BTOG 227 – Reason for the Change

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May 23, 2022


First, I will talk about Rin and Nana’s age, as the timeline may confuse you.

It is currently about the end of June in the main story.

Nana’s birthday is 7/7, and Rinne’s is 8/8, so they will soon be 22.

It is said that Rinne won the WGCS 3 years ago, but it to be exact, it was 2 years and 10 months ago, around mid-August.

In other words, the flashback timeline is around 19 years old Rinne won when she won the WGCS.

Soon the main character, Nanaka Futayado, will be 22 years old.


[Metal Hazard – Kill Scope] is a weapon created by Rinne as a result of her curiosity.

It is an extremely powerful sniper rifle that pursues only two things: extremely powerful firepower that can penetrate anything and a long-range that could reach beyond the horizon.

With a total length of 6.7 meters and a weight of over 150 kilograms, this anti-material rifle would normally be used as a fixed turret.

Its effective range is 8 km, but that was assuming the user can gain high enough altitude, it was said that its bullet is capable of destroying any land-based weapon, but the truth is unknown.

In any case, there is no official record of the rifle ever being used by human hands.
Furthermore, the robot was used to demonstrate the weapon was broken into pieces when it pulled the trigger due to the rifle’s recoil.

Ultimate range and firepower.
As the result of reaching the maximum level in these two areas, a weapon that cannot be handled by human hands was created.

The recoil would almost certainly kill a human if someone shot it.
Even if you are lucky enough to survive, you will be fatally wounded.

A defective romantic weapon.
That’s what everyone thought when they saw the destroyed robot.

In the end, [Metal Hazard – Kill Scope] became well-known as a one-of-kind exotic weapon and is now exhibited in a military museum managed by the Takajou Group, guarded by strict security.

It is said to be a jewel to anyone interested in the military, to the extent that they would want to see it at least once.

That is the short story about [Metal Hazard – Kill Scope].
It was a rifle with no owner.

But naturally, that wasn’t the case.
Since it was a weapon made by Rinne Takajou to be wielded by Nanaka Futayado.

Or, to be precise, it was selfishly made by Rinne for Nana to use, but that is beside the point.
{tl: That’s the whole fucking point}

When she was 12 years old, Rinne had a certain problem.

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“I wanted Nana to have an exclusive piece of equipment.”

It was an incredibly trivial problem.

Nana, who served as Rinne’s bodyguard, was basically trained to handle most weapons.

Because Nana’s outstanding spatial awareness, combined with her ability to handle projectiles, has allows her to handle everything from simple projectiles to bows, guns, rifles, and many other weapons.

However, while Nana was only able to use these weapons while being limited by their capabilities, that’s right, the problem lies in the weapons themselves.
They could not fully bring out Nana’s potential.

Especially when you see her handling a sniper rifle with one hand, it was clear that the performance of the weapon was no longer could keep up with its user.

Thus, Rinne created [Metal Hazard – Kill Scope] exclusively for Nana.

It can only be used by Nana.
In return, it is a rifle that could draw out Nana’s power beyond its limits.

It is not like Rinne wanted Nana to kill people with it, nor did she want her to go to war with it.

Rinne just wanted to provide Nana with a weapon that was so powerful that even she could not handle it.

The rifle, which was made using a huge amount of money for such a petty reason, fulfilled its reason for existence after only one test firing.

Rinne was completely satisfied when she saw Nana shoot at a target at a distance of 16 kilometers in a test run.

And after that, the [Metal Hazard – Kill Scope] weapon had one rightful owner, Nanaka Futayado.

If you ask why it was never used again, it was simply because there was no opportunity to use it.
It was completed when they were both 14 years old, and because of their temporary separation, they never had a chance to use it after the test firing.

However, the amount of money spent to create it was not something that you could just laugh off, so Rinne asked the museum to temporarily store it.
As a result, it became a tourist attraction.

The reason why the Zero Wars VR Developer turned their attention to this weapon was simple: “Since we’re going to use virtual space, we want to provide an experience that is absolutely impossible to recreate in the real world.”

If you choose to wield it, your death is almost guaranteed, but it is the most powerful weapon that surpasses all rifles.
It was more than enough to bait the romance-seeking military otakus to try and shoot it at least once.

In a game where there is a ray sword along with a laser weapon like in certain space war stories, not to mention a character who can summon meteorites down from the sky, the performance of [MHKS] shines brightly even though it’s paired with extremely high difficulty using it.

Since then, there have been countless players who have tried to utilize this weapon.

Although the MHKS was rarely used in competitions where results are everything, it became a cherished weapon in casual matches other than tournaments and ranked matches, to the extent that it’s fires was heard at least once every few matches.

And even though the physical capabilities of the Zero Wars VR character avatars are far less than those of the real Nana, The performance of the MHKS has been reproduced to the extent that its creator, Rinne, is satisfied with it.

Needless to say, MHKS’ performance is way over what the avatar could handle.

When Nana said [gap], she meant that she was puzzled by the gap created by MHKS’s power because of the incapability of her avatar that is too weak to wield it.

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“And that’s how it was born.
That weapon was originally designed to be used by me.”

“For a long time, people wonder why it was made… It’s funny how the matter was settled by saying [it’s Rinne after all]… Oh, wait, I read somewhere in social media that people started to link Nana’s existence with that weapon.”

“Yeah, people started to notice.”

Now that the world knows about the relationship between Nana and Rinne and what Nana is capable of from yesterday’s stream, they were busy digging up the case that had been treated as Rinne’s [odd behavior] in the past.

As a matter of fact, there are many of Rinne’s legacies like this in the past.
It might not all be connected to Nana, but the most absurd Rinne’s actions that make people tiled their heads in unison usually is.
It’s all thanks to Rinne’s habits of laying countless foundations for future events.

Nevertheless, there was nothing that didn’t match the amount of money spent and the results as much as MHKS, so this was cited as a prime example of Rinne’s [odd behavior].

“Actually… did Rinne plan to use this in the tournament from long before this?”

“I don’t think so.
Obviously, the specs are lower than the real thing, and the recoil is modest.
If Suu-chan hadn’t suggested it, I don’t think Rin-chan would have been to think of this strategy.”

“Sorry… that was devil’s whisper.”

“Ahaha, I’m not blaming you.
Also, Rin-chan looked very happy, and I don’t think she was expecting Suu-chan to make such a proposal.
It’s pretty difficult to go outside of her expectations, you know.”

Nana said as she looked really impressed, and Suupaa turned her head down, feeling a little embarrassed.
She now realized how scary it was to say something thoughtless on the spur of the moment.

After joining HEROES, she met someone she could call a partner, and it was the [Witch of Magic Bullet], a person she aspired to.

The truth about the entity was a duo of a sniper, and a strategist was different from what Suupaa had envisioned, but their skill was undeniably real.

Suupaa is still a 14-year-old girl.
She was not yet old enough to give up her longing, which could be said to be her starting point.
It was no wonder that she could not suppress her desire to watch what her hero was capable of.

But if we are to believe Nana, Rinne herself did not anticipate that Suupaa would have such thoughts.

“Did Rinne really didn’t anticipate my proposal?”

“Yeah, from the look on that happy face.
she might have thought of it but immediately discarded the thought away since it normally it’s not possible for anyone to use this kind of idea.”

“I wonder if there is that much of a difference between me in the past and today’s me in Rinne’s mind.”

“I think that at least in Rin-chan’s mind, Suu-chan so far has been more rational and less wasteful.
But I think the current Suu-chan is the one that Rin-chan likes the most… she is a person who loves the mischievous and flashy despite her appearance.”

Nana, who has known Rinne longer than anyone else, knows.

Nowadays, Rinne is on the [organizer side] of things, be it organizing a team or MCing an event, but in the past, it wasn’t the case.

She is not afraid to lash out at anyone she doesn’t like, and she has no respect for others, whether they are older or her superior.

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If anything, her true nature is closer to [Devilish Rinne] during her days as a professional gamer.

As you might suspect from the fact that she easily spent billions of dollars to create [Metal Hazard – Kill Scope] for a whim, Rinne is the type of person who lives following her desire.

When Nana told Suupaa this, she thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“I can’t say that I understand Rinne because I only know her from old videos, but… the way she likes to discover and support various talents, including me, it’s the opposite of who she once was.
I don’t know the reason for her change… but I believe Nana, as close friend of hers, knows about that”

“Indeed, I know.
I never asked her directly, and I didn’t know what she was doing at the time, but I could guess the reason why she changed the way of her life.
But… I guess I should say that I only realized it recently.
So Rin-chan may not even be aware that I already know.”

Seeing slightly sad emotion in Nana’s eyes, Suupaa kept her mouth shut.

For six and a half years, she had been so occupied with herself that she had not even noticed that she was being watched over.
From Nana’s eyes, she only knew that Rinne’s attitude had softened during that time.

On a previous visit to the Takajou’s main home, Rinne and Touka had had a little quarrel, but Rinne poked fun at Touka’s past, and she didn’t like it, she brought the fight herself.

Nana couldn’t remember what they were talking about at the time, but over the past two weeks, she realized something.

It was about three years ago, during a game competition – that time WGCS was indeed the catalyst for a significant change in Rinne.

Nana herself does not believe that the essence of Rinne has changed.
It is just that the outward face has changed, and Rinne is still Rinne.

Even so, since there are few people other than Nana and Touka who have a deep understanding of Rinne, the world could only say that Rinne [is grown after winning the WGCS], but it was wrong.

But the most accurate way to describe it would be [as if she had become possessed].

Her cold, piercing eyes, which seemed to reject everything, became calm, and her aggressive attitude whenever she opened her mouth relaxed to the extent that she was [only a bit harsh to everyone].

What had happened then? Nana remembered what had happened.

Rinne is a strong person in many way, and she never shows her weakness to others.
In her childhood, Rinne would only show her spoiled unprotected side in front of Nana.

But at those moment, she also became extremely weak.
Rinne herself is unaware of this.

But Nana knew, she always knew that Rinne was weak, even though the person had no clue about it.

As I showed you yesterday, I was born with a [physical gift], and I was born a monster, a real monster that I had no one in this world that I could call an equal.
There was a time when I couldn’t even lead a normal life.”

Hearing Nana starts the conversation, Suupaa thought, “I suppose that’s true”.

It would be strange for a creature with that much power to be able to lead a normal life like a human being.

Let alone the super human Nana, even Suupaa as a normal person could accidentally crush a soft insect when she carefully tried to pick it out.

“But you know what? Rin-chan had a brain that is just as out of the ordinary as mine.”

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Suupaa, who had been caught up in some of Nana’s words, couldn’t help but ask back.

Not [have], but [have].
Two words that look similar but are actually different, they express the present and the past.
Nana said it as if Rinne no longer owns it.

“Rin-chan had a breakdown three years ago.
So she can’t fight as she did in her prime anymore.”

Suupaa could only gulp at this slightly sad, yet happy, news.


Next time, probably a story about Rinne.

Nothing too serious.

Tl note:

Rant timeeeee:

sorry if this past two months I’m being inconsistent, but please understand… as the smallest child slaving away to serve his bro and sis plus mom, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that I was drained.
is it that worse? kind of, they still help me with many things but cooking is mainly my job, which took away at least 4 hours of my time, every.
and in the evening I need to do laundry and stuff, thankfully that is not a daily activity.

so yeah, it’s hard work, but I must do it while waiting for the house assistant to come back.
can’t I just buy food? sadly, I cannot, since our home is housing 2 families (totaling 10 people), the financial burden will be too large if we forced ourselves to buy food daily.

anyway about the chapter…

Oh yeah, this will take even more time… turning point after turning point, not to mention the unforgiving word count…

And for my Patreon, I can guarantee no cliffhanger anymore since it keeps continuing chapter after chapter.





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