for everyone in the party” thing.

< I’ve seen it happen before, lol>

< It’s a hell that all system operators go through.>

< I’ve heard that AI updates and management updates are independent of each other.>

“There is no message from the management regarding Nocturne, or maybe management doesn’t know what’s going on yet.
I’ll make an inquiry later.
If there had been at least two drops, I could have just said I was lucky, but this… I’m getting worried.”

< That’s so sad.>

Treat it as your luck.>

“I’m not sure how I’d use three… First, I’d use one for weapons, one for armor, and the only thing I haven’t touched is accessories, but they’re low on priority.
How about having a stronger projectile item made as a sub-weapon?”

I thought about it a lot, but honestly speaking, I was at a loss as to how to use the souls this time.

My equipment had just been updated just before the battle against the moon wolves.

I had only used the Ouma and the Red Wolf Attire Alter during the Moonlit battle.
And, of course, they were such good equipment that I only needed one battle to approve their quality.

The SP effect of Ouma has a great synergy with the SP halving of [Lone Moon Camellia], and thanks to them, I don’t have to worry about running out of SP at all.

The Red Wolf Attire Alter raised my agility as well as my magic defense, giving me a rock-solid defense.

Putting aside the other small items, these two pieces of equipment were without a doubt the best of the best, and their performance was enough to kick any other famous equipment out of the park.

Well, my physical status is actually equal to level 140 if you count the race-specific equipment, and since I am wearing equipment that makes full use of that status, it is natural to say that I am over-tuned.

Named equipment is certainly strong, but just because the performance of the equipment is a few levels higher than the Boss’s level, it is not that OP.

Well, I may not be so persuasive when I say so since I have [Lone Moon Camellia], which is a broken piece of equipment…

Nocturne, the Moon Wolf of the Beyond.
Her level was 150.

What I had was the material dropped by a named monster of such a level.
Even without the existence of its Soul, she is clearly over-tuned for this current progression.

The first named Boss defeated in this game, [Arozu, the Griffon of the Azure Sky], was about level 60.
The current trends are that equipment made from this monster, which has circulated in a large amount, reigns supreme as top-class general-purpose armor.

Even if we simply look at it, their difference in level is 90, so naturally, the value of the material also differed that much.

And considering how to power the effect of the [Soul], if I am not careful, it may become equipment that can be used up to level 200 or so.

I’m in already in a class of my own in terms of status, and if I strengthen my equipment even further, the only thing waiting for me in the future may be a game of ‘nothing.’

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to use it to strengthen my equipment.”

< There’s no point in being in a hurry.>

“No, it’s fine for people to find out, and it’s already exposed because we’re streaming anyway! In any case, I don’t think that I will upgrade my equipment.
The most enjoyable part of the game for me is the combat.
I don’t want it to get too easy.”

< You’re a fighting maniac, aren’t you?>

< She’s the blunt type ogre girl.>

“Please forget about Hisui incidents….”

< That’s why I was against her participating in VSTG tournaments (VR Shooting Game).>

< There’s some rumor about it in the VSTG community, you know.>

That was unexpected, perhaps because I haven’t said “I want to do this” or “I want to do that” during my own stream so far, but most of my viewers didn’t force me to do anything more than I expected.

Of course, since there are many people who have commented, a tiny fraction of them did, but they are such a small minority that you can’t read and find them unless you are conscious of them.

I’m sure a lot of people are trying their best, but it seems that viewers adapt to the atmosphere of this channel better than I expected.

In fact, they even seemed to be actively trying to make it more relaxed.

“I heard that there will be more dungeons with higher difficulty levels, so I’ll make equipment as needed.
Even when I want this or that, I can’t make it without the materials.”

< I’ll leave the decision to you.>

< You’ll have to try to use a bow or something.>

< Let’s make sunglasses.>

< Can’t we make ‘just for fun items?>

< I’d like to see spears.>

The only thing that was loosely decided was the policy, so for the time being, the general conclusion is to keep the three “souls” instead of using them.

And I also found some other interesting materials in the drop.

“Fur, claws, fangs… and bones….
and then the [Moonlight Treasure]? Oh, this one is Epic in rarity.”

< It’s a little outshined by the souls, but it’s still a great rarity.>

The items from the named bosses are special; they are called named.
Epic Rare is the second rarest item from the top, so it must be quite valuable.>

< It’s an attribute crystal, huh?>

“Higher? Oh, you mean it’s the same rank as [Hellfire]? True, I think that’s what it is.
I think this might be the best drop aside the Soul.”

I took it out of the item box and found it to be a beautiful moon-colored jewel.
It is about the size of a large candy ball, and I could gulp it if I wanted to, but I didn’t because I couldn’t eat it anyway.

I think they are quite rare, but the [Soul] really outshined it.

I think Haruru told me before that there are some catalysts that are compatible with attribute crystals.
For the flame attribute, it could be red metal or flare metal, or something like that.

So is there something like moon metal, or can the nocturne material itself be used as a catalyst?

It seems that it is not something that can be used quickly, even if you want to use it right away.

“As for the title… I got The [Lunar Wolf Compassion] for defeating Moon Wolf and  [Named killer] for defeating all types of Named in a solo, party, and raid.
All of these title effects just increase the likability of NPCs~.”

“There are no strong titles, are there?”

“[The woman who keeps raising the NPC’s likability.]”

“Isn’t she almost like a hero to the average NPC?”

“She’s raising the likability of NPCs again.”

“I guess so.
Well, only the ones you get when you raise your skills can be useful in battle….”

Until now, I’ve never received a strong title from a named boss, so it’s probably intended.

Or maybe it’s just that much more important to get a likability rating.
It’s not something I can quantify or see, so I’m just guessing.

< anything else?>

“Yeah, they’re dropping rare skills too.
Let’s see…”

“You beat really Nocturne.
You’re growing up nicely.”


Suddenly, a voice is heard.

It was a voice that suddenly came from right behind me as I was playing with my menu card.

It’s impossible for me not to notice, no matter how much I’ve let my guard down, no matter how much I’ve restricted my senses.

But the voice is there, right behind me; without a single sound, sign, or change in the air, it suddenly appeared.

Even though I was in a virtual space, I felt as if I was drenched in sweat.

The reason why I didn’t react immediately was that I recognized the voice.

It wasn’t Rou.
This one presence was different from her special stealth because it completely obliterated any sign, completely erasing its existence.

One wrong move and this village could be destroyed.
The one behind me emanating that kind of murderous intent.

I gulped once, and without turning around, I muttered the name of the person with a twitch in my throat.

“Melty…… Bloodheart……?”

“Yes, so you remember? I commend you, my beloved little Oni-god.”

I would never know what kind of expression she had on her face until I saw her.

The world’s strongest vampire said those words in a cheerful tone of voice as she gently ran her slender fingers along my neck from behind.


It’s been a while.

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