o seize the glory.

“Today is the last day….”

The next day.
In a room in my hotel, I was lost in deep emotion as going back to my situation in the past.

Although I had taken the same medication as yesterday, an uncontrollable pain was still eating away at the marrow of my brain.

The things my brother Ran gave me were only painkillers.
Since it did not cure the root of the pain, it means that the worse it gets, the worse the pain gets.

The reason I was in good shape yesterday was that I was forcibly drawing out my potential, which I had not been able to fully use due to the pain I was enduring.

And it certainly cut down my time.

The medicine that will boost your final brilliance.

That’s what Brother Ran said.

The reason he forced me to recover my health with sleep, and the reason he gave me medicines that were not doping pills, but purely painkillers, was because he knew this was what I would be going through.

What was hidden by the extreme pain was the full potential of my gift.

Apparently, my brain’s computing power still has one more level that hasn’t been shown yet.




“Oh, Ran.
What’s wrong?”

I responded to my brother Ran’s call with some unease, as he had apparently visited my room without me being aware.

“I came because I won’t be able to talk to you before the game.
Did I disturb your concentration?”

“I’m fine.
I wasn’t focused on anything.”

I was just feeling some melancholy and wasn’t really making any predictions for today’s match.
I was just trying to keep myself busy until the final round.

“Do you think you can beat Dokuro?”

“I was not sure, but thanks to you, I saw the light.
Thanks, Ran-nii.”

“I see.
I’m glad I could be of some help.”

After saying this, Ran quietly closed his eyes and fell silent.

In the battle against Dokuro, it is necessary to win a direct confrontation no matter what.
If I leave it to others and hope for others to beat him, I will definitely lose.

And no matter how much you try to predict in advance, in a direct confrontation, you are forced to make decisions in real-time.

That is why I had no vision of winning a week ago.
I was so exhausted and in pain that I was barely able to move my hands.

But now, it’s different.

My reflexes are still hopelessly slow, but my brain and body are more than enough to make up for it.
I am confident that I can manipulate the mouse on a microscopic level, and I can read Dokuro’s thoughts.

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Well, Dokuro is the kind of guy who can get out of such a pinch with his mysterious good luck towards the end of the game.

But no matter.
If the Goddess of victory loves him, then I should just destroy that Goddess.

“…why do you look so bitter? I thought you were here to give me encouragement.”

“I’m sorry… I can’t help but wonder if this was the right thing to do.
Rinne, has this challenge been a satisfying journey for you?”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw my brother Ran’s regret-filled eyes.

He had arranged everything up to this point.

He even supported me so that I could give it my all.

Even though I hadn’t asked him for advice or anything, he was always watching over me.

And above all, he pushed me forward without ever stopping me.

And yet, at the end of the day, he would ask me if I had any regrets.

The weight of the love he has for his family is the same as it has always been.

I promised Nana that I would have a victory party and eat a lot of meat when I get back home.”


“I will tell her that I’m the best in the world.
And I’m sure she’ll smile happily and say, [congratulations], without knowing what I’m talking about.”

“I’m sure she would.”

“My satisfaction is such a small thing.
I just want to be someone I can make Nana proud of in case she comes back someday.”

I want to be there to help her when she starts walking again, even though she is probably standing still now, wandering in the dark.

I want to see the perfect form of cursed talent that has been wreaking havoc on us, and I want to see the end result.

“So watch me.
I no longer need to predict what they will do.
I will create the future I want with my own hands.”

I stopped at the last moment as I took the final step toward the goal I had been pursuing so long.
And at that very moment, I heard the sound of the last wall blocking my path crumbling down.

The final round of that year’s WGCS, Zero Wars 3, produced a terrifyingly calm outcome.

Winners and losers shifted rapidly from game to game, with the winner of the first game instantly eliminated in the second game, and then get a mediocre result in the third game.

By the end of the fourth game, there was only a 15-point difference between the top and the bottom of the standings, an unusually close race.

At the end of the four games, it was Rinne who was in the lead.

She was the one who was the best in each match, yet she was able to consistently survive and earn kills until the second half of the match.

Her presence was so inconspicuous that both the players and the spectators were left scratching their heads at the fact that she was standing at the top score.

Even though she was in the first place, the difference between her and second place was only one point.
The situation in which anyone from the top to the bottom of the standings had a chance of winning the tournament created a unique and tenacious tension in the audience.

Rinne then set up a big move in the fifth and final match.

The fateful fifth game.
The decisive battle between the two divine players occurred right after the start of the match.

Rinne, who had been surviving mainly by sneaking around and earning points in the second half, challenged Dokuro.
It was an invitation to a duel right at the start of the match.

The crowd went wild.
Both players were now the favorites to win the tournament, and everyone had been expecting a “big late-game battle,” but it happened right at the start of the match.

The fight drew so much attention that it was accompanied by deafening screams.

Dokuro described the fight as follows:

“During the fight, you don’t know who you are fighting.
You know, you can’t see the names.
But that one time, I understood right away.
She was a crazy player who rushed in with a pistol in her hand, with almost no weapons or items as her first move.
I was definitely caught off guard by this play.
She didn’t give a shit about the winning theory.
I’m sure it was a completely calculated move, including the fact that she came down from a precise blind spot to attack.”

Rinne went to drop his strongest opponent at the very beginning of the match.
That’s when he was least prepared.
It was a play far removed from Rinne’s original counter style of reading the flow of the game and accurately setting traps to lure them in.

“But that is a trivial matter.
At least I won’t get killed off with a single pistol shot.
I was on my toes, but I was calm, and as I was trying to regain my disadvantageous position and fight back—”

Dokuro, who Rinne had absurdly attacked right at the start of the match, was unlucky enough to have drawn a pattern in which only recovery items and magazine magazines fell, and he was unable to pick up a bulletproof vest, helmet, or, above all, a decent weapon.

Just like Rinne, Dokuro had only a pistol, which lacked firepower.
Nevertheless, the conditions were completely in Rinne’s favor in terms of positioning and stance.
Dokuro was too badly positioned to fight back, so he ran away to keep his distance.

“That is… was undeniably a divine move.
I was supposed to be completely out of the line of fire by running into the building, but two bullets reached me.
You know about the rumors, don’t you? The magic bullet – Freikugel, the sure-hit bullet from the magic bullet shooter.”

Dokuro’s HP had been cut in half by the surprise attack, but he had plenty of recovery items and was able to launch a counterattack in less than 10 seconds.

Therefore, Dokuro was stalling for time.
But at the moment when he looked away for a moment, Rinne released two bullets.

It was truly a sure-hit, sure-kill shot that Rinne had fired with everything she had.

“The two bullets passed through the gap in the door and bounced off object beyond it.
And it was a clean headshot! I was knocked out in the first 20 seconds after the match started.”

That’s right.
The [Esports Kaiser], who was the favorite candidate for the championship winner and had the fourth-highest score, unexpectedly became the first player eliminated in the fifth and final game.

After that, Rinne followed her usual style and steadily gained points, and in the end, she won a one-on-one battle with the second-place player to take the top spot in the WGCS.

All too easily.
And more dramatically than anyone else.

In that game, Rinne was godlike.
And I’m not talking about how she cornered me but rather how she decided on the last shot with the [magic bullet].
It was something that couldn’t have been done by calculation alone.
No matter how good the computers in this world are, it is impossible to aim and hit the ricocheting bullets.
Except for the rumored [Witch of the Magic Bullet], that is.”

The Zero Wars series is unique in its ricochet system, a devilish system that has been researched all over the world and has yet to be completely controlled by any player.
Even the developers have announced that complete control is virtually impossible.

“Still… at that time, Rinne was able to shoot the “magic bullet” with conviction.
That is the only truth.
It’s not a miracle or anything.
It’s a victory that she grasped.
After all, computers are made by human hands.
A monster that surpasses human knowledge would be able to defeat the impossible.”

The defeated emperor left the interviewer with a hearty smile on his face.

WGCS: TPS category.

Game title: Zero Wars 3.

Winner: Rinne.

The match of the century, which saw the birth of the first female pro-gamer to hold the WGCS title, ended in an unusual manner, with the winner being hurried to the hospital after losing consciousness immediately after the match.

I woke up with slight pain in my head.

It took me a few seconds to remember my name.

My mind was so muddled that I almost didn’t recognize who I was, not until I was slowly clearing my thought, which had been painted completely white.

I am Rinne.

That’s right.
I’m Rinne Takajou.

“……Yes, that’s right.
I was in a competition.
Um, yes, I beat Dokuro, and I….
won the match… I think?”

Winning the WGCS.
The words ignited my heart, hard and fast.

“Yeah, you won.
Hey Rin, do you know who I am?”

A voice I knew.

This voice, yes, this comforting voice.

Oh… Ron’s voice.
Yes, that’s right, it’s sister Ron’s voice.

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At that moment, a rush of information poured in.
No, it would be more correct to say I just remembered it.

The white ceiling and Ron’s face were reflected at the tip of my vision.

“…… yeah, I remember.
I won.
I did.
I was finally reaching the top of the world.”

“That’s right.
you got you a trophy, too.”

I looked at the spot where Ron was pointing with his thumb and saw a huge trophy that must have been over a meter high.

“It’s huge.”

“It is uselessly huge.
But it’s fancy, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I like it.
How long have I been asleep……?”

“About a week.
Should I tell you what’s been going on lately?”

“Please do…”

“You can tell me if you’re not feeling well.
Now… where do I begin?”

This is what Ron told me.

I was unconscious right after the match was decided, and soon after, the MC shook my shoulder because I was not moving at all, and then I fell down headfirst.

My nose was bleeding from overuse of my brain, and my face had turned completely blue, so it appeared that a tragedy had occurred.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but the venue was in an uproar.
An ambulance was called immediately, and I was taken to the hospital for a thorough examination and hospitalization.

The result of the match itself was not overturned, and it seems that the awards were given without the main actress.

I’ll have to apologize to the spectators, and the event sponsors later…

My period of unstable brain waves lasted about three days after that, and it took another three days for it to settle down before I finally woke up.

So, today is six days after the WGCS.

“….Oh, did Nana call? We were supposed to have dinner three days after the match, but I stood her up.”

“She did.
I sent her a message while you were sleeping.
[Forgive me, I’m too busy right now, so we’ll meet another time, okay?], and she replied, [Sure.
Good luck with your work].
She also said you don’t need to worry about it.
Now, how about thanking your thoughtful sister for all her efforts?”

“Yes, thank you… But I’ll have to reschedule….”

Relieved by what sister Ron told me, I tried to rise my body slowly.

Only now have I finally noticed the tormenting headache had completely disappeared.
My body is definitely fine, but my brain has been foggy for quite a while.

Perhaps noticing my condition, Ron’s sister sighed.

“I guess you’ll never get back to normal.
How much do you remember?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t even know how much I remember.
I just think I remember most of my family and Nana.
And some of the last few days before I lost consciousness.”

I honestly thought my memory would be more torn.
I was prepared for it to be so bad that all I could remember was my name or something on that level.

Then again, I could say that I was in such a state right after I woke up.

But you know… this is awkward.
I could not remember everything clearly, except for the memories of my Nana.
When I recalled myself in those memories, it was strangely easy for me to accept that I was Rinne Takajou.

Then, starting with that, I was able to remember many things.
I remembered bits and pieces of my family and the days when I was in pain, as well as the taste of victory that I had grasped in the fifth and final game of that tournament.

To be honest, I can hardly remember anything else.
I just know my own personality, and I can’t remember others.

I do remember the time I was working in the Takajou group.
Then I wondered what kind of people I was giving directions to when I was working for them.

I couldn’t remember my in-game friends, my social networking followers, my viewers, my opponents, or anything.
I just couldn’t remember anything about other people.

Also, I feel like information is slipping out of me from right to left.

I used to be able to take it all at once and remember it all vividly, but now I can’t remember most of the information coming in from the outside.
It almost like like water on a colander.

I wonder if normal people study in this condition.

I guess my advantage was tremendous back then when I could remember everything easily.

“I can’t remember what I can’t remember, but I know that doesn’t bother me.”

“If that’s the way you feel, that’s fine, and it is also possible that given enough time, your ability will be healed.”

“I don’t care if I don’t get better.
It’s easier now.”

“I see.
So, how was the competition? Did you find what you were looking for?”

I still remember that day vividly.

I remember that the surprise plan to hit the decisive battle with Dokuro at the very beginning of the tournament stung.

The unlimited and unrestrained prediction of the future, as if everything would move as I will.

At that time, I was definitely exercising my superior arithmetic ability than anything else in the world.

I forged the future with my own hands, and without the slightest deviation, I walk on the path of confirmed victory.

“I felt like I understood everything.
I guess that’s what omnipotence is like, isn’t it? I could envision the future as I wanted and do everything I wanted to do.
I was able to see the same world as Nana for a short time.
It was a great feeling above all else!”

I didn’t have to worry at all about what would happen if my predictions were wrong.

No, that’s wrong.
I was confident that everything would work the way I wanted it to.

I’m sure it wasn’t just because I was fully awakened at the time, but I’m sure it was the moment when all the hard work, confidence, and skill I had accumulated over the years came to fruition.

That was literally my culmination.

“I’m glad to hear that.
I’m going home now.
I’ll let him know what you just said.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, by the way, Karin told me that Aunt Toki was really worried about you; you’ve been reckless for three and a half years, be prepared to get plenty of her wrath at best!”


Sister Ron dropped the bomb at the last minute and ran away.

My mother was certainly supportive of me, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t worried.

“It can’t be helped.
Let’s honestly accept her scolding.”

I rolled the body that had been waking up onto the bed again and covered it with the sheets.

I was a little depressed about the mother’s sermon that would come immediately afterward, but I looked at the trophy displayed in the corner of the room and was filled with an indescribable sense of delight.

A silly thought slipped as I saw the blue sky that could be seen through the window, and I thought about what kind of restaurant I would go to with Nana when I got back home.


We will return to the tournament in the next chapter.


Tl note:

I’m not going to lie.
I enjoy Rinne’s past too much.

And I don’t need to spoil it, but I believe you all know who 666 is…  it was too obvious author!!

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