Chapter 22

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「Nana, can you get the butter」

「here you go」

Though it had gotten a bit late from Touka-chan’s visit, Me and Rin-chan are eating breakfast.

「Touka-chan, I wonder if she is alright without eating breakfast?」

Though Touka-chan who left came and left just like the wind, I was a bit worried about that.

Rin-chan earlier said that she would make plans while she is eating but, is she fine on that part too?

「That girl ate before coming here.
She is a girl that eats quite a lot」

「She sure was prepared」

「Either way even with that Girl’s pace, if she ate then it would be difficult to reach Dualis by 12.
Well, since she got a fuel called Nana, she might be able to do it though」

With a stingy face, Rin-chan muttered.

「Is Dualis that far from the 3rd town?」

「If you walk normally its 2 hours, if you fight along the way then 3 hours.
There’s a boss so it might take more time but, she should be there now as we are talking」

「nn~….though I think that she should be able to make it in time easily」

Looking at my watch, it is still not even 9 yet.
If it goes the same time Rin-chan says then, it shouldn’t be difficult for Touka-chan to reach Dualis.

Rin-chan who heard my words, she slightly looked away from me.

「Nana, did you forgot?…..Touka you see , she has no sense of direction you know」


So its like that.

If you would let me say this to protect Touka-chan’s honor then, She would be able to reach the place if only she had a map.

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She doesn’t go the wrong path going to the school she is used to, and today she was able to reach this place.

The dungeons itself have branching paths and moreover there are no landmarks like the modern streets, so Touka-chan would probably be walking slowly as she stares at a hole in the map.

It’s unknown whether she would be able to arrive at noon.

「w-well, That girl has gotten more better with a map compared to before, so she should be able to make it in time」

Clearing her throat, Rin-chan brought an end to the topic regarding Touka-chan, and bit into the toast with butter on it.

「nn, this is good…, Nana I want you to play with Touka together this afternoon, is that fine?」

Since it’s been a long time too, I’m looking forward to it」

「Having to stop for a bit during noon, you could do whatever you want during the morning.
Since you have something you want to try right?」

Since I’ve got my job, I want to get used to it」

The job I chose was 《Douji》, a special job that threw away its magic stats in exchange for specializing in physical stats.

Since I logged out last night before I tried it, so today, first I’d like to test out the change in status.

「Now that you said, what job did you choose? I didn’t hear about it yesterday after all」

「I chose 《Douji》」

「…….hmmmm, I see.
Nana should be able to handle it」

「From your reaction, as I thought it’s something people doesn’t choose that much is it?」

「They are too weak against area magic.
And also, a normal magic just normally hurts you too much so…..rate of its advantages and flaws are too visible you know.
In a bad way, it’s really niche」

From what Rin-chan says, seeing that job’s description, everyone would think so too.

Just as she said, certainly area magic is a threat but, in the first place, when it came to the point that normal magic becomes super powerful, it already has a huge flaw.

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I saw the thunder magic that Rin-chan used but, as expected, you could say that it’s not as fast as a real thunder but, I remember it has quite a considerable speed.

I could evade it one versus one but it would be troublesome if it was done by a lot of people.

「Just in case, there are equipment that increases magic resistance so, you might be able to go with that」

「You got a point.
Well, when I am troubled by it, I’ll think about it」

「That’s good.
Nana do whatever you like, if you are troubled rely on me okay」

Rin-chan smiled as she said it, and I also replied with a smile.

Looks like today too will be fun.

After 10.
After eating, I made an announcement and aired the laundry to kill time, and then I started my stream as I promised yesterday.

「Though it’s still my 3rd day though」

The fantasy world’s street that I have already gotten used to.
With a day off today too, at the crowded fountain plaza of town, I stretched myself.




『Yo, yo』

「Hello, welcome.
Relax and have fun okay」

To the comments that are appearing little by little, I said a light greeting.

Compared to yesterday where I was somewhat straining myself, today I am feeling more natural as I deal with streaming.

「Today let’s try out my job.
Our aim is the Forest of Magic…..the field before it」

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『I see』

『Are you not going to the forest of magic?』

『I thought you were going to the swamplands』

「Yeah, this afternoon, I will be playing with another girl.
Ah, it’s not Rin-chan okay.
So since we might be able to meet up on time to dive in the dungeon so we will be taking a walk in the morning 」

From the various incoming comments, There was quite a lot that was expecting a dungeon raid.

I was also excited to get in the dungeon but, since Touka-chan is doing her best to come to this town, If I was not there then it would be pitiful.

So setting up a proper objective, I aim for the north gate opposite from the gate I entered yesterday, I started walking through the town of Dualis.

「Hoo~~, So this is the street stall avenue that I’ve heard so much about?」

Though the path widened, looking around the clutter of street stalls standing around, I unexpectedly muttered.

The way between the fountain plaza to the north gate, there is a street stall market called 〈Street Stall Avenue〉.

This is where shops aren’t owned by NPCs but genuine players.

Walking around while looking at the catalog, there were a bunch of items with effects that weren’t that different from the items from NPCs.

That should be natural, since most of the items sold in the street stalls of Dualis, are made mostly by beginner crafters.

「In The Town of Beginning, It seems there are mostly no tutorials regarding the crafting job there, and you need to reach Dualis before you can actually get a crafting skill」

『I see』

『that’s mysterious』

『Do they want them to get used to the VR?』

Listening to a rough explanation, there was a little discussion started among the viewers.

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I don’t understand the exact details but, According to Rin-chan, it’s simply just for dispersing the players.

Certainly, If the Town of Beginning has it then that town would get overload and overflow after all.

Since crafting isn’t completed with just a click of the button to, and moreover it takes up space.
And the shared workshop in Dualis, it seems to be very big.

There might be a chance I will go there……..just maybe.

Not like I’m buying anything, however my interest was pulled to the goods of the stalls while I continued to walk towards the gate, and suddenly there was someone who called below me.

「excuse me….you’re Sukuna-san, right…..?」

There was a voice but I couldn’t see the figure…..which is nothing like that, when I lowered my gaze, there was a lovely white haired little girl looking at me with sleepy eyes.

「I am but, who might you be?」

「I am called〈haruru〉… stream, I saw it you see….so I’ve wanted to see you…」

「Thanks for that.
Ah, I’m Sukuna」

When I tried to reach for a handshake, it was wrapped in her small hands.

Surprised from the abrupt action, when the little girl player calling herself Haruru separated her hands from me, there was heaviness in my right hand.

When she shook my hand and the item that she left was a small iron ball like counterweights.

「It’s my handmade throwing item…..I will give them to you….please, I wanted you to use it….」

「I see.
no, I can’t just receive it for free」

「It will be free for now…..for the whole day, I will be here in this street stall avenue….if you liked it then, I’d be happy if you visit me….」

While having sleepy eyes, the little girl calling herself haruru said so as she disappeared into the crowd.

As expected even I would have a hard time searching for such a little girl in this crowd.

「no, um…eh?」

Standing still, wondering what to do, for now I put the weights in the pockets of my trousers.

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