ligence should be affected by the equipment.
SP is what we call stamina, which disappears when you run, fight, use arts, etc., and regains it when you rest.
I think the numbers in parentheses are probably the original values of the basic stats.
My equipment is made of a special material that increases the basic physical stats by 1.4 times.

“I see.

I see.

“I’m not sure how high the numbers are.

But from what I can see, it’s about 1.6 times higher than the rest, except for agility.

Is that right? Hmmm… …… Oh, that’s right.

 It’s hard to grasp at a glance, but I did the math and found the numbers to be about that high.

 Only agility is more than twice as much, but this is probably the difference between the two, since the special effect of the red wolf costume adds 80 or so to the total.

The agility is compensated for by the equipment.
But it is definitely 1.6 times higher.
I wonder why the overall status is higher than I remember …….”

 Today, the majority of the listeners had never heard of WLO, so I received a variety of opinions as I tilted my head.

 Among them, I was surprised by the following comment: “Have you changed your occupation?

“Hasn’t your occupation changed?”

I think it’s an occupational correction.”

Ah! I changed my occupation during the battle! I didn’t tell you, come to think of it.

 From “child” to “demon child.

 The special profession evolved when he exceeded level 90.
The actuality that the particular profession is originally a small amount of compensation to the status, it is understandable that the status has become stronger.

 When I was a “child,” I wondered what the point of having a profession was, since the numerical value of the correction was really at the level of error.

I wondered if there was really any point in having a job at all.
Oh, I can see it by tapping it.
Let’s see, “The base value of physical status is increased by 1.2 times.
I’ll take a look at the “Onigamiji” status correction.
…… Yeah?”

“Don’t refuse to understand.”

“Did you just say something ridiculous?”

‘You stopped with the funny face.’

“1.4 times 1.2 times 1.6 times!”

I see.
So the multiplier is additive.

“Multiply by 1.7 times and it’s almost 1.7 times, so it looks like addition.

“I don’t know about the stats in this game, but I guess it’s great.

I don’t know about the stats in this game, but I think it’s great.

Let’s see… …… This game involves basic stats for equipping armors.
There are various buffs and other things that can increase the status instantaneously, but such temporary enhancements are not enough.
The higher the muscle strength, the stronger the weapon and the stronger the armor.
So, the effect of raising the basic status is worth more than the numerical value by itself.

My original strength value is 546 listed in parentheses, but it is actually bottomed out to 879.

 The muscle value is 300 different.
The expansion that exists between the two is tremendous.
Even between the Yoiyo and Aimai, the required muscle value is only 400 different.

 Even if it is not as great as the 1.4 times multiplier of the Onijin’s race-specific equipment material, Oniwake-no Tsumugi, a profession is basically to increase the attack power of certain weapons and improve the fuel efficiency of arts and magic.

 It was clear that being able to raise the bottom line of basic stats had value beyond a mere increase in firepower.

I thought to myself, “…… Well, okay! It’s kind of a new thing to have higher base stats!”



‘I’ve stopped thinking about it.

“This is the style of a person with zero intelligence.”

“It’s refreshing.

“I don’t hate it.

“It’s good to be strong.”

‘Yes, yes.
I’ll probably update the equipment again, and I don’t want it to be too expensive.
Anyway, can someone put this information on the wiki?

I’ll do it.

No, I’ll take care of it.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Don’t edit each other.

 I decided to share the information about the performance of “Onigamiji” by copying the description on the menu card to the distribution.

 There will be more new players, and then of course there will be more Onijin players, and some of them will choose 《Doji》.

 It is definitely a powerful effect, but “Doji” and “Onigamiji” have the disadvantage of not being able to raise any magic status.
This kind of information should be shared so that people can judge whether the results are worth the disadvantages.

The “pre-liberation experience” is a savings of experience.
When the maximum level is released, the level goes up at once.

I didn’t know that was what pre-release experience means.
I’ve never really thought about experience in numbers, but I guess I got so much experience from the Gekkou battle that I still have plenty left over even after I reach level 100.

 Thanks to more knowledgeable people than ever, I’m grateful for all the information I’ve been able to pick up.

 And here was a comment that caught my attention.

 It’s finally here, you might say.

‘Wasn’t the red wolf costume a complete set of equipment?’

 It was a question that got to the heart of the matter.

 The main reason why I had not shown the status directly to the listeners until now.

 It was my biggest secret, which I had kept hidden even when I was enhancing my equipment, because it would be obvious by looking at the equipment column.

 I have already discussed this with Rin and Konekomaru, saying that I can answer their questions if they ask me about it.
Haru also said, “I think it’s about time.

Okay, so it seems some of you have noticed, and I feel it’s time to confide in you, so I’ll answer your questions.
The question is, the red wolf costume is supposed to be a complete set of named equipment, so why is the head gear different? I’m sure it’s true.

‘Well, now that you put it that way, sure.

“Well, yes, that’s true.

“A complete set of equipment is just like a certain hunting game.

What is named equipment?

Named equipment is equipment made from the materials of a boss with a unique name.

“The moon camellia solo is kind of beautiful.

Is that a flower ornament you’re wearing on your head?

Named equipment is equipment made from the materials of the very strong bosses that appear irregularly in the field.
In the video archive, the Red Wolf, the Golden Knight, the Giant Dragon, and the latest Moon Wolf are the big bosses.
There is a rare drop called “Soul” that is guaranteed the first time you kill a boss, and even if you don’t kill the boss, there is a low probability that the boss will drop a soul.

 The “Mellow Rapier,” a thin sword of seduction possessed by the murder princess Lowe, has the effect of lowering the resistance to abnormalities even against bosses.
The “Sky Sword Sora,” a great sword with ba-hot power possessed by Mr.
Drago, the leader of the largest clan, Dragon’s Fang.

 Named bosses themselves have already been hunted in various places, and at least the same number of named equipment has been made, considering the fixed drop for the first time defeat.
If it is done enough times, it may be obtained as a rare drop, so there must actually be quite a few of them in circulation.

 But my Kore is exceptional among them.

 This is a Named Equipment that I have kept secret until now because it has a destructive effect that I will be able to use until the end of the service.

The Red Wolf Costume is not a real named equipment with a soul.
My named equipment is only this “Moon Camellia Solo” from the beginning.
The effect is great.
It halves all SP consumption of the equipped person.
To put it simply, just by equipping it, you’re actually doubling your stamina.






“You’re kidding, right?”




“You’re kidding.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.”

 A sort of near-silence bewilderment spread among the listeners.

 It was about 10 seconds later that the bomb I dropped exploded.

It was the first status episode in 230 episodes, the end result of the author’s inability to carelessly disclose the status of the main character due to the fact that he had given her a broken piece of equipment.
I will add more in the future.

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