with just one shot.

The “magic bullet” is their trump card.
And that is because there is no one else who can use it.

It is not normally possible to shoot a single bullet and kill the target by accidental ricochet.

That is why they decided that it would be appropriate for Nana to have at least fired about four dummy bullets before she goes for the kill.

Sure enough, Nana’s fifth shot ricocheted cleanly through the downed enemy, giving the point to HEROES.

“You are in good condition today.”

“Yeah, I’m doing well.
I think I’m awake at last.”

“You didn’t get enough sleep?”

“Umm… right, something like that.”

When Suupaa asked Nana about the strange phrases she used, she seemed to be a little confused to answer.

It was the day before the main tournament, and it was not unusual for her to have trouble sleeping due to excitement and nervousness.

But today, Nana’s condition was especially great.

I have no doubts about the accuracy of her sniping, but she is hitting enemies outside a radius of 360 meters, which is clearly out of her range of perception.

Her tone is very light.
Compared to the usual Nana, she is a bit quieter, but not to the point that it would make people feel uncomfortable.

However, the atmosphere she wears is clearly different.
It was obvious that she was in a very concentrated state, and even so, there was an indescribable pressure that made it hard to believe that she was just concentrating.

(She seems to have woken up, huh?)

Rinne was not sure if it was just a matter of concentration, but if she needed to describe it, she would say that she just looked nostalgic.

But of course, only Rinne would know what that means.

But to everyone else, she didn’t look sleepy at all.

“I gathered up everything I could find!”

“I’ll take the extras.”

“Suupaa, here are two sets of magazines.”


Touka, who had been running around the warehouse, had brought as many materials as she could carry.

Most of them were handed over to Nana, who only uses sniper rifles and therefore has room in her bag, and Suupaa was able to replenish the magazines she had asked Rinne for.

The other person lurking on the right earlier had already left the scene, probably because of the kill from the sniper shot earlier.

“I didn’t want to be chased and ambushed at something we thought as a safe haven, so I would suggest heading south as soon as possible.
Nana, running, checks in with the tower to see if there are still enemies.
Rinne and Touka, follow a little behind us.”


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“The enemy is clustered to the south.
Remember to be on the lookout for them.”

Suupaa gives quick instructions and waits in front of the door.

Move irregularly and often.
This is the basis of all shooting games.

“Five, four, three, two, one, go!”

With dash start in mind, they run straight out the door.
They could see that Rinne was a bit late, but they ignored it.
And because of that, she could not stay on Touka’s protected left side.


Who let out that voice?

As if to warn her of her slackened spirits, a bullet pierced Rinne’s head.

The damage indicated was 157, and the sniper rifle’s headshot was powerful enough to shatter her bulletproof vest and wipe out most of her HP.
If she had not been equipped with a helmet, she might have been downed immediately.

The trajectory of the bullet was directly in front of them.
It was not from the tower on the left side; it was an ultra-long-range sniper shot from a high-rise apartment building nearly a kilometer away, beyond the reach of even Suupaa’s sixth sense, let alone Nana’s senses.

The line of fire was indeed clear.
But even so, it was still a headshot from an extreme distance.


The counterattack was made much faster than Suupaa could take action, almost simultaneously with the direct hit of the bullet on Rinne.
Five bullets were fired within two seconds, all of which struck the enemy sniper with murderous intent.

What Nana used to retaliate was a sniper rifle called [Little Rod].
It has low power but is relatively easy to fire in rapid succession.
It can easily be used in a standing position and is a weapon often used for long-range checks, but if Nana uses it, this is what it becomes.

An excellent enemy sniper was trying to leave the scene immediately after the shot.
The first bullet pierced his head.

Perhaps due to the diminishing power caused by distance, the bullet’s damage was light, but even so, a sniper rifle hit to the brain would stagger him down a bit.

And soon after, two following headshots shred the durability of the enemy’s bulletproof vest and destroy the helmet.

The second headshot in a row was a complete surprise, and when the enemy was still slightly confused, the third shot was fired in the exact same trajectory.
The enemy, like Rinne, was driven to the brink of death.

But the enemy was also a top player.
He instantly realized that Nana’s sniping skill was out of the ordinary, and he quickly regained his composure and prone down on the spot to cut off the line of fire.

“Too bad, you’ve got a bad match.”

As if to ridicule such futile resistance, the [magic bullet] eats him up.

The first ricochet one hit a window frame, and the second one hit a doorknob.

Not even the sound of ricocheting bullets could be heard.
But the two bullets certainly did completely wipe out the enemy’s HP.

And to prove it, one point was added to the HEROES team score.

The enemy sniper didn’t choose to snipe from the rooftop because he didn’t want to be targeted by teams other than HEROES.

But, if they had not sniped from inside the apartment building, there was no way for Nana to make the ricochet hit, and he would have been able to get away with it by jumping down to the ground.

“Go back.”

“Roger, back and recover!”


What should they be surprised by?

Their brains, which had been nearly confused by the events of only a few seconds, were instantly brought to their senses.

Fortunately, they had just left the warehouse facility and were able to return indoors to safety without being pursued.

“I’m sorry, I was caught off guard.”

“That was more like an accident and a good one to boot.”

“That was a surprise, wasn’t it?”

That’s true.
A headshot from a long-range sniper about a kilometer away was not something that could be accomplished with ordinary skill.

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The reality is that creating that headshot is not an easy task.
Even Suupaa could only hit 70% of her shots from that distance.

That shot must be done using [Halberd Cannon], a heavy sniper rifle with great firepower.
One of the reasons why the enemy was a little slow to run away was because of the difficulty of maneuvering while equipping a heavy weapon.

If Rinne had not been a bit late, the shot might not even land.
That is how strong the element of coincidence was.

Twenty seconds later, Rinne’s HP and the durability of her bulletproof vest were restored.

Her helmet was still broken, but his bulletproof vest durability is full, and helmets are something that can be picked up everywhere, so it was no problem.

It has been approximately one minute since they were hit by the sniper.
When they got into position and exited the warehouse again, they could not see the enemy shadow in the tower to their left.
It must mean that they could not stay holed up forever.

All of HEROES silently ran toward the southern half of the field where the center of the safe zone was located.

Their concentration was unbroken, but they were feeling comfortable.

Despite the accident, HEROES had already gained two points from Nana’s sniping, with all four members surviving.
They had picked up new helmets during the run and were fully equipped.

Still, no one could say anything, because the frustration was palpable.

It was the other guy’s fault.

Yes, it was the wrong target, the wrong partner.

If it had been Touka, Suupaa, or Nana herself who had been shot, she might not have retaliated.

But it was Rinne who was shot.

She was not dead.

Even so, Rinne was hurt.

Nana had noticed it before the bullet hit Rinne.

Even though the bullet was faster than sound, Nana could see it, but her avatar couldn’t react fast enough.

And because she couldn’t defend Rinne in time, she launched an immediate counterattack.

It’s not that Nana resents the enemy for hurting Rinne.
She had avenged her after all; still, she’s simply frustrated with herself for not being able to protect Rinne.

–boiling with emotion… aren’t you?

(shut up.)

Nana said back to herself as if she was accused of being disloyal and took a deep breath.

Calm down.
There’s nothing good to get emotional about.

Concentrate on the game.
She told herself that and suppressed her frustration.

“I’m sorry, I was a little irritated.”

“It’s okay.
Thank you.”

When Nana opened her mouth, the atmosphere in the team relaxed.

They made sure there were no enemies in the area before scattering behind a large rock formation to regroup.

“We’ve got to get our heads together.
The game has just begun.”

“Yes, anyway, that was a nice one, Nana.”


“I’m sorry I was so surprised I didn’t see it.”

Touka looked genuinely sad and dropped her shoulders, causing the three of them to burst out laughing.
Fortunately, the cheerful atmosphere soon returned.

Ten minutes into the game.

The number of players remaining: 32.

In the chaos, the game proceeded extremely slowly in the early stages.

Then, the game accelerated quickly on the battlefield, which had become smaller with the shrinking of the safety zone twice in between.

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