r] class magic with extreme thickness.

“How is it that you are able to fight without dying, Sukuna?”

What kind of vision does she have, and what exactly does she see?

With a vision so exquisite that Kohaku could never comprehend it, Sukuna’s “eye” opens up a path that could not be there, a path that only Sukuna’s “eye” can see.

There is no waste whatsoever.
Sukuna maximized her potential by controlling her full maximum output with microscopic precision of action.

All while under the effect of [Sukuna no Mai], the most powerful buff that she possesses.
And this was proof that she was able to fully grasp the enormous range of its enhancement.

Furthermore, evasion was not the only thing she did.

She attacks at long range by throwing her weapons, and on the rare occasion when she sees an opening, she closes the distance at once and attacks Melty up close.

However, Sukuna’s attacks do not reach Melty.
She has not even been able to directly hit Melty.

Her attacks were stopped a few meters before Melty.

The main reason why she couldn’t break through was the extremely vicious magical barrier that Melty was wearing.

“That is one of the highest magic technique there is, the [Multi-Layered Magic Circles], which is also considered the pinnacle combat magic, and one of it was the [Citadel of Time]….”

[Multi-layered Magic Circles], is a multi-layered structured magic.

This was tactical class magic that Melty had devised when she defeated the fourth seven-star king, and it was designed to make the strongest use of ordinary magic.

This technique is mainly based on the fusion of two magical theories.

The first is [multi-magic].

The other is [layered magic].

The former is a phenomenon that Sukuna has seen before.

The skill called [Rensei Jutsu] that Rinne showed in the battle against Ars Nova was exactly the skill that falls into the [multi-magic] category.

Simply put, [multi magic] is a technique that compresses magic by allocating a large amount of magic power and more chanting time, dramatically increasing the power of a single blow.

Even magic that can do only 1 damage with a single shot can do 100 damage with the 10-time magic power cost.

As a result, the magic can inflict damage 10 times more efficiently than a single shot of magic.

On the other hand, [Layered Magic] is a technique to increase magic’s continuous fire.

Some special arts, like [Ravenous Wolf], have what we call a ‘cooldown’, but in terms of magic, it doesn’t have to be special, almost all magic will likely have a cooldown.

It exists as a measure to limit the continuous activation of powerful skills.

For example, Fireball has a cooldown time of 2 seconds, and Firelance has a cooldown time of 5 seconds.

Magic cooldowns are not per skill but exist independently for each type of magic.
For example, Fireball can only fire one shot in 2 seconds, but another magic, Iceball, can be fired right after Fireball.

This is the reason why Melty uses and releases different ball-based magic with many attributes, it was to avoid getting caught in the cooldown time for each magic.

If the cooldown is as low as ten seconds then she didn’t need to do this complicated technique, however, the cooldown time of some magic may last 100 seconds, 1,000 seconds, or even several days.

The purpose of [Multi-layered Magic] is to activate such powerful magic in advance by [storing] it.

In principle, its application is probably the closest to [Talisman].
A specific item is used as a material to embed a formula, and magic or sorcery is put into it to make it into an item that can be used at any time.
Using this theory, [Multi-layered Magic Circle] also requires a catalyst to hold the magic in place.

However, because it is an item, the [Talisman] can be used by anyone other than the caster, whereas the [Multi-layered Magic Circle] cannot.

On the other hand, the advantage of [Multi-layered Magic Circle] is that the magic can be charged by the caster and using their [body] as a catalyst, so the process of creating a [Talisman] can be ignored.

There are some other disadvantages, but the essence of [Layered Magic] remains the same.
It enables a series of magic to be fired without regard to the cooldown time.

And as the name suggests, [Multi-layered Magic Circles] is the ultimate technical skill that enables the ultimate in an outrageous way by [compressing magic to increase its effectiveness] and [firing it in rapid succession without regard to its cooldown time].

 Of course, it is not such a convenient power.

 It consumes a huge amount of MP by activating [multi magic], which takes time to activate, and the cost of holding magic in one’s body by [layered magic] is the continuous HP consumption.

 And the limitation that only one type of magic can be cast in the [multi-layered magic circle].

It is a sophisticated tactic only possible with Melty, who has the parameters, equipment, and skill structure to overcome these three limitations.

And although it has devastating firepower when used as an attack, Melty often uses it only for her own defense.

This is because Melty already has the strongest contradiction.
It’s because her magic is [too strong].

(I can easily break that, but it will be tough for the current Sukuna.)

There are two ways to break through Melty’s [Citadel of Time].

One is to launch a high-powered attack that penetrates the four-layered [honeycomb shield] at once or to keep crushing the 12 consecutive [shields] that are deployed while preventing Melty’s offensive.

Of course, if you take too long to break through, the [layers] will be replenished again, so either way, a short-term battle is inevitable.

With Kohaku’s firepower, it would be easy to break it even without using offensive arts.
However, it was clear that Sukuna’s current firepower was not enough.

(Offensive arts are practically blocked.
The reason is that Melty’s magical onslaught does not allow for a slight pause after you unleash a skill.
Even a 0.1-second lag is fatal in the current fight between the two of them.
If Sukuna could withstand even a single magic shot, she might gamble it by trading blow, but sadly that is not the case, the only way is to somehow exploit the gap between her attack.)

Their level difference is more than 10 times, even considering that one could imagine how far the status difference between them is, and to top it off, Melty is an [Bloodsucker], one of the strongest species that was once called the most powerful.

In terms of physical status, the Oni are superior, but they do not have the same total numerical value as the vampire species.
Melty also has a status correction as a result of her profession, passive skills, and the effects of her equipment.

Even with Sukuna increasing all physical stats by more than 10 times with her all-out buffs, she is still completely defeated in terms of stats.

That is why she should be praised because even in such a disadvantage, her calmness and speed of judgment in finding the smallest gap in the dozens and hundreds of magic spells flying around were admirable.

It is an exquisite technique equivalent to dodging countless thunderbolts raining down from the heavens.

A single mistake could end everything, and yet she has already survived Melty’s onslaught for more than five minutes, and even though her shield has been repelled, she has attacked repeatedly.

“The strength of mind that can laugh at this situation is what she is all about.”

Yes, Sukuna was laughing in front of the rain of magic that was pouring down.
She looks so happy from the bottom of her heart.
As if there was not the slightest hint of despair.

Melty and Kohaku cannot help themselves not to laugh along with Sukuna.

In contrast to the hopeless scenery, they were laughing like children.
Kohaku was watching from the outside, a strange atmosphere that should have been harsh but was calm.

 Then, all of a sudden.

 Kohaku’s eyes met those of Melty, who was laughing in the air.

If you’re going to use THAT, you shouldn’t let me sit on the sidelines and watch.”

No, that is precisely the reason why she let Kohaku accompany them.

Understanding Melty’s intention, Kohaku sighed.


“Fascinating, really fascinating! Every glance, every movement of the fingertips, every emotion, even the slightest flinch, is a part of your future!”

[I had never felt so amused at not being right.
I had never felt so amused at not getting you.]

She always avoids carpet bombing from the air with a paper-thin margin.

Perhaps because she made a blunder when she avoided the first “Fire” attack, she is always looking ahead to her [next action].

As far as Melty can see, Sukuna has already taken action before she has invoked any magic.

The slight exhalation before vocalization tells her the name of the magic to be invoked.

Even if there is no chanting, the gaze, the shape of fingertips, and the direction of the palm of the hand will indicate the aim and intent of Melty.

Once that is known, all that is left is to measure the scale after the invocation.

It’s easy to put it into words, but how much of a load do you put on your own body to carry it out?

Sukuna must be under such an enormous information load that it would not be surprising if alerts were constantly sounding.

And no matter how powerful the buffs are, Melty’s status is still far superior.

Melty couldn’t help but scoff at her overwhelming fighting instincts, which allowed her to get so far without using her powerful skills in the face of magic that would have crushed an ordinary person.

(More than anything else, the counterattacks that occasionally flew in were fantastic.
As if to declare her intention to win this fight.)

Projectiles flew in from time to time with a control that was like threading a needle.

Even though it did not completely destroy the [Citadel of Time], it did manage to destroy two of the four layers of the quadruple honeycomb shields.

Above all, it flies from troublesome angles outside of Melty’s sight as if to reduce her awareness.

And furthermore, Sukuna has the nerve to throw melee at Melty when Sukuna sees the gap she has created in this way.
If she makes a mistake, she could be shot out by the intercepting magic, but she knows that, and that’s why she only aims at Melty at a time when Melty can never intercept her.

 “I’m not going to let you get away with this.
As a reward for your endurance up to this point, I’ll show you the extremity of magic!”

Melty slammed all of her magic into the earth and soared high into the sky after declaring that, and one could see something concentrated in her right hand so clearly that anyone could tell this was where Melty became serious.

Sukuna, who had judged that large-scale magic would come after witnessing Melty’s action for the first time, decided not to run, but instead took an intercepting posture.

 “Fall, O star, and lull my foe into an eternal sleep!”

The chant was only three verses long, and it had a sad tone to it as if begging for a rare wish.
This chant produces a synonym for Melty, who specializes in extermination.

The [Heavenly Eye], the [Witch of Forgotten Time], and the [Falling Star].

It is said that Melty of the Heavenly Eye once destroyed one of the Seven Star Kings, and this is an extremely powerful magic that is quasi-analogous to the Melty of the Heavenly Eyes.

It is a rock elemental magic derived from ancient magic.


 At that moment, the incarnation of despair descended.

 “Now, let me see you try to prevent the collision of the stars.”

Melty smiled wickedly as he hauled a meteorite at least 200 meters in diameter.

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