BTOG 245 – BATTLER Final / Baton Touch

October 5, 2022

tl note:

sorry that I did not post this right away, this is so not like me… I hate cliffs and I don’t want to give cliffs to my reader.
but the circumstances around the time I translate this is one big mess… well it’s just an excuse tho, it didn’t take 5 minutes to schedule this, I just forgot…



“So how about it? are you satisfied?”

—I wanted to shoot three more times!

“Don’t ask for the impossible.”

I was forced to log out, which also meant I was returned to reality without being sent to the waiting room, and thanks to that, the dizziness from the extreme VR sickness attacks me as I lay on the sofa in the waiting room.

This time, it is not as dangerous as the [Furious Rage] that I awoke on the day I fought that giant dragon.
But still, she is a part of me, an instinct I had sealed away with my memories and rage.

It’s not like I have two personalities in my mind.
It’s more like the little angel and the devil that you see in comic books.
{tl:…that is what dual personality are}

She was my side who was the more instinctive and impulsive.
A destructive impulse I was born with that I had suppressed but still comes out when I feel excited.

It’s a shame she tried to steer me toward rampaging around by suggesting to do this or wanting to do that.
She also has no regard for the strain on this body.

In any case, these impulses were already present before the age of 15, I was learning how to protect Rin-chan without thinking about myself at the time, so I didn’t consider the burden on my body or other little details.

There are various reasons why I wanted to do things quickly this time, but in the end, I simply decided that the most “enjoyable” way was to ask this girl for assistance.
As usual, she won’t take the burden of this body into account at all.

However, the only reason this child awoke after being dormant for so long is that the current me can control it.

The aspect where she didn’t care about my body burden hasn’t changed; rather, she believed this body could handle it.
However, I would have been in big trouble if I had collapsed due to that.

“Anyway, I’m glad it worked out.”

—Aren’t (I) better than you at using our bodies?

“Nah, we’re both terrible at it.”

I’ll let those boastful words pass.

But she is correct.
This girl would have the edge over the old me, who had been training my physical abilities on a microscopic scale, or the today me, who had been slacking off for six and a half years.

Her precision and range were vastly different when she used our five senses back then.
That statement, however, is only true if we are talking about the past me rather than the present me.

That’s why I gave this girl half of my brain space.

The use of sight from a height over a wide area was particularly difficult for me in sniping.

It was a difficult task for me to keep track of everything within 4 km square box with such precision so I didn’t miss a single thing pass and then snipe using the MHKS.

In some ways, I was fortunate that the sound range was limited to a 360-degree radius.
Still, I was one step away from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

I should be able to handle it if I could mass-produce thousands and thousands of thought’ room’ and share my thoughts like Rin-chan in her prime, but I’m not that good.

However, the coexistence of memories that differ greatly in how I am now and how I was in the past allowed me to divide my thoughts into two parts.

It might be easier to understand if I use a PC metaphor.
Normally, I have to switch between two programs on a single computer screen, “examining the field” program and “understanding when the snipe conditions are right to pull the trigger” program.

The very slight lag in switching between the two screens is annoying, and the time lag is fatal for long-range sniping, which requires frame-by-frame control.

However, if you are using two screens at the same time, you can assign one screen to each task.
Because switching is no longer required, the amount of concentration that can be devoted to each task changes dramatically.

My own ability, which is equivalent to the computer’s performance, will not change.
It’s just that a single screen was insufficient for me to fully utilize my specs.

Anyway, I’ve done everything I can; now it’s up to Suu-chan.

Suu-chan is strong.

It’s a fact that she is stronger than anyone else in this game.

But right now, Suu-chan is in more trouble than anyone else.

Rin-chan told me about her difficult upbringing.

It’s pointless for me to give a commentary of what I think of it after hearing the details, and I’m not interested in the specifics of her background.
What matters is how she acts now.

Suu-chan’s strength is unquestionably a power born for [herself] It is not something she has honed for [someone else], unlike myself.

I’m not sure why Rin-chan allowed her to compete in BATTLER, but the rule of team competition is limiting her strength.

Let’s take the first game as an example.
Suu-chan was struggling to make good use of us because it was a team game.
As a result, she became distracted, stepped on a trap she would not have stepped on normally and died.

To be honest, this was all Rin-chan’s fault.

We could have easily won if we had fought together as a team a bit earlier, but we only met a day before the tournament, so we had too little time.

It would have been a different story if Suu-chan had been a co-op specialist, but she was a pure soloist and the only one on our team who was not an amateur, so it would have been strange if she didn’t become confused instead.

It’s not like I couldn’t have cut my time on WLO and practiced earlier, but if that was the case, she should have called her sooner.

For better or worse, HEROES is now just a group of ‘four people,’ and three of them are amateur.
For Suu-chan, who is a novice in team competitions, the task of leading the team was a bit too much.

“I’m not sure if she can win or if she doesn’t want to win.
But as an adult, I should at the very least stand by her.”

—You’re being overly overprotective.
Well, I’m mostly satisfied, so I’m going to bed now.

“I’m not going to call you for a while, okay?”

If I show up, it means we’ll be reckless.
We don’t want to make Rin-chan too worried, right?

Good night then, well, me too.”

All of this is just self-questioning and self-answering.

It’s like having a conversation with your subconscious.

But that’s why I can face my true feelings.

Furthermore, the more I communicate with my past self, the more my memories become ingrained in my body.
I should say I’m remembering rather than strengthening, but I’m confident I’ll be able to use this extraordinary talent, which is still beyond my control, more effectively from now on.

I feel so tired…”

My entire body felt extremely tired as soon as I allowed my mind to relax.
My vision and hearing are both in poor condition.
I’m curious if there will be any backlash after such a reckless act.

At this rate, I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything in the next game, but I don’t want to miss it.
I can just show up to make up the numbers.

I decided to close my eyes and sleep until everyone else logged out.


I was dead and sent to the waiting room after 20 seconds of Nana’s forced logout.

To help Nana as quickly as possible, Rinne, Touka and I took the high ground on three sides of the field, east, west, and south, almost unarmed.

I don’t know if it was because I was so shockede, but at that time I was nothing more than a sitting duck since I absentmindedly stood unprotected in such a visible location.

But I have no regrets about it, and the sigh I just let out was an unintentional expression of satisfaction.

I knew from her that it wasn’t going to last long.

I also knew that Nana would give this match her all.

It’s just… I was ashamed of how I was trapped in my own value.

30 seconds.

That was all she needed.

There were 16 muzzle flashes from the first to the last, and her devil’s bullet was fired at a rate of more than once every two seconds.

At that time, thirteen people were killed.
The monster left a trail that will almost certainly set a record for the most kills in an hour.

(Really, it’s incredible…)

It was like I was being taught the new concept of how to shoot a gun.
That’s what’s been filling my brain.

In the extreme, Nana’s actions could be summed up in a single sentence: “I tracked down the enemy and fired at him.”

However, very few people probably understood how much skill was required.

The greater the distance between you and the enemy, the more misalignment of your muzzle will be fatal, and at over 3,000 meters, even the smallest millimeter deviation is not permitted.

Furthermore, the majority of Nana’s bullets were hitting a moving player.
Hitting a moving target is, of course, much more difficult than hitting a stationary target.

Even cheats would be unable to perform such manipulation.

It does not require the same skill level as the cheat’s program with a specialty in auto-aiming.
Of course, precise aiming is required, but you need to predict the enemy’s future action on top of that.

This can only be accomplished by capturing the enemy’s every move as well as their entire situation.

Terrain, equipment, standing position, line of sight, foot direction, stance, and movement speed.
All of these variables will contribute to the sweet spot of your aim.

This was a divine feat made possible only by Nana’s ability to fire her rifle without using a scope while continuously scanning a large area.

She is also capable of performing such a divine feat by firing in rapid succession, changing the angle of the rifle in seconds.

What is even more incredible? It’s because Nana is using [Metal Hazard Kill Scope].

Even a common sniper rifle could not perform such a divine feat, but she accomplished that with such a monstrous weapon.

Not to mention she also most likely threw in a few rounds of magic bullets.
I don’t know for sure if she really did that, but based on the circumstantial evidence, she definitely did.
In the end, all I could do was laugh at the situation.

“I don’t mean I don’t believe it; I just don’t want to believe it.
fufufu, this is the first time I ever seen something like that.”

The more I saw, the more my brain refused to accept the truth.

It yelled that such a being should not be permitted to exist.

Finally, I accept it.

That is not something that can be replicated.

It was a concept that only Nana could attain.

The goal I hoped to achieve someday was a mirage I could never grasp.

I realized I’d never be able to achieve that.

This feeling of resignation was unquestionably a gift from the “Witch of the Magic Bullet,” whom I had long desired.

That’s when I realized I was honing my skills with the wrong ‘weapon’.

“No, that’s not the case.”

I just… lost.

I had won the title of most powerful and remained the undisputed top ranker.

While unsure what to do next, the dazzling legendary light of the Witch of Magic Bullet drew me back in.

It was a light that I will never have, but because I was looking up to it, I discovered a new path that I would not have found if I had looked down.

“Fascinating till the end.”

I was so thrilled to show Nana how good I was before the final, but now I’m thrilled to be showed

how good she is.

This must be what they mean by zombie-hunter transforming into a zombie.

The next game is my last chance, I’ve demonstrated my dissatisfaction by failing to meet expectations, but I’ll be fine this time.

For I am [Suupaa].

I am the most powerful player, the one reigning supreme in this Zero Wars VR.


This is (my) first appearance since the battle to defeat the apostles.

I am Nana’s mental health counselor, and I am also her strongest self.
A good girl who is as dedicated as the agent of a certain death god.

Tl note:

It was half-miracle.
I could translate this with this stupid headache, only two days away from my dentist appointment.
Wish me luck…

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