a mountain, and hit something hiding at the rock, and then the result from the battle….or from the sniping? came to me.

「Onee-sama’s throwing skills sure is the same as back then」


「Yes, rather you could say that it have been polished more, as expected of Sukuna-oneesama!」

「I-Is that so」

While being pressured by the glittering eyes of Touka-chan, I picked up the weight at the place where something had gotten crushed.

Touka-chan said something like that but, I think that it’s not that hard to hit an enemy that is not moving.

Since the goal is right there, you should just throw at it in any form as long as it follows that trajectory.

It doesn’t matter if that trajectory is straight or curved, it would only change the time of impact.

「No matter how much I hear about it, I think that way of thinking is weird」

「Y-you don’t have to say it with such a serious face….」

『No, its weird』


『She’s not wrong but you can’t actually put it into practice』

『This oni girl is saying it as if it hits before the actual event』

Even though it’s a topic that Touka-chan brought up, I was unexpectedly attacked in all directions.

「N-no, its just limited to an enemy that isn’t moving, if its moving, sometimes I don’t hit too….」


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『Sometimes is it…』


『The case where she remembered that she has no memory of not hitting after saying sometimes…..』

It’s not like that you know! I miss 1 out 100 you know!

…..yeah, it’s sometimes!

「By the way, I have seen Rin-oneesama stirring up Suku-oneesama to shoot a basketball from the other side of the goal and she scored 10 times in row」

『Twen twimes』

『a super serious super dimensional basketball』

『bashketball 』

『Are you an oni, for real?』

『It’s impossible even in VR』


When I tried my best to explain myself, an unexpected betrayal destroyed my excuse.

I was pierced by the comments from the viewers.

By the way, Touka-chan was walking about when I was still in 1st year of middle school, I just came along with Rin-chan who got a gym made so that she could deal with her lack of exercise.

Furthermore, Rin-chan gave up on exercising, after a while that gym opened up to the public.

「N-Now then let’s get back to where we are」

「Ufufu, I guess you are right」

It was obviously a forced change to the topic but, Touka-chan followed me without continuing it any further.

Reaching halfway back to Dualis, there weren’t any signs of being tired.

The reason why we are able to advance smoothly was because of Touka-chan’s skill set.

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「Though still, Touka-chan’s detection range sure is big」

「Yes it is, since I fully specialized in support, compared to Suku-oneesama who is specialized in battle, my 《Detection》has bigger detection area, is what I think」

That’s right, Touka-chan’s skill set is a bit special, surprisingly she does not attack type skills it seems.

I haven’t heard the exact details but, It seems to be a healer type skill set.

And in addition to that, she also has scouting skills, a style focusing mainly on support.

Unlike me who only uses it when I need it, Touka-chan always uses it to search for enemies.
That’s why the mastery is way bigger than mine.

In this field where many mobs hide, she could detect them way faster than me.
A lot of scenes happen where Touka-chan would find a mob.

「But, in the end I cannot do anything alone」

Though Touka-chan said that, opposite of her pessimistic words, she had strong eyes that wouldn’t make you think of so.

Confidence as a supporter.
Or maybe enjoyment.
Even if her level might not be that high, I could feel that she has a strong will that she doesn’t regret her play style.

Seeing her like that, To me who only knew of her when she was still young, frail and pampered Touka-chan, I felt something squeezing.

And, while we were talking on the way to Dualis, there was an electronic sound of a notice that a mail had arrived to me.

The sender was 『Konekomaru』.
This is, so it means that.


「Yes, what is it?」

「In the afternoon, before we go exploring together, there is something I have to go to.
Would you come with me?」

「Of course」

Since I believe It won’t bore you」

Getting Touka-chan’s permission, I quickly sent a reply to Konekomaru-san.

I thought it would be after tomorrow but, he really is fast with his work.

On the road heading to Dualis.

Holding down the exciting feeling in my chest, I beat the monsters to death with 30% more power.

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