221 – The Desperation of the Warsman

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May 9, 2022


Tln: Long author note.
As usual, he forgot to mention so many things, lol.


This is a bulletin board session.

Beware if this is not your cup of tea.
You can skip it if you like.

The timeline is after the end of the second round.

The vindictiveness of the Zero Wars players.

Below is a glossary of terms that I probably didn’t explain.

Titanion -> A character used by Rinne.
He is a character with researcher skin and has almost no ideal shooting range.
His popularity is low due to his low character power.
For some reason, Rinne won’t use any other character but this one.

Memento→A character used by Touka, she is the smallest character in Zero Wars VR, a brown Lolita of 140cm in height.
Like Titanion, her character power is not high, but her popularity is high, and her usage rate is reasonable.
However, she is not used much in competitions.

PS: I didn’t explain it when I read it back, so here’s a supplement.
A critical hit in Zero Wars VR refers to the damage caused when a bullet hits an area with an average radius of 15 cm from the avatar’s heart.
The power is 1.2x, which is not a great multiplier, but it is ridiculously more frequent than a headshot.

Incidentally, a headshot is when a bullet hits the avatar’s head, so it is different from a critical hit.

Note: hitting the head with a frying pan is also treated as a headshot.
Why tho?


1: Nameless Warsman

Suupaa of HEROES is the real-real-real thing.

It appears that she had 26 kills.

Somebody! Help!

2: Nameless Warsman

It’s the end.

4: Nameless Warsman


5: Nameless Warsman

You got to be joking.

That’s a joke… right?

Please tell me you’re joking…

7: Nameless Warsman

BATTLER is done for.

9: Nameless Warsman

There are some things we can do that Suupaa can’t do… right?

10: Nameless Warsman

Suupaa won’t be in the tournament, you all said…

You all said…

13: Nameless Warsman

I really felt sorry for the participants in the F block.

16: Nameless Warsman

The horror the moment you realized that the monster is real.

17: Nameless Warsman

So many kills and they were all done by Suupaa in a short amount of time.

21: Nameless Warsman

I’m shocked that that one wasn’t an AI.

How did [Cheese Shock] manage to run away?

22: Nameless Warsman.

As a former ranker, it was nauseating to even see that name, makes me want to vomit.

25: Nameless Warsman

She’s a real, very real legend, a Legendary Monster.

27: Nameless Warsman

I love the serious Suupaa achievement in its prime.

28: Nameless Warsman

That’s the only person I thought would not ever join the tournament.

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33: Nameless Warsman

Suddenly appeared at No.
1 in the ranking and dominated the No.
1 ranking for 12 consecutive months from that day on.

More than 20 kills in every match are normal for her, and her best-recorded kill count is over 40.

Players who were able to defeat her were hailed as heroes.

It is such a well-known fact that 80% of bullets fired by her will land in headshots, 10% in critical hits, and the remaining 10% with ricochets.

A demon that kills ten times the effectiveness of other players.

In some matches, she got 15 kills only using a frying pan.

A person too strong that people began to suspect that she was using some kind of cheating tools.

Only to be denied by the officials, even so, people still can’t believe it, so the theory that she was an AI lived on instead.

Suupaa is not avoiding bullets.
The bullets are avoiding Suupaa.

Even when people tried to bring her down using a cheat, they were the ones who met their end.

Rumor said there exists a cheats tool being developed exclusively to defeat Suupaa.

It’s ironic that only the cheaters are getting banned, and one superior to the cheat stay, isn’t it?

Lastly, her profile is set to default.

35: Nameless Warsman

I really like how she leaves it at the default.

36: Nameless Warsman

Thanks to her default profile, the setting has become the symbol of a nightmare.

38: Nameless Warsman

She has been in her prime forever, and I’ve never seen her performance fade.

40: Nameless Warsman

She’s been missing from the rankings for a while now, so I wondered what was going on.
But I guess this answers it.

41: Nameless Warsman

Seriously, why did she suddenly appear?

44: Nameless Warsman

Her skill is truly monstrous.

46: Nameless Warsman

Oi, I heard she had about a 94% win rate in her last 500 matches…

49: Nameless Warsman

She’s a despair incarnate for a ranker.

Whenever I meet this person, my rank progression will get lowered.

53: Nameless Warsman

I’ve never met Suupaa, so I don’t really get how strong she is.

I know her battle stats are great, but they’re too great to be true.

55: Nameless Warsman


You don’t want to know.

The horror you felt when Suupaa’s name showed up in the kill log.

57: Nameless Warsman

Suupaa has killed XX!

The pressure immediately downed on you as soon as you saw that in your notification.

58: Nameless Warsman

A walking natural disaster.

Immediately after that notification appears, some people will run to the edge of the safe zone, but it’s useless.
Those lurkers will get rolled in the end.

60: Nameless Warsman.

What’s worse, as you can see in the status report, her shooting accuracy is seriously too devilish.

Those 80% headshot rate is no lie.

The hit rate to a vital spot is also really that high, and the theoretical value of the weapon you know becomes useless knowledge.

64: Nameless Warsman.

Seriously, how did Rinne recruit her?

She leaves no trace at all, right?

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66: Nameless Warsman

She’s like a symbol of an environmental hazard.

67: Nameless Warsman

I think it could be possible to best her if we play as a team, the important thing is never to face her alone.

Does anyone know anything about Suupaa’s teammate?

69: Nameless Warsman.

Please stop participating in the official match!

70: Nameless Warsman


Being in HEROES means Rinne is the one who recruits her.

At least she has the ability to be on her team.

72: Nameless Warsman

Rinne has been quiet lately, and suddenly you came out just to troll us.

75: Nameless Warsman


This is the last official tournament, and it’s a qualifier to boot.

It’s almost the end of this game era, and so she probably didn’t mean to troll us.

It’s the era of Zero Wars 4 now.

77: Nameless Warsman

Zero Wars 4 is also nearing its end.

81: Nameless Warsman

That said, there’s no new generation coming out either.

The fact that Zero Wars 4 was chosen for the current WGCS main event means that this is the third time it has been selected.

84: Nameless Warsman

I lost in the first round, so I don’t really care.

I wonder how the teams competing in the main tournament will cope with this.

86: Nameless Warsman

I honestly thought HEROES was just Rinne’s one-man show team in name only.
I thought she did it just to liven up the tournament.

I don’t know about Rinne as a VR player because she’s rarely played one, but that’s not the case with Suupaa.
That one is bad.

Not to mention a girl called Nana, I could start a whole new discussion over her.

87: Nameless Warsman

26 kills Suupaa had, has shaken up the tournament.

Reminds me of when Suupaa first came…

89: Nameless Warsman

Nana is the girl who smashed the punching machine and has gone viral that noon, right?

Was that girl also HEROES’ team member too?

93: Nameless Warsman

Looking at the report, I could see Nana has made 2 kills, a modest number, I should say.

96: Nameless Warsman

And according to the battle report, I could tell everyone else did almost nothing, including Rinne.

Is this how the top pro looks plays?

99: Nameless Warsman

My guess is they didn’t get to do anything because Suupaa took care of everything.

101: Nameless Warsman.

Rinne used to cheat death when she could.

I remember in Zero Wars 3.
She made it to the final round of the national qualifying rounds without firing a single bullet; she did it just by surviving.

105: Nameless Warsman


That’s a perfect simulation of the behavior of the rest of all 96 participants.

107: Nameless Warsman


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Even a supercomputer can’t do that kind of stupidly complex arithmetic.

Get an upgrade with a quantum processor first.

110: Nameless Warsman.

It’s not like we can take any countermeasures anyway, right?

Suupaa’s player skill is so extreme that there’s no weakness.
She’s just a walking cheat.

All her abilities are so prominent.
There’s nothing she couldn’t do.

114: Nameless Warsman

The moment Suupaa ever lost in the last few months is when 10 or more people surround Suupaa.

I only know this from the battle record of the guy who posted the video, so I’m not sure if it’s credible or not, but if you surround her with three teams or more, you should be able to kill her.

115: Nameless Warsman

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, her search accuracy gives me the chills.

She’ll definitely get the jump on you, and you’ll never be able to intercept her.

117: Nameless Warsman


What kind of idiot would team up in a competition where you are competing for a ticket to go to the world championship?

They’re all enemies.

119: Nameless Warsman

And Ritu is one of the strongest characters that almost every team uses, so it’s hard to tell her apart just using that.

120: Nameless Warsman

Impossible impossible snail.
{murimuri katatsumuri}

Just pray you don’t run into her and run for your life!

123: Nameless Warsman

Can anyone actually handle her one on one?

124: Nameless Warsman

The leader of [Tenchi Shinmei] is currently online on social networking sites.
She sends her condolences to the BATTLER participants.

Is she trying to taunt everyone?

125: Nameless Warsman


Suupaa took the world’s best rank in all 12 months with a different character, so she’s not necessarily going to use Ritu every time.

127: Nameless Warsman

All members of [Tenchi Shinmei] have been beaten up by Suupaa, so forgive them.

132: Nameless Warsman

I mean, the moves HEROES don’t make too much sense.

I understand a hundred percent that Rufa could be used here, but what’s with Titanion and Memento?

136: Nameless Warsman.

Ritu is the strongest in the medium range, no question there.

Rufa is good at long range and item carrier.

Titanion is an offensive buff supporter.

Memento is a defensive buff supporter.

This is the “professional” way of letting Suupaa run alone and brutalize everything.

137: Nameless Warsman

The romantic formation of Ritu + Titanion + Memento itself has been established since the beginning of this game.

The kind of team-based support for a single ace.

141: Nameless Warsman.

Titanion’s attack buff is only 3%, and Memento’s defense correction is only 5%, so the disadvantages of having no AA are much greater.

Neither of them has nearly ha good optimal range to be called satisfactory, so no matter what you give them, they’re weak.

145: Nameless Warsman.

Ace support formation was a bad formation anyway.

It doesn’t matter if the ace is the strongest.
In a team fight, the game is won by the one who can deal the greatest average damage.

147: Nameless Warsman

*Except for Suupaa.

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148: Nameless Warsman

It’s a garbage tactic that no one uses, it was popular in the early days, but that’s it.

150: Nameless Warsman

In terms of average team damage, Suupaa’s average is too absurd.
But the two people who used Memento and Rufa are pretty good, too.

And looking at the stats, this Rufa’s hit rate is quite remarkable.

I can’t say for sure because of her low bullet shot count, but isn’t she a superb sniper from what I see here?

153: Nameless Warsman

Sounds like a very disciplined sniper.

She’s got two kills from behind Suupaa.
I feel like that one is a filler.

154: Nameless Warsman

The Memento one is, well… normal!

156: Nameless Warsman

Wait, wait, wait! If there is a good sniper behind Suupaa, that’s pure desperation.

160: Nameless Warsman

It’s too much to be on the lookout for snipers while facing Suupaa.

162: Nameless Warsman

They break the game, aren’t they?

We need to weaken them as soon as possible.

163: Nameless Warsman

If it were true, HEROES would be a dark horse in the race, but because of Suupaa alone, they are being treated like the last boss.

167: Nameless Warsman

Seriously, how can we beat Suupaa?

If you don’t make the first move, you lose.

If you miss even one bullet, you lose.

If you are not going into cover within 1 second, you lose.

If you face her at medium range or longer, you lose.

If you face her from a long distance, you lose.

If she found you first, you lose.

169: Nameless Warsman

You could find a way to escape, not a way to win, period.

172: Nameless Warsman

Just try to fight her in close range using a shotgun and pray it one-shot her.

176: Nameless Warsman

Our shotgun is filled with a prayer.

Suupaa’s shotgun is filled with a sure-kill aim.

That’s the difference…

180: Nameless Warsman



182: Nameless Warsman

Seriously, stopppp T-T.

183: Nameless Warsman

Honestly, as a spectator, I’m thrilled.

It’s a rare chance to see Suupaa’s action from her point of view.

187: Nameless Warsman


Will it be another story of Suupaa’s overrun?

Or someone will defeat Suupaa?

Either way, it’s going to be rough, and I’m looking forward to it too much.

211: Nameless Warsman

The Carnival of Wonder is about to begin!

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