It was a one-man show that only lasted 30 seconds, but the effects would rock the world of shooting games.

Your good fortune will determine whether or not you live or die, and everything hinges on what the eyes of the reaper see.

As she gave in to her impulse, the destruction gun began to roar.


A tall white chalk structure known as Judgment Tower can be found at the northernmost point of the field.
It towers majestically over the landscape at an astounding height of one hundred meters above ground level.

The tower of judgment was built for the sole purpose of housing the [Metal Hazard Kill Scope], which is reputed to be both the game’s most powerful and least maneuverable weapon.

No one is certain whether the bullet was a deadly judgment bullet or a storm that takes the life of a fool who has come close for the sheer moment of pleasure.
No one could ever tell.

Forty seconds into the match.

Just after all the players had landed on the field, during everyone’s [preparation time], the bullet of instant death was unleashed.

As a consequence of the recoil, a deafening roar shook the entire tower.

It only took three-tenths of a second for the first blood to be drawn.

The first shot kills with a headshot over 3,100 meters south-southwest of Judgment Tower, and the kill log casually announces the death of one player.

A second roar erupts only 1.3 seconds after the first shot before anyone realizes what it means.
It was difficult to even determine who was being targeted.

The second victim was at the top of the station in the western part of the field, where he took a critical hit to the torso.
The distance is 2142 meters.

Two kills in a row by the same person in less than two seconds.

The player who had landed near the judgment tower immediately realized what had happened when they heard a familiar sound and saw a familiar flash.

They instinctively ducked behind a rock, which proved to be the correct decision.

The threat, however, made no sense to the player who was outside the 360-meter radius because the sound could not reach them.

The Grim Reaper continued to swing their scythe in front of the unsuspecting player.

The third gunshot was heard one and a half seconds later.

It was now aimed at Lean Town, which was located northeast of the field.

Distance: 851 meters.

A player is hit in the lower abdomen while going through the items in the supermarket.
Which is also considered a critical hit and results in instant death.

The long-awaited sense of discomfort finally arrived.

The kill log only shows who killed who, not how they were killed.

And once that is demonstrated, it is immediately obvious which team member they are.

As a result, all of the players could see that it was “Nana” who was killing everyone so far.

The time she took from the first to the third kill was only three seconds.

There is an obvious discrepancy here.

What kind of weapon can deplete player health at such a rapid rate in such a short amount of time? Even the rare weapons obtained only at the end of the game do not have that kind of attack power!

Nobody could say that three kills by the same player in a short period of time were impossible.

For example, a player may have finished a dying enemy who was about to be killed by their teammates, or another team may have brought them down because they were sandwiched by a third party.

It’s [Not impossible], yet no one could shake the unpleasant feeling.

Because there isn’t a single sound of battle coming from anywhere.

Of course, another team may be fighting in a location where one’s own team cannot be heard.

Nevertheless, from the outset, it appeared that not a single team had landed close enough to one another to start a fight in such a short timeframe.

Something is clearly wrong.

This kind of unease pollutes the thoughts of players who have strong instincts.

A witch giggled.

And the light flashed.

Immediately after, another death comes.

One in the neck.
Another to the heart.

The fourth and fifth shots landed in the center of the field, inside an abandoned building in Babel Town.
The two victims were a player from the same team, who were picking up items and destroyed in a span of 0.5 seconds.

Finally, most of the players noticed the flash from the top of the Judgment Tower.

The oversized muzzle flash from the steel of catastrophe.

Everyone knows what slumber is in there.

[Metal Hazard Kill Scope.]

As a price of unleashing a bullet of instant death, the demonic weapon will ask you to take the boundless impact of each blow with your whole being.

And most players were only able to fire one shot before the tower left the safe zone.

It’s very common for them to try to fire a second shot but cannot get a clear view of their target.

Some players even fall from the tower due to excessive recoil after firing their first shot.

The recoil of each shot is often compared to a car crash; it is so intense that it has become its charm.

But who the hell is capable of shooting such a monster rifle?


Shooting that demonic rifle should be impossible, but if it is, then this situation would not be improbable.

There’s no way to kill five people in a little over five seconds.

If there were four deaths, it could be explained that it was the death of an entire team, but then the fifth death should not follow.

There’s no time to stop and think.
The unreasonable and impossible are not something new.
They already know a similar individual by the name of Suupaa.

The teammates of the five who were killed, and the rest of the players, finally understood their situation here.

But what should they do?

Running away?


Fight back?


No matter which one you choose, it’s tough.

If you choose to hide, you still need to watch out for three lines of sight, to the east, west, and south, excluding the north.

Should you choose to fight, being wary of your front is not enough.
All eyes need to probe into all four sides.
Because the other three from HEROES still lurking around the map to fill in the sniper’s blind spot.

The witch laughs loudly.

While coughing in pain, she still laughed.

She won’t be able to walk away from this unscathed.
That much is certain.

The cost of the continuous shooting was to inflict tremendous pain on Nana.

But still.

The joy of the moment is what drives Nana’s heart forward.

Two explosions roared three seconds later.

The first one blows open the brain of someone who couldn’t find a safe place to hide.

The second snatched a barely visible arm from someone who thought they were hidden.

Her bullet will always eat up her enemies, no matter how large the target.

The first was immediately killed, and the second was brought to their dying breath.

This is the [metal hazard kill scope] ‘s true power.

The first was the absolute destructive power to kill instantly, while the second was something that everyone had given up on.
It was the ability to shoot continuously.

As a result, when there exists a player who could wield both powers, the game’s balance is completely broken.

In just 10 seconds, six people died, and one person is dying.

It was such a tragedy that it was hard to believe it took place less than a minute after the match had begun.

It was an unbelievable turn of events that was so far outside of what could be considered common sense to the point where it made the word ‘unexpected’ sound stupid.

Despite this, during this brief period of time, almost everyone had been successful in concealing themselves from MHKS’ scope.

Each and every one of them is an elite player.
Their ability to make quick decisions is second to none.

They are aware that now is the time to respect and focus their attention on the sniper of MHKS.

It is important to keep an eye out for other teams, but the present moment was not the time to relax their vigilance in regard to “Nana.”

That choice was the appropriate one.

Because in this match, HEROES put their complete faith in Nana and let her handle everything.

Suupaa made this decision out of pure self-interest, but neither Rinne nor Touka objected, and Nana appeared to take pleasure in that.

Many teams were too afraid to move because they were afraid of snipers, so they decided to hide behind a cover to avoid snipers.

It supposed to be the right decision, however.

In this game, the only thing that separates those who survive from those who do not is how well they manage during a crisis.

And this time, it was the difference between those who stopped after cutting off the line of fire and those who were determined to collect as many items as possible by walking behind the cover.

There has been a pause of fifteen seconds since the previous disaster.

Albeit only slightly, the confusion now has subsided, and players have finally started to realize the truth that lies behind the name ‘Nana.’

She is [Nana] of HEROES.
The majority of the players were concentrated on the tournament and did not take part in the major [Nana] reveal event that took place the night before, but they were aware of what was happening.

Afterward, there were those who dismissed it with laughter, thinking it was a joke.

Some people were taken aback by the incredible spectacle.

And others showed zero interest in the topic at all.

Regardless of how they initially reacted, everyone has now comprehended the situation.

A ridiculous sniper who can fire shots in rapid succession and who is capable of firing ultra-long-range shots casually that fly off from one end of the field to the other.

If the shooter was Nana from HEROES, then the news from yesterday must be accurate.

The carnage that had occurred in such a short period of time had such an impact on everyone here, and it was strangely plausible because this is such an immersive shooter game.

The reasoning behind the continuous shooting was simple.

It’s impact, recoil, and roar.
One will require a body with high durability that can withstand all of them.
It was nothing more than a brutal method, something that no one could imitate.

To begin with, not even the top players are aware of this.

Even the best players were unaware that they could suppress MHKS recoil by vastly improving their physical abilities.

It was nothing more than a stupid theory that the upper limit of the load on avatars was determined by your own real-life physical strength.

Even the management was taken aback and did not anticipate it happening.

All presumptions were thrown into disarray when it was revealed that a human being with such physical ability parameters actually existed.

But here’s the thing: the only reason Nana posed such a significant danger was because of her ability to rapidly fire MHKS.

It appears to be a hopeless situation at first glance.

But at the same time, they are aware that if they continue to hide, Nana will almost automatically drive to her death.

If this were a normal match, the Judgment Tower would no longer be a safe zone after only three minutes.

The tower can only be entered from the roof, but you can only exit from the roof, and you cannot exit the tower unless you jump from a height of 100 meters above the ground, which will result in certain instant death from fall damage.

On the other hand, if you do not escape from the tower, you will be killed by continuous damage because you are outside of the safe zone.

Judgment Tower – the place was a luxurious coffin where you accepted your death in exchange for romance.

Nana will certainly be heading towards her death as time goes on.

However, during the tournament, the rate at which the safe zone is reduced is slowed down by a factor of 0.5.

The elapsed time is less than one minute from the start of the match.
Since the original grace time was three minutes, doubling it and subtracting one minute would leave Nana with five minutes left.

They did, in fact, comprehend it.
They were aware that in order to survive, all they needed to do was make it through the next five minutes while avoiding Nana’s sniper fire.

If you think about it rationally, not even Nana could shoot MHKS indefinitely.
There was no way she could withstand the recoil forever, no matter how strong she was.

And it’s not like she can shoot through invisible foes.
As if to prove it, the sniping has stopped.

Nobody knows what the other teams were up to, but they can all guess that they had all cut off their line of fire from Nana.

All teams get the situation straight.

Nana’s time limit is five minutes.

There had been six deaths, and Nana was responsible for each one.
They are currently in a quiet period of activity, and it is likely that this state of affairs will continue for some time.

The cover will keep snipers at bay.
And although this is just a half-assumption, Nana is unlikely to be able to shoot indefinitely because she does not fire needlessly or randomly.

The initial impact stirred chaos, but if they keep their cool, the situation is not hopeless yet.

The players were still trying to regain their composure, though their attitudes varied depending on whether they belonged to a team whose members had died or a team whose members were still alive and well.

To be honest, their assessment of Nana’s condition is fairly accurate.

It is true that continuous firing has a high cost.

It is also true that Nana can’t shoot without limits.

It’s also worth noting that she’ll be thrown out of the safe zone with only about 5 minutes to go, and the MHKS lacks the ability to penetrate the cover.

And ultimately, Nana was already fatigued.

The exhaustion she felt was caused by the seven shots fired almost without pause.
Even if she took breaks during this five-minute period, she could probably only fire ten more rounds at this rate.

And, just like her seventh inaccurate shot, there was no guarantee that the remaining bullets would all land cleanly.


In spite of the fact that they have a firm grasp on the situation, they will be thrown into even greater confusion as a result of an unknown truth and a fatal misunderstanding.

One is that a cover is not always a safe haven as long as Nana is the Witch of Magic Bullet.

And the fatal misunderstanding that HEROES will want to make the most of the remaining 5 minutes.

Less than 30 seconds.

Nana had resolved to give it her all within this time frame.

Just a few moments ago.

Rinne, Suupaa, and Touka, who had scattered to take up positions on the high ground in all directions, made a specific mark on the map the moment everyone was out of Nana’s line of fire.

It was originally a map pin used to alert allies to the location of enemy shadows and items.
It was a team-only marker used to compensate for information gaps in communication alone.

Seven map pins appeared on the field in the few seconds after Nana stopped sniping.
It was represented by a red pillar of light, which served as a solid landmark in Nana’s field of vision.

The seven markers mapped only the players who had “stopped moving” and hiding behind the covers.

Of course, some players hide in the blind spots of all four, while others make good use of the shields to collect items.

That’s why HEROES could only find seven players who remained where they were while waiting for the situation to develop further.

If 10 or 20 pins were erected, it would be impossible to kill them all with the bullet she had left.

Nana smiled at the rather realistic number and pressed the trigger.

There were most likely enemies at the bottom of the seven lights, and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to shoot them all.

Even so, she has decided to let everything unfold naturally after this, but for the time being, her opponents’ relaxed attitude will be their undoing.

It’s finally time to use the magical bullets she’s been prepared with her extreme state of concentration.

The first and second bullets both hit the bullseye.

The third bullet hit after three ricochets, and it failed to kill the target because it only grazed them.

The fourth bullet a clean hit in the form of a follow-up shot.

The fifth bullet, another bullseye.

The sixth bullet missed the target due to a slight misalignment at the time of the shooting, but luckily it landed on an enemy teammate who was nearby.

The seventh and eighth bullets were used to corner and finish her target.

In just four seconds, she fired eight super shots.

They had no way to defend themselves against the lethal bullets that came at them in a terrifying and unexpected manner, and as a result, six people were killed.

Regrettably, the price is great.

Nana had lost all sensation in her body, with the exception of the very tips of her fingers, as a result of the extreme recoil caused by the continuous fire.

Her entire body had been struck by the gun so many times that she could hardly make out what was in front of her.

By the time she had fired the seventh shot, she was already partially blind, and by the time she had fired the eighth shot, she was forced to rely solely on her instinct and her imagination to make the shot.

Nana could barely see the seventh red pillar, the last one she hadn’t yet shot, and she wondered where it was and how far away it was.

Her thoughts have been dulled by pain, and she can’t recall the position she saw a few seconds ago.

She could unleash one more shot, but she doesn’t know where to aim.

The burden on her avatar was so great that she was about to be forced to log out, but Nana desperately tried to aim.

“Adjust the height to your own, fine-tune the angle to 11.2° southwest, in frame 151.”

That was all she had learned from the communication, which had been silent until now.

Nana thought that it would have been nice if she had also provided her with the angle of fire, but that single piece of information triggered an image in her mind.

The objects that can ricochet from a magic bullet are, by definition, limited.

As a result, even with only a rough idea, the shooter must know where it should hit.
Where is the location indicated by the voice, and how do you shoot at the enemy who is most likely present there?

Still, Rinne knows that much info would be enough for Nana.

“Thanks, Rin-chan.”

Nana released her last shot and forced logout due to the avatar overload.

Nana doesn’t know if the last bullet had successfully killed her target or not because the last thing she could feel was only a reaction that indicated that it had landed on the target.

Nana played for 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Due to avatar overload, she was forced to log out and leave after 29 seconds of idle time; the play time was calculated by excluding those.

Total damage: 3160.

Total kills: 13.

Total ammunition consumption: 16 rounds.

This legendary play that lasted only less than a minute will later be called the [Witch’s Banquet].

Tl Note:

I did my best for this chapter.
It was a beautiful one.

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