accessory given to me by Shuten sometime ago, is the key to entering the Shrine of the End.

Though it feels like you only get the bare necessities for entering the shrine, and after explaining the situation to A-chan, the woman emerges from the shrine.

“Thank you for waiting.
Please use this lantern.”

I received a large, onion-shaped lantern she was holding.
It had a green flame and looked quite eerie.

In this world, an oni lantern (Suzuki) is a symbol to show that it is related to Shuten Douji, so I was sure that this lantern would lead us to the shrine of the end.

“If we use it in the forest of the end, that lantern will serve as a guidepost.
The shrine of the end is in the space between the two worlds, so you cannot reach it without one.
Since you have the key, I don’t think I need to explain further.”

“Thank you very much.”

“No need to thank me.
For it is my role to show the way to the lost traveler, I wish you a good journey.”

The woman went back into the shrine without even asking my name, and at that moment, the shrine that should have been right in front of me disappeared like a puff of smoke.

All that remained was a vacant lot just like any other.
I would say it was a daydream, but there was definitely a lantern left in my hand.


“Could it really be a ghost ……?”

“Umm…, I got what I’m looking for, so that’s good!”

“It is, there’s no use thinking too hard about it.”

“However, it doesn’t seem to be a warp item, so we won’t be able to go to the Shrine of the End today anyway.”

And, moreover, I promised to eat dinner earlier, so I’m running out of time.
It’s already past 7:00 p.m., so should I finish it tonight?

“Okay, I know it’s a little early, but I think I’ll leave the search for tomorrow.
I’m going to spend a little more time at night tomorrow, but first lets go swimming in Trillia during the day and search for the Shrine of the End at night.”

“I can’t join you tomorrow because I have something to do.”

“I’ll ask Rin-chan to help me.
I don’t have much of a problem going it alone too.
But thanks because of your help, I was able to find it in no time.”

“Don’t mind it, it was my thanks for carrying me during the battle against the Moon Wolf.”

A-chan turned on her heel and began to walk away, looking slightly embarrassed.

Not that I mind, but I think it’s different for A-chan because she realizes she’s the weakest of the four.
She might feel in debt or something.

“I hope we can meet again!”

“Okay! See you later!”

After saying this over her back, A-chan dashed off.

“So, I know it’s a little early, but I think I’ll call it a day.”

< I’ve just arrived.>

< Don’t kill a working man.>

{ :X is emoticon}

< We’re still on for tomorrow, right?>

“I’m going to play longer tomorrow night as I said before.
I may go to the abandoned city at the bottom of the lake during the day if I can raise enough skill level.
I don’t know if Rin-chan will come, but I’ll ask her.”

< I’m leaving work early tomorrow.>

< I’m looking forward to the collaboration.>

“Well, that’s all for today! I heard that they are doing a survey on social networking sites about my birthday event, so I would appreciate it if you could write down what you would like me to do and vote for it.
I’ll do anything within the limits of my ability.”


If you have the item that serves as the “key,” you can get the lanterns no matter whom you go to.
However, you will not receive the “key” until you reach level 90 and change your job to [Oni no Miko].
So far, Sukuna is the only one who has become an [Oni no Miko], so no one has triggered the event.

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