counter Arts:《Homerun》.
Using the force of the incoming enemy to knock them away, it was a rather brutal art.

Dogyaa!!! It gave out a rather fleshy sound and then the two-meter ushifrog was blown away.

If you used this art properly the enemy would always be blown away, so you don’t have to care about your stun time after using the technique.

It’s just that, with the recoil of blowing away a huge mass, my HP was reduced a bit.

This recoil damage was based on the enemy’s mass and force and it would change depending on my strength stat, so using it would become suicide against opponents that were way bigger than you.
In the first place, before you would even get to use it, there would be a chance that you would have already been blown away.

It was interesting and it had high attack power, but it was an art that was troublesome depending on the situation.

Healing the damage with the potion juice that I bought from the street stall avenue, I gaze at the dying ushifrog.

Did it go into mental shock with only 20% of its HP remaining? It was getting unsteady on its feet.

Since it was not my hobby to prolong things, I once again drove in a《4-Hit Strike》and then completely shaved off the rest of the ushifrog’s HP.

「Phew….it’s fini-…Uooh!?」

Suddenly, a surprise slash was aimed at my neck, which I avoided by squating.

Creating distance, I looked toward the person who had done it.
There was a smiling girl in a gothic dress, in the distinct posture of swinging her rapier.

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