I was about to head there when something suddenly jumped out of the water and jumped on me.

I didn’t feel any hostility, so I only observed it as I was falling on my butt, and I felt a smooth sensation that I had touched before.


“Oh, it’s you…… Suiryuu-chan{water dragon-chan}!”

The creature looks like a thick sea serpent with short limbs.
And it is as big as a child in size.

The way it happily coils itself around me is adorable.

By the way, they are not monsters and are treated like NPCs, so if you attack them, you will get arrested.
In Trillia, water dragons are treated as important beings.

When I came to Trillia sometime ago, I was tangled up with a young water dragon like this.
That time, I think it was a hungry water dragon cub that was trying to get at my magical mushrooms, and it was nipping at my heels.

“Well… are you the water dragon I gave mushrooms to that time?”


“I see.
I’m so glad you remember me.
Did you come to greet me?”


“I see I see.
I came to swim today, so I can play with you.”


“Are you happy? I’m glad to hear it.
You are really cute.”

“Animals afraid of me in real world… though I always think them as cute, but I could hardly ever touch them.
I don’t know why, maybe because they know my body better than human.”

< It’s not that they don’t like you, it’s that they’re afraid of you.>

<↑That would be classified as business obstruction.>

I always want to pet dogs or cats…

By the way, Rin-chan absolutely hates dogs.
It goes without saying that it’s because of the trauma of being attacked when she was little.
She is not afraid of them, but she totally hates them.

But she likes cats.
It’s true that cats are less lethal than dogs, but I don’t think that’s the problem.

“Let’s give them something to eat…… something to eat…… Oh, how about this?”

I decided to feed something to the water dragon that was coddling me while squealing and took an item out of my inventory.

“Look! This is The [Pupa of Magic butterly Pickled in Chrysalis] that A-chan gave me!”

A lot of screams were typed in the chat from the moment I took out the item from inventory.

It was a big Tupperware with about 20 cm long and 5 cm thick pupae pickled in honey.

It is a recommended item for A-chan, and although she refrained from eating it during the stream, she ate it heartily at other times.
It seemed to be her snack.

If I were to ask if they were tasty, I’d say they were mediocre.
The nutritional value seems to be high, but in this world, it doesn’t really matter.

“Want some?”


I wasn’t sure if she could eat honey, but she didn’t seem to mind.

The honey itself didn’t seem to be a particular favorite, but the chrysalis seemed to be delicious, and she happily devoured the contents of the Tupperware.

Even after I washed the honey off my face in the water, the water dragon followed me around.

“I wonder if she missed me….”

They are not monsters.>

<↑It’s a shame…..>

“Even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to take her with me.
I think I would regret it if I let her die.”

I talk about such things with my listeners while I cuddle the Water Dragon, who occasionally comes to play with me.

It’s great that she misses me, but I constantly keep fighting a strong opponent.
Aside from players who have no problem dying over and over again, I don’t have the courage to take a comrade who will end up dead permanently.

“I think this is the [Diving] point I was talking about earlier.
But it’s almost like a beach.

A beach made of white sand.
Well, every lake has a place like this.

I don’t know if it’s to practice [Diving] skills or for some other purpose, but I see other players here and there.
It’s my first time diving into the water in this world.

I decided to go into the water, for the time being, accompanied by the water dragon that was still following me around.


It’s been more than 200 episodes since we last saw her.

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