BTOG 272 – Lukewarm Deadly Places

April 3, 2023


There are three main types of monsters that exist in the first layer of the Lost City of Lakes.

The first is [Lost City Ghosts].
The average level is 105.

They are The most numerous monsters, thought to be residents of the city formerly known as S-Trillia.
They come in a wide range of ages and genders, and their physical abilities seem to be in proportion to their original bodies.

They have no flying weapons, but the weaker the ghost’s physical ability, the more likely it is that its attack has some kind of abnormal effect.
When I took a bite from ghost child’s attack, I was a bit panicking because I was afflicted by [Bleeding] status.

If you are not careful, you may be slowly killed by paralysis or poison, which are more troublesome than simple bleeding, and that’s what makes them a dangerous opponent.

Next is [Lost City Seeker].
With an average level of 120, these are the adventurers who died in the collapse because they operate around Trillia.

And there are actually three types of them: Swordsmen, Archers, and Magicians, and this one does not have the variety of appearance like the Ghosts.
The Swordsmen type uses an elemental body called Swordsman, and only three patterns neatly exist.

The Swordsmen have a higher status for their level, and rarely some of them are rare monsters equipped with strong armor.

The first rare weapon I found had a bow that split into five arrows when fired.
It looks like a drop.
I might use it later or sell it.

And finally, the [Lost City Millionaire].
The average of their level is 150.

In the prosperous (past) S≠Trillia, they were probably in a position of being in the wealthy class, like aristocrats.

Their basic specs are not much different from ghosts, but their level is high, and they are equipped with powerful weapons.

There are very few of them, with the rate of appearance being one out of every 1,000 ghosts.

They are so-called bonus monsters that drop a large amount of iris and rare equipment when defeated.

In general, they are also physically heavy.
Should I describe how heavy they were when I tried to throw them? I would say their weight is about 340 kilograms, with adult male bodies as their standard appearance.

If their weight is proportional to their body size, there are probably some obese ones that weigh close to 500 kilos.

(ahaha, there’s no end in sight!)

If my sense is correct, it has been nearly 8 minutes since we started fighting.

The first 20 or so of my ghosts opponents are now close to 100 in number.

It may seem like a lot of work, but in reality, it is not.

There are two reasons.

First, the magic attack only comes from magician-type Seekers.

The other reason is that this is not an enclosed space like a monster house but a very open area of the city.

When I was trapped in the monster house at a previous event, I honestly didn’t have the luxury of time.
My equipment was not as well equipped as it is now, and there were plenty of monsters that could use magic.
Inside that cramped cave, I had to fight while breaking little by little, chipping away their number and building a wall of flesh.

It might sound simple, but I was threading a fine line at that moment.
If I had a misstep even once, I would have died easily.

But now it is different.
Now I have room to escape freely in this large city.
I don’t even have to fight on the ground all the time if I use a monster as a springboard or use my “air walk” skill.

Most ghosts don’t have the means to attack at long range, so once you get above the second floor of a building, you can almost ignore most of them.
Of course, they will climb up the stairs and walls, but then I only need to move to another building.

In this case, the only ones to watch out for are the archers and magicians among the Seekers.

The ratio of Ghosts to Seekers is, at best, 8:2.
By the way, Millionaires appear only rarely, so it is impossible to put an exact ratio on them.

The ratio of profession among Seekers is about the same for each, so if we reduce this to a ratio of 100 Seekers, the only long-range attacks we need to watch out for are, at most, 12 to 3 magicians and archers.

In reality, I’m focusing on the Seekers with long-range attack capabilities, so it’s only about three of them that are constantly targeting me at a time.
By the way, that makes me wonder if the rare Millionaire possesses a rare weapon capable of long-range attacks.

Even with the secret medicine, I took yesterday, which reduced my defense and magical defense to zero, I can assure you that if I keep running, I will not die.

However, if you run around in a wide area, as a matter of course, you will be tagged by nearby ghosts, and it will lead to a monster train, so it’s difficult… Other players seem to be avoiding us for now, and while being wary of us, so I’m going to narrow down the area to some extent and do my best to avoid crashing the train on them.

(The problem is the frenzied attack… I’m taking out about three of them every minute or so, but when I land on the ground, the onslaught is brutal.
If I messed up just a little bit, my life is forfeited.)

They are like a tsunami of heavy monsters that rush toward you in dozens and dozens of units of dense mass.
Should they manage to lock my feet, there’s no way for me to escape.

If there were only four of them, I could take on each of them head-on, but if I were to take on this many of them head-on, it’s guaranteed that I would be dead at that point.

However, such a dense group has a definite weakness.
They are vulnerable to sudden changes of direction.

For example, if I jump up behind an attacker, the frontmost ghosts will naturally turn the other way.

However, because of the existence of inertia, they cannot stop easily.
The momentum of the rush cannot be easily killed.

Moreover, not all the ghosts realized that I had moved to another way at the same time.
So the timing of the turn is also shifted little by little.

Unable to withstand the weight of the backward collision, the ghosts in front of me take the damage of being crushed, and some lose their balance and trip.

It seems that They cannot handle their too-heavy bodies as well as they would like.
They were easily stunned by a throwing technique and will have trouble standing up afterward.

However, their fall did not do much damage since it was not an attack, so I ended up having to pick a few of them out of a group of immobile opponents and beat them.

While putting checks on the archers and magicians, I would limit their movements and cut down their ghosts in this way.

And this process had repeated for 80 minutes.

(I have attached 102 of them, and the resurrection respawns within range are not keeping up with the speed at which I am taking them down, but there are still close to 400 that could be lured by the sound of battle.
I wonder how long this endurance battle will continue…)

Nearly 500 ghosts can be found in a 300-meter radius around where I’m running right now.

In fact, only about 100 of them are hostile to me, while the rest are wandering around the city, only joining in the battle if they happen to see or hear me.

The [Ouma] is my most powerful weapon.
Because I’m using this weapon to steal SP from my opponent while keeping my SP usage to a minimum, I’m able to fight almost without rest during this battle.

Critical hits have no effect on the weapon’s durability.
But aside from in a one-on-one battle, it is difficult to always hit a critical hit in this situation.

The weapon’s original durability value is slightly more than 300.
It is calculated that it will break after 300 hits if used normally.
I’ve already hit it nearly 1,000 times without it breaking, so I’m doing pretty well.

Worst case scenario, if it breaks, I can just use my unnamed metal rod.

But I don’t want to break it if I can help it because this is practically a brand-new weapon.

It took me a minute to kill three of them, and as far as I could tell, there were 500 of them, not to mention the ones that were outside of my range, and I should also consider the respawn… this should at least take about three hours?

The sound of the door being breached on the roof of the building was behind him as he jumped to the next building.
The actual “I’m not sure how much time I’m going to be able to spend on this, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to find a way.

If I remained calm and did not lose my concentration, I would eventually be able to eliminate them.

However, since I started fighting before 3:00 p.m., that meant I would have to fight until around 7:00 p.m., and I would not be able to keep my promise to Rin-chan, who had told me that we would start streaming together in the evening.

It would be naive of me to ask her to forgive my tardiness, but if I could sweep through this horde, it would definitely be a great shot.

“Chat, tell Rin-chan I’m going to be late!”

That is what I said to my viewers as I threw an iron ball from the top of the building, destroying Archer’s left arm from a distance of 30 meters.

I couldn’t afford to send an email, so I asked chat for help, trusting that they would help me.

This kind of thing is called “pigeons” in the streaming community.
It seems to be a slang word that comes from “news pigeon.”

Leaving comments on other people’s feeds in the comments section is basically considered trolling, which is not a good thing to do, or so I told you.

But hey, there’s really no way to contact her right now.

Even though the top of the building is relatively safe, there are still 100 ghosts below me, and many of them can come up the stairs like I just did.

Or, if they want, those ghosts can crowd together to form a foothold, and some can climb up from outside.

I really don’t have time to send Rin-chan any messages.

“I’m counting on you chat!”

One wrong move, and I will die, but I have about three seconds to make a move.

In such a lukewarm, deadly place, I shouted that.

By the way, because of the echo of my voice, the number of enemies increased by four.
I knew this dungeon was a pain in the ass!

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