Chapter 23

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In the first place.

Is it even possible to forcefully give someone an item that you’re not even a friend with or not even exchanged emails once with or basically a stranger?

The answer to that is 「Impossible」.
This game item transfer is, excluding forcefully given through contract, you need both of the person to agree to it before it gets transfered.

It’s not that hard to understand, 「would you accept this □□□□ item from ○○○○-san?」「Yes or No」, it starts with this before the exchange.

That’s why, originally you can’t receive an item pushed on to you, but.

If you use a little bit of this loophole, then it seems that there is a physical way of passing an item like this weights.

And that is, removing your authority of owning the item.

That haruru player, she only picked up an item that was not completely hers and passed it to me.

That means right now these weights were treated the same as the stones on the grounds.

And actually right now, right before me there was 「Are you going to put the 《Weights【Small】》 in your inventory?」a notice that came out.

In the end, if I hadn’t done any action of receiving it then this will become a ownerless weapon, if you leave it then it would be lost as it durability decreases or someone picks it up.

Since I thought that it was a waste, in the end of worrying about it, I pressed Yes, I put the weights in my pocket to my inventory.

With this, it now gives proof that this weight was now a completely stray item.

「I wonder what was that just now…..?」

『Being out pushed by a loli lol』

『Are those wheat?』

『↑that’s a plant』 (9: the originaly joke here was that upper comment says is that a sundou which means pot or somerthing a pun for fundou which means weights, kinda had to make something similar)

『Are you mistaking her figure for a little girl?』

『it’s weigh….』

「well, since I received it I should just use it.
In the first place, my body has been itching to do something, so let’s go to the field」

Though it was mostly due to my curiosity, looking through the street stall avenue took more time than I thought.

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While reacting to the comment section that was acting scared, I went over the gate with a little bit of a faster pace.

At the Town of Beginning , it was the side of the south gate that reigned as the most difficult field but, in this town that has no dead ends frankly had the north as the hardest.

The dungeon that connects to the 3rd Town, Forest of Magic.
The opening act that waited for me in that plains was a bad road that was worse than I had imagined.

First, there were susuki grass like tall grass here and there, and moreover there are pitfalls on the grounds…or rather trench like hiding places that were dug.

When you were being cautious to the monster lying in wait in the grass you step into a pitfall or that you’re cautious on your steps that you didn’t notice the hiding monsters.

And also frequently a largish stone falls on you.

Basically the monsters always have a stealth bonus, quite an unpleasant field.


「There we go, hmmm.
is it because that its focus is the bad road that the mobs’ level are not that much」

As I crushed the skull of the goblin that seemed it was planning to do an ambush behind me, it’s HP disappointingly ran out and disappeared.

While comfortably going through the bad road, I was getting used to operating with my new job.

Honestly a goblin that isn’t a higher rank is just a pest.

In the first place they are mobs from the previous dungeon.
No matter how the terrain is or if your posture gets broken, you still easily deal with these mobs.

Compared to the soft but fast wolf, the goblin’s speed and toughness are just around average.

If you exclude the humanoid types that had weapons, then they are way much easier to deal with than wolves.

Though for me it helps because it’s easy to understand where the vitals are because they are humanoid types but, it seems that there were some people that couldn’t attack humanoid type monsters, so I think that in that way it’s troublesome.

In this world, insets, reptiles and cute animals are all monsters in this world, though if you say after all that you still can’t attack them even though they are the same, I think that it can’t be helped.

By the way, The goblin’s rare drops are 《Rag OOOO》 weapon series, it seems that if you bring them to a NPC shop you could have it repaired and it would be reborn as a beginner weapon.

Beginner weapon after you have reached Dualis, if they are collectors then would they be happy?

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Also if you sell it, it’s 500 Iris.
well the price isn’t that much.

Ah, a goblin archer is aiming for me from the shad of rock far away.


The one that I threw in quite a serious throwing motion was the weights I received earlier.

It looks like a simple weight from a measuring scale but, i wonder what principles it works on, it’s as big as a tennis ball but it’s quite heavy.
It feels like it’s around 2kilos.

The weights that were thrown with a simple pitching style flew as I had intended and crushed the goblin’s head.


Seeing the target from 30 meters away being crushed, I could feel a rather refreshing feeling on my hands.

Goblin archer targets from far away but in exchange they have low power and toughness.

But if that was a hobgoblin then, I think I wouldn’t be able to defeat it in one hit.


『Just what did she just do, really』

『Don’t snipe as if you’re throwing an empty can at a garbage can』

「hey, I don’t throw seriously like this If I throw an empty can okay」

I don’t really see it nowadays but, in the past, at parks there were mysterious metal baskets where you throw your trash, if I remember it right.

While I was having a nostalgic moment of remembering past memories, a flood of watcher commented 『No, it’s not like that』.
Just why?

「Though still this weights, it’s great that it’s easier to throw than knives」

I don’t really have to say it but, ball shaped are easier to throw than rod shaped things.

And the point is that, the weight is just only heavy and hard, if you just hit with it, with enough force you could get some nice damage.

And a simple pitching style motion is enough, since it has more weight and throws more stability than a stone, it’s way more easier to throw than a knife.

The flaw is that I can’t equip this with the holder on the belt that I am wearing.

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If I go to that little girl called Haruru, then would I get equipment for this…?

As I tried out the weights like that, I slaughtered goblins or rabbits for a while.

「Ooh, isn’t this the Forest of Magic?」

I was able to safely reach the dungeon, which is a forest where sunlight gets filtered through the trees.

It seems that you could enter it anywhere but, it seems that there was an entrance that was maintained only for a little.
There is something like a hut.

『Are you going in the dungeon?』

『A hut!』

『The dungeon that will absolutely kill Sukuna-taso?』


『well, looking at the affinity…』

『Feels like it won’t hit as long as it is not homing』

「The only magic I have seen up close is with Rin-chan’s so i don’t know.
For now let’s only check the hut and return.
And I need to log out for a bit at 12 too」

While feeling the thick trust of the watcher, I went to the hut where some players were gathering.

When I got closer, it was a bit bigger than I thought.

Rather than a hut, it’s more like a tea house, or what you could call a resting point.

「Excuse but, what kind of place is this?」

「nn? Ah, well basically a save point I guess ‘ssu….wait, aren’t you from yesterdays」

Though skipping the trouble, I asked the guy with a one-hand sword at this place, from the reaction it seems that we have met.

After 5 seconds of going through my memory, I also remembered his face.

That’s right, he was that one-hand swordsman guy that told me where the job registration site is.

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「….Ah! it’s the bro who taught me the direction.
Thanks for yesterday.
Are you alone?」

「No, I have a friend ‘ssu.
Right now they are currently shopping…..A excu’ssu me, I’m Shuuya ‘ssu」

「I’m Sukuna.
Ah, I’m streaming right now, is that alright?」

「Ah, its okay ‘ssu, since I have a lot of friends that streams too….Wait, Sukuna? Is your name Sukuna ‘ssu?」

「Yeah I am…」

The one hand sword guy Shuuya-san, it seems like he had heard of my name before.

However from that reaction, it seems like it’s not from watching my stream, and at the same time it also seems that he just didn’t hear it being talked about.

He looks like he just realized something.

「Can you wait a minute, I’ll call my friend ‘ssu」

「Ah, okay」

Shuuya-san continued and called his supposed friend at the 2nd floor of the tea house.

「i wonder what it is?」

『This is a Watcher (risunaa)』

『Is he watcher (risunaakana?)』



『hammer (Kanazuchi)』(9: I’m not skilled enough to convert this joke, so I went with the raws, so basically they suddenly went and did complete the word game or something)

「A hammer is-」

Though I might have gotten known from streaming the fight against Aria, It feels weird to be known by someone you don’t know.

Thinking about that and as I have nothing to do, while he was away, I played with the comment section as I waited.

[5:28 AM]

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