Chapter 27

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In WLO, SP is an important factor.

And you can also say it can also become the greatest weakness vanguard jobs have.

Regarding walking, it doesn’t really use up SP but, in battle, attacking, evading, using arts and etc, a lot of times, SP is being used up.

If one were to say the difference from MP then, its recovery doesn’t need that much time.

Though you would need to stop for a certain degree but, if you have gotten better at fighting then most of the time you won’t run out of SP, if you are in a party then you can appoint roles and recover too.

However, it becomes another matter when you’re fighting a boss battle that you need to use up your arts continuously.

The bigger the area of attack the bigger it takes up your SP to avoid it, and there are also scenes where you can’t use your arts.

Especially since the use of arts have a big consumption, if you think about trying to use a high powered certain kill technique, then you would probably have to rush in a reckless risky situation.

When Sukuna was fighting against the red wolf, what made her suffer was not his speed but the continuous attacks that it could make out of its seemingly endless stamina.

That’s right, the reason why the Red wolf that was a pure physical type was so powerful was that you would run out of SP and you would barely even have the time to rest.

A counter matching with his attacks, with an exception of some players, you normally evade the attack, and you use that opening to close up the distance and attack, that was the basic strategy against Aria the red wolf.

However if you use that strategy, the red wolf who keeps running around, dealing with that uses up SP, and preparing for an attack uses up SP, and the attack itself uses up SP, your SP would be taken up in 3 levels.

And the result was that your SP wouldn’t be enough, and then you will gradually lose.
That was the fate of most of the players who fought against the red wolf.

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And even if a magician player fights it then, they wouldn’t be able to handle that physical and die.


With that reason, The counter strategy that Sukuna used in the red wolf battle, is the best choice but that is 「If you can do it」.

On this opportunity, explaining it like this, even the Red wolf who you think is invincible, has the fatal weakness where it’s 「HP is Low」.

Raising your level, increasing your stats, preparing your equipment and studying its attack pattern, and you can someday defeat it, is what they theorized.

「T-this is…..」

Being lost for words and Touka-chan tilting her head looking confused and Konekomaru-san smiling who had guessed it was coming.

「Just what kind of skill is it?」


She was most likely curious about my reaction, I made the menu visible and showed it to Touka-chan who asked.

Taking a peek at it and slowly reading through, and after that she too had hardened up.

「hahahaha, you two sure have great reactions.
Be relieved it’s not a dream」

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「no no no (iya iya iya)」

「But you understand right? This is not something you can show during a stream.
All of the 3 named weapons that have been made up this point, something different from their destructive power, this power that can impartially give this effect to any player」

From the serious words of Konekomaru-san, we can’t help but agree.

Reducing every consumption of SP by half.
This just simply gives the player who equips this, they can use their arts two times as much they usually do.

Though to be precise you can’t do this since skills have stuns you for a little bit after use but, if you were to be frank, you would say it like this.

「…..If I haven’t made this armor, it might have only stopped at the degree of 《Reduce Arts SP consumption by half》.
However, since the deed is done, this equipment is completed.
Fortunately, others can’t see a player SP or the details of an equipment so, I want you to keep that skill a secret for now.
At least up until to the point that an equipment with the same effects appear in this game」

From his words, both me and Touka-chan nodded.

Someday, a player would appear and defeat Aria and get the rare drop 《Soul》.

Or maybe from the result of defeating other Named bosses, effects on the same level―― for example MP usage halved――or someone who could make an equipment with the same effect.

Since 4 types of named boss monsters have been defeated within 2 weeks.
And according to Rin-chan, soon enough another new one would be subjugated too, it’s not like it’s impossible.

「Of course, I won’t say don’t use it.
Just that, you just need to make it vague.
Vague like its an equipment that decreases SP consumption or something, the surroundings should be convinced」

「You’ve got a point….Since I don’t want to be called a cheater so, I will do it like that」

I gratefully took Konekomaru-san’s suggestion.

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Based on the assumption earlier, there is a chance that other players will be able to get the same thing but, right now is still in the time of 「someday」.

In this game that just started, it’s certainly a big reward for the player who did the first subjugation, so, in an online game it’s easy to be tied to jealousy or envy.

I want to avoid adding fuel to the fire.

「Thank you.
As an apology or something, I was told by my wife to pass over this accessory」


Konekomaru-san replied to my words with a smile and opened up his menu and tampered with it, and one item was transferred to me.

Press the yes in the notice whether I should receive it or not, I opened up the screen for the details of the item.


Black Wolf’s Choker

Rarity: High Common ・ PM

Dexterity: +5

A jet black choker made from the materials of a black wolf.

It has the effect of sharpening the senses of the wearer.

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「My wife wants to give this to you as a present, it’s made from the remaining black wolf materials.
It doesn’t have that much effect but, since she went for the trouble to make it, I would be happy if you would accept it」

「Since it was made so, I’ll gladly take it」

「Wow, its a choker…..there is a symbol of a wolf stitched in it 」

Wearing the accessory that was given to me right away, Touka-chan checked the design seriously.

Tracing through it with my hand, certainly there was a pattern of a wolf stitched on it.

From the point that it was designed precisely, you could feel the player’s influence.

「Now then, That ends my side of business」

「And so, what materials would you like to have」

「What I want is-….」

Without any real meaning, the 2 of us had evil smiles, a dark conversation-…which is nothing like that, we reopened our interrupted negotiations.

And then after roughly 5 minutes.

Nothing really to disagree about, most of the materials were passed over Konekomaru-san, and we parted from Konekomaru-san.

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