BTOG 254 – In a way, it’s more dangerous than dying.

November 16, 2022


“Don’t you think it’s a waste to spend all your talents without using them? That’s why it’s so easy to let threats that you could have noticed like this get inside your defense, don’t you think so?”

My back is taken, and my vital point is being held.

I was completely checkmated, but I still retorted to Melty’s words.

“I don’t think I am.
At least I still think that I’m in safe hand right now.”

“Are you sure? I hear that you like to fight, but you don’t like to loosely use your power.
Seriously, you’re just like her.”

She could easily gouge out my neck with a light squeeze of her hand, and as a matter of course, she does have that much power.

The reason she didn’t already do it was that she didn’t want to kill me.
She was intimidating enough to give such an impression, but I sensed no real intent from her.

If anything, she may have only lightly directed her killing intent at me just to enjoy my reaction.

And while I was stuck wondering how to deal with the situation, I suddenly heard a restless voice from below.

“Melty, don’t tease the young ones too much.”

A woman wearing only a piece of rags crawled out of Melty’s shadow with a slightly old-fashioned line, she was also wearing a robe over it, which made her look good, but in contrast to Melty, who was dressed in an elaborate gothic dress, she was extremely shabby looking.

“Lin, you’re awake?”

“I just woke up and saw that Melty was torturing the little Oni, so I came out.”

I was so surprised when Lin came out in front of me and put her hand on my neck to pull off Melty’s hand…


Even after exerting all of her strength, she seemed completely unable to free me.
Melty sighed while looking troubled when he saw her like that.

“Are you an idiot? No, I’m sorry.
You are an idiot.”

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot then! Anyway, get your hands off this– ……!”

“haa… I understand, don’t worry, I’m just joking.”

Lin’s words seemed to have reduced her amusement, and Melty easily released my neck.

Just a joke, she said.
Well, since she is an NPC who is even said to be the strongest in the world, isn’t it strange that she would show this kind of behavior…?

“I’ve never actually met you before, Sukuna! But I’m Lin, and Melty and I are… well, let’s say we’re kind of related.”

“Lin…? Is that right?”

“Yes, I love it when you call me that!”

I can tell from just a little conversation.
She is a dazzlingly sunny person.

That’s also why I’m curious about her ragged clothing and bite marks all over her body, which I hadn’t noticed before.
It is unusual to find an NPC with clear injury marks.

I wonder if it’s safe to show this person’s appearance in the video.

I’ve heard that if you show pornographic images or something like that, you’ll be banned.

“It’s really bold of you to be so relaxed in front of me.
Your boldness, as annoying as it is, is similar to mine.”

I turned my head to look at Melty, who was looking a little grumpy and flustered.
Lin still looked so happy, and I honestly thought that she was a surprisingly innocent person.

“My entertainment was spoiled by the idiot, but that’s okay.
I came here today because I have some business with you.”


“Iris went to a great deal of trouble to send me here.
Lin doesn’t need to, but she always accompanies me when I go out.”

“Iris…… Iris the Creator God?”

“Yeah, that’s the one you’re thinking of.”

“eh!? I can’t ignore that! I’m not following you.
Melty is forcing me to go with her….”

“Keep quiet, Lin.
The conversation won’t progress.”

I don’t know what happened before me, but when Melty moved her finger quickly and horizontally, the shadow became like a tentacle and bound Ms.

Even though she was only wearing thin clothes, her whole body was entangled in the tentacles, which made her feel rather sensational.
If she made just one more mistake, I might be able to see something that I shouldn’t be able to see.

< It’s not good!>

< You’re going to get banned!>

“Wa-wait, let me change the position….”

During the conversation, the camera’s angle of view is basically set to show the main person talking.

After seeing me change my position so Lin won’t be shown, Melty tilted her head curiously and then nodded.

“? Oh, that’s how it is.
Sorry, I did it out of habit, like I always do.
I didn’t pay enough attention.”


The shadow at Melty’s feet spread out and swallowed up Lin before she could say anything.

There was no trace left after the shadow disappeared.
I wondered why she looked a little like she was about to cry before she was swallowed.

“Umm, is she okay?”

“She’ll be fine, you saw how she crawled out.
My shadow has a reasonably large space.
Unlike an inventory, it doesn’t stop the passage of time, so to put it in your words, it’s like a movable home.”

Melty said, pulling out a parasol from the shadow and showing it to me.
Her shadow space is like another word that tickles my curiosity.

The reason why she took out a parasol is probably that she is a vampire, she might be different, but generally, vampires are not good in sunlight, right?

“You’re not good in the sun, are you?”

“I got over it a long time ago, but it’s all part of my image.
When you have the title of the most powerful in the world attached to your shoulders, you have to pay attention to the way people look at you.”

“I don’t know if you’re unexpectedly strict or carefree seeing this.
But my initial impression is that you are an arrogant person…”

“I don’t deny it.
I live my life the way I want to live it, and if I am faced with an obstacle, I’ll just get rid of it.
If you find me friendly, Sukuna, it is only because I feel comfortable in your presence.”

“Well, I could see you were rather merciless with Lin…”

And judging by the speed she ties up Lin, who has been stowed away in the shadows, it must be a rather frequent practice.

I knew how much Melty was comfortable with Lin when she was able to make such action without any hesitation.

“But Melty really knows about [streaming], I’ve had my fair share of people who knew this was a streaming terminal, but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone know how it works.”

“That’s just because I’m special.
I have some information for all travelers, including you, that’s one of my business today.
Well, let me show you one [special] first.”

Melty closed her parasol and tapped the ground with the tip.


At that moment, the colors of the world turned upside down.

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