rvival-first policy early on.

However, [Tenjo Tenge] ‘s the main style is [individual play] where everyone acts individually.

They could not break that rule to win the game, so they stick to strategy where everyone was playing solo.

But Suupaa works with many factors which will end up to efficient kill, and as a matter of course, it is easier and safer for her to kill an isolated player than to kill a group of four players.

Although she did not consciously target them, they are considered to be easier prey compared to [Toshu Kashun], which always moves as a group of 4 players.

So as unfortunate as it is, heaven did not bless [Tenjou Tenge] ‘s battle strategy and it eventually led them to defeat, but it is more correct to say that it was an unavoidable case since they can’t risk it further by adapting to an untested battle strategy.

And above all, the bad luck that they were landing closer to Suupaa’s than [Toshu Kashun] this bad luck was a more significant reason for their loss than anything else.

{tln: so much for the number one below of heaven and above land lol, and yes, it’s a deliberate pun from the author.}

Every two minutes, a team would be eliminated over a period of 30 seconds, and the kill log keep gave a really vivid picture of how grave the situation is.

And after eight minutes, three teams were eliminated by Suupaaa.

There were other battles going on, so in reality, about five teams were actually eliminated.
The pace of kills was quite ordinary, maybe a bit fast for a competition, but the fact that 12 of them were killed by the same player did not help to change the bizarre situation.

Who’s next? With such fear in their hearts, all the players were tense to their limit.

Fifteen minutes into the game.

More than half of the safe zone was already gone, and Suupaa had increased her kill count to 16.

The remaining teams were 4.
It seemed that the non-HEROES teams were also putting up a good fight, with 3 teams’ worth of players killed by players other than Suupaa.

 (un~, I’m doing well.
My mind is incredibly clear.)

Suupaa is walking slowly, moderately dodging the enemy’s gaze by trusting her sixth sense.

Once she’s playing seriously to win, Suupaa has a tendency to get a certain amount of tension.
It’s a kind of adrenaline release that heightened her fighting spirit.

When she gets a kill, her brain is flooded with adrenaline, and she becomes drunk on the sensation; this is not a physical state, but rather a psychological one.

As the cycle continues, she will become increasingly intoxicated, and the world’s worst killing machine will be born.

Somehow, perhaps thanks to something she had finally recognized, Suupaa was able to enjoy the carnage with an unprecedented sense of calmness.

She strode around the field with a very carefree feeling, without paying the slightest attention to where her teammate’s well-being.

That said, she still could tell that the member of her party was alive by looking at their status in the corner of her vision.

They all know what their priorities should be right now.
Just as they entrusted the second game to Nana, currently, HEROES has entrusted everything to Suupaa.

In order to avoid any and all impurities, they even blocked the means to communicate.

(Ah, it’s really easy if I only need to cover for myself.)

Suupaa knows the approximate position of the enemy by her sixth sense, and she always knows from which direction and at which angle the bullets will fly.

Ignoring the 1,000 meters class sniper, there is almost no weapon that can KO an enemy with a single hit while considering the durability of helmets, and bulletproof vests, The weapons that can kill her with one hit are the MHKS, which has an instant-kill feature, and the [M-Gun], a rare weapon that only will appear in the final stages of the match.

That is why she was able to survive easily, and even if she was defeated in the middle of the match, she wouldn’t get a minus point in the overall score.

Although often hidden by her search-and-destroy tendency, her extremely high resistance to surprise attacks was one hidden strength of Suupaa’s.

One might argue, [but it didn’t work in the first match]; that’s because of the nature of Suupaa’s sixth sense.
Even if she could grasp the location of the enemy, it doesn’t mean it could cover for her allies.

She may know when the muzzle of a gun is pointed at her, but she cannot know if the muzzle is pointed at her allies.

As a result of trying so hard to support her team, Suupaa neglected everything, and that was the main reason why Suupaa made a huge blunder, such as stepping into a trap of instant death in the first game.

This is the biggest reason why she had become weak, she was overly conscious of team battles.

Of course, with more time, training, or polish, there may be a way to use her sixth sense in team battles, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is not possible to do it now.

But HEROES don’t ever care about it.

Nana’s all-out showcase is a one-man play with such a strong [individual] nature that it’s simply too far from what can be called a co-op game, and Rinne is useless as an [individual] in the first place, while Touka doesn’t have an [individual] play in the first place, and the current Suupaa could understand why.

A team could only be called as such when four players of the same level get together to enhance their coordination and create synergy.

Each member of the HEROES team is extremely talented.
There may be no need to rank it by high or low to their value, but at least she knows that such talent won’t show its true shine in Zero Wars VR.

That is why Suupaa will take care of everything for now and be done with it.
Because it would not be too late to nurture some kind of bond as a team later on.

(I think I can destroy about two more teams.)

Suupaa already knows the positions of all enemy players thanks to her sixth sense.

Except for during combat, Suupaa strolls cheerfully around the field in a relaxed manner, as if she is a reaper searching for the next souls to hunt.

“Well, what can I say? …I didn’t think we could win at all.”

Photon of the [Toshu Kashun] later said in an interview.

Twenty-one minutes into the game, in a large warehouse in the center of the field, the final battle began.

The battle between HEROES and [Toshu Kashun]…… correction, it was the battle between Suupaa and [Toshu Kashun], and it ended more one-sidedly than expected.

“First, Heddaa got his vest broken, right? That really upset a lot of the members of our team.”

“Yes, there were screams in the hall when Hedda, who was only half peeking, had his bulletproof vest cracked instantly in 1.21 seconds.”

“Haha, yeah, I was like, no… I was literally screaming ‘UWAAA!’ because I was brought instantly to critical hp…”

Hedda scratched his head in embarrassment and blushed.

“I guess she saw through my agitation and quickly pushed it in from there, but AA tried to cut her path.”

“Yes, I asked Suupaa about that, and she said, [Oh, I was going in because I believe I could get a kill before his endurance was fully restored.]”

“Yeah, no doubt she is a great player… and well, that’s also why the hell broke loose from that point.”

Only 4.68 seconds after she had cut off Heddaa’s armor durability, Hedda, who had just barely earned the five seconds needed to use the item to restore his armor durability and expose his HP immediately suffered another 70 damage and was brought to a downed state.

“I wanted to save him because he was only down, but Suupaa just kept suppressing me.
I was really distracted by the fact that I had only 30 hp left to play.
Then, it just took a fraction of a second where I was momentarily unsure of my decision that she took advantage of the situation and split me open.”

“I see, so it wasn’t a matter of timing that I couldn’t cut her path, but perhaps Suupaa had calculated it all the way to that point.”

“As absurd as it is, that was most likely the case….; by the way, have you got the info about that?”

“Yes, still, there were too many things I wanted to ask when I interviewed Nana….”

“The girl who took the best part! The last bullet was hers, right?”

“That’s right, and I was also curious about the second game.”

“That was a natural disaster class event.
I still can’t believe that it was something humans did.”

The incident at the second match was already etched in Photon’s mind as an unbelievable event.

It’s not like he claim that an official announcement is a lie.
It’s just that it’s beyond his capacity to believe, that’s all.

“Umm, I’ll get back to the point.
So, after you was damaged by Suupaa surprise attack you immediately run back to cover, right?”

“That’s right, but he was lucky enough to catch Nana’s bullet that just happened to ricochet off and landed on a headshot.
As a result, it took Photon down.”

“That [Lucky] shot is one thing I’d like to complain about, but I’m starting to think she might have been aiming for that as well.
Have you ever heard the story of the [Witch of the Magic Bullet]?”

“No, I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of it…”

“No, I’m sorry too, that was natural that you don’t know.
It is the name of the legendary player of the first Zero Wars.
Not many people have been playing Zero Wars back then.
On the contrary, people who had been playing from back then will never forget her… it was the name of a divine sniper who manipulates ricochets at will, which also was said to be a close friend of Rinne.
You see what I mean?”

There are many players, including the [Kaiser], who boasted legendary strength throughout the Zero Wars series, but as expected, the interviewer did not know the event that took place in the first Zero Wars.

However, when the interviewer compared the information provided by Photon with that of Nana from HEROES, whom he had just interviewed, he was surprised at how well it fit.

“Are you saying that… Nana is fitting that profile?”

“I mean… she’s a childhood friend and her best friend.
Anyway, you should check out the video next time; you might also appreciate the younger Rinne appearance.”

“I’m sorry; please understand that he has been a hardcore Rinne fan since her early days.”

“You idiot, it’s natural for a man to like a pretty girl.”

“I’ll tell your wife.”

“It won’t work.
She’s a fan of Rinne too.”

Photon and Heddaa are now engaged in banter.

The interviewer, while smiling amiably back at them, decided to return to the main topic of the conversation.

“ahaha …… Now now, may I ask you about the rest of the story?”

“The rest was just as you can see.
The sniper’s line of fire was so open, and the situation was turning into four against two.
To put think it calmly, in that kind of setup, we were bound to lose.”

“But when I saw Taka broke Suupaa’s vest in the exchange of blows, I was really excited inside.”

“Indeed, I was too.
But then again, we forgot to compare our remaining HP.”

“Considering Suupaa’s ability, I think it’s fair to say that was still considered a good trade-off.”

With both players equipped with the highest-level bulletproof vests, one only cracked the vest, while the other already cracked the vest and shave some of the HP.

Because of the difference in evasive ability and accuracy, the damage dealt and deal was effectively doubled.

“I don’t think I could do any better too, I was dying, and Taka was full down.
Crevasse managed to try to revive me, but here we are, beaten by HEROES together.”

“If you think about it calmly, it’s only natural for all four of us to rush in together considering that Suupaa is a one-man army; that’s also why we let our guard down.”

“Well, I was sent to death by the cooperation of Nana and Suupaa.
Personally, I think that was a very graceful way to die.”

“Though Crevasse did defeat Suupaa in the end.”

“I know it doesn’t mean anything, but I guess I could take this as a medal of honor.”

“In fact, in all three matches, Suupaa was either down or dead.
The result was contrary to the pre-event prediction of the Internet, which had many people thinking that it would be a one-sided game.”

In fact, just before the end of the match, Crevasse had risked his life to cut down Suupaa’s HP without expecting that he would defeat Suupaa or even send her to the lobby.
Of course, Suupaa didn’t make it easy, but as expected it’s still a four-man rush after all.

And in the end, the match ended without a hitch after a normal headshot by Nana.

But the surprising fact remains, Suupaa died in all three matches.
In fact, Suupaa’s death was so unexpected that it became a hot topic in the social networking trends.

“She had 22 solo kills in the finals, and it was no doubt that she is the best.
Oh, but Nana also had a total of 17 kills, 2 in the first match, 13 in the second match, and 2 in the last.
Touka-chan also had 5 kills in the first match, so 44 kills in total in three matches?”

“That’s a whole field worth of kills done by one team….”

I can’t help but laugh.”

“We had about 18 kills….”

Hedda and Photon look far away at the hopeless difference.

“We still managed to finish in second place; that’s good enough for now.”

“That’s right! [Toshu Kashun] has grabbed the ticket to the WGCS All-Stars with their refined teamwork.
So! Please tell us about your ambitions for the WGCS in about two months!”

“I’m going to challenge the best in the world this time as a challenger.
And I will show [Tenchi Shinmei] and [HEROES] my revenge!”

“I will do my best without losing heart, so please support me.”

“Thank you very much! And with that, please give the runners-up of BATTLER, the leader of [Toshu Kashun], Photon, and the vice-leader, Hedda, big applause!”


The finals are now over.

The main story of the fifth arc is almost complete, and there is only a detailed later story and a bulletin board episode left to tell.

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