BTOG 218 – Nana’s Stream #Answering questions

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April 28, 2022


“Have you reflected?”


“What do you mean, [maybe]?”


“Haah… at least it was a good demonstration to proof your power…”


“I don’t look so smug.
I can’t say anything if Muscle Corporation protested to me for breaking their stuff like that.”

Rinne complained while sighing bitterly because, the fact is, that was a bit of a problematic act.

If someone destroys their stuff so easily, the first thing to be subject to suspicion is the strength of the product.

To make it worse, Nana did it in front of so many eyes.
If the makers misinterpret, this act can be considered as carrying out a negative campaign against the company.

“It was sturdy though?”

“Did that look sturdy to you, Chat?”

“Haa… whatever, at least it properly functions as proof of Nana’s power.
Let’s just get that out of the way and move on to the next question.”


Nana replied lightly and lay down the torn shaft against the gym wall.

“Well, the next question is… TADA! Here it is!”

[Are you good at sports?]


“Not much different from earlier.”

“But, Rin-chan.
I’ve lost a lot of sports.”

Rinne seemed a bit bored by the same kind of question, which came right after Nana showed off her superhuman physical abilities, but Nana thinks otherwise.

It was a fact that Nana had lost many times in sports, to the extent that she could not recall the number of times she had lost.

However, Nana said that without any hint of regret, if anything, she had this mischievous smile on her face.

<↑You guys… >

“No, that’s because I said to her that she shouldn’t win.
And as far as I know, Nana never lost a match that she wanted to win.”

“I guess.”

{amazing Nana}


“In Nana’s case, it’s not just about power.
Nana’s technique and speed are also extraordinary.
Tell them your 100-meter record from junior high school.”

“Eee? I think it was about four seconds.”


<↑About 90 kilometers/hour.>

<90 kilometers per hour on average.
Which means that’s not her top speed.>

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“With that kind of specs.
She shouldn’t even compete on a world-class level, even for fun.”

“I know it sounds sarcastic, but it’s no fun to win like that, and it’s boring to lose on purpose.
It made me feels like I’m cheating, and I wouldn’t want to do it willingly.”

<↑Certainly, athletic or challenging sports seem to be a good fit.>

Nana simply loves to exercise, and she loves to fight.

To Nana, to be able to move her body as she pleases can be called her hobby.

However, Nana basically does not like to compete with weaker opponents.
If she is going to fight seriously, she prefers a foe strong enough to make her heart burn with excitement.

And that is something she can’t get in the real world, no matter how hard she tries.

Talent alone does not determine everything in sports, but even so, there are limits.
Just as a baby cannot beat an adult, an ordinary person cannot beat Nana.

Nana has not only a high level of physical ability but her five senses have also been sharpened to the utmost limit.

Without at least a same or higher physical ability than Nana’s, a fair match would never have been possible in the first place.

If she wanted to win, she would absolutely win.
This was not arrogance but a fact.

“That’s the main reason she started playing VR games.
Thanks to the law of virtual space where status determines your physical abilities, Nana is finally on the even playing field with others.” {tln: bu..but, her reaction time…}

“It’s hard to move my body as I wished… but it’s really fun to be able to use all the strength I can use without cutting corners~”

“No, I don’t.”

<↑The scary part is: that this is not a story.>

“Let’s move on…, here’s the next question!”

[Tell me what foods you like and what foods you don’t like.]

“Oh, a classic one…”

“Finally, something decent.”

Nana is pleased with the normal questions that finally came.
Rinne also exhaled in relief.

However, most of the viewers had come to see Nana’s out-of-the-ordinary specs and consider the flow of questions so far.
This was rather good as a starting point.

In fact, the number of viewers had not decreased at all since the beginning, and if anything, it had increased.

“Nana will eat anything, but her diet is basically calorie-driven.”

“I like Western food with lots of calories, Chinese food with lots of calories, sweets with lots of calories.
I don’t really like zero-calorie foods.
There is no point in eating them.”

<↑Konnyaku, for example, is worth eating.>

“Nana has a high metabolism, it’s about three times that of a normal male, just for her to stay alive.>


“Why is Nana the one who surprised?”

“Because I don’t know about that.”

Nana said this with a dazed look on her face while playing with both cheeks.

As Rinne said, Nana simply has a high basal metabolism.
The energy required to maintain her physical capabilities is several times that of an adult male, even just to stay alive.

At first glance, it may seem fuel inefficient, but if you consider the extent of her abilities that was not the case.
It costs only that much to provide specifications that far exceed those of an average person.

However, that is not the only reason why Nana like calorie-dense food.

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Another reason is that the adults around her fed her a lot of such foods during her childhood because she would quickly become immobile unless she was fed a lot.

So actually, half of her love for high-calorie food was stemmed from what she is used to eating.

“Oh, but I do like ice cream.
I especially like soft ice cream.
I think I said this before in one of my streams.”

<↑ Stop saying that curry is a drinks.>

“Nana can eat exotic food too, right?”

“Food is food.
and I won’t get poisoned anyway.”

The conversation was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere like that of daily conversation, but some viewers never missed Nana’s bombshell.

Rinne also heard Nana’s statement and clapped her hands as if she had just remembered.

“That’s right, and poison doesn’t work on Nana.
And I’m pretty sure she can swallow a blowfish whole.”

“I can handle that much.
But good viewers shouldn’t imitate me, okay?”

If it was said by a normal person, it could be laughed off as [You’re kidding, right?], but when Rinne confirms it, they sound like a truth.

The fact that Rinne affirmed it with a very serious face made it even more believable.
Rinne is the type of person who often tells jokes, but mostly as a prank or as a tease, and there were rare situations where she made jokes with a serious face.

“Fufu… next time, we will try to prove that.”

“No, it’s not possible, Nana.
I know you won’t die, but everyone else will.
We cannot do something that risks the life of another person.”

“Oh, you’re right…”


“We got sidetracked.”

“If you’re just going to answer the question without some sidetracking, we can just record a video, and we’re done.”

“That’s true.
But let’s not get sidetracked for too long.”

To the viewers, it was a surprise, but to the two girls, it was something trivial, and they easily swept it under the rug.

In the end, the question about Nana’s immunity to poison leaves to be unanswered, and the conversation moves on to the next question.

[I would like to know how you got to know Rinne and what kind of relationship you have with her.]

“Haven’t we talked about this a few times?” Nana tilted her head as she read the question.

“Not everyone knows about it, so why don’t you just tell them as many times as you can?”


It was a topic that had already been talked about many times in her past stream, but Rinne’s little push made her convinced that she needed to tell it again.

“Let’s see.
We got to know each other through mother.
Ah, by that, I mean, Rinne’s mother and my mother.
They were very close.
We first met when I was three years old.”

“And to be precise, it seems that our fathers were also close friends.”

Although Nana does not know it in-depth, Rinne’s parents and Nana’s parents were childhood friends, father to father and mother to mother, respectively.

Rinne’s mother, Toki, is attracted to Takajou Mitsuki, Rinne’s father.
And because Nana’s parents are trying hard to get them together, they also become a couple in the process of matching them.

Rinne and Nana met because of such cirmumtances.

“Nana was like a doll back then.
She didn’t speak, nor did she move at all.”

“You know it couldn’t be helped.
On the contrary, Rin-chan was too pure back then.”

<↑If She’s a little girl, timid probably more fitting.>


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“eh… Nana, is it okay if I revealed your past?”

Seeing the viewer’s response, Rinne asks Nana.

She knows that this is one of the most sensitive topics in Nana’s past.

But her worries seemed unfounded.
Nana nodded her head with a cheerful expression on her face.

“It’s not something I have to hide, and I’m over it.”

Nana has already accepted and gotten over everything in her past, and that including the death of her parents.

There is no longer any need for her to be confused by her own feelings.
What is important for Nana is here, in the present.

Rinne looked into Nana’s eyes and understood everything, nodded, and began to speak.

“Okay then.
You guys, listen well.
Nana has always been a person with monstrous power.
When she was two years old, she once crushed her mother’s hand just because she was too happy and accidentally put too much power while trying to hold her hand.”

“That was a huge shock to me.
I was so traumatized by it that there was a time when I was afraid to touch anything.”

Compared to Nana’s nonchalant attitude, the viewers were less excited about the past, which was heavier than they expected.

Nana’s past is filled with hardships to the extent that even Rinne does not easily talk about it.
She is so out of the normal that it is hard for her to live with her power, which is so ironic.

“When I met her, she was just a doll.
She didn’t have a shred of emotion, and I thought she was so boring.”

“Just saying, but when I first met Rin-chan.
I was so surprised when she hugged me out of the blue…”

“It’s Nana’s fault for not reacting.”

“Is that so?”



It’s safe.>

“I was… so happy.”

“Enough with that embracing stuff…”

“But it was a precious memory.”

In contrast to blushing and pouting Rinne, Nana said it in a tender tone.

When she first met Nana, Rinne thought, [What a fragile creature].
Nana had been raised carefully under the watchful eyes of her parents, and this was the first time she had ever met a child other than herself.

She was so surprised when she suddenly found herself in the arms of fellow child that all she could do was freeze.

If she resisted, she could hurt her, so she had no choice but to stay still.

Rinne held Nana in her arms for a long time until her body relaxed from the confusion.

Looking back, that was the point when Nana had become bonded to Rinne.
She had been longing deep down in her heart to feel the warmth of human skin again.

<**Gentle eyes**.>

“Well, that’s how we met.
The rest of the time, it’s like we’ve just grown up together like normal people.”

“We were always together all the time except at night.
She had a free pass to my house.
Sometimes she stayed for more than half a week, and she was almost like the child from our family.”

“That’s about it for my relationship with Rin-chan.
I can only say that we were together the whole time.”

“It’s easy to talk about memories, but when you say relationship… it’s like… well, you get it.”

“Yeah, I guess? Ah, the only other way to answer this question is: [Because Rinne is my most important person in the world].”


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Unlike in the past, today’s Nana is more open and honest in expressing her feelings for Rinne.

The viewer was teasing Rinne’s purity, which she accidentally showed because she was caught off guard and choked up.

Nana had seen it often enough in the past that she didn’t think much about that, but the sight of Rinne being upset by something unexpected was something to be treasured in the eyes of others.

“Now, let’s see… I know it’s early, but I think it’s time for the last question.
I really wanted to spend more time on this, but I still have the BATTLER competition tomorrow, and I have to do team practice.”

“I agree.
Then let’s get to the last question.”

Quickly regaining her composure, Rinne prepares to close the stream.
This time stream only lasted less than 30 minutes, and that’s because they still needed to prepare for tomorrow’s competition.

They had taken a precious slot on their training for the sake of this stream, but still, they really wanted to use as much of the available time to practice for the competition.

[Tell me about your future plans!]

“Hmmm……… I still feel like my main focus will be on game streaming…”

“So for now, you’ll probably stick mainly to game stream?”

“Basically, yeah, I think I will stick to WLO.
I can try my hand at a lot of different games, but right now, WLO is the most fun for me.
Though I’ll be helping out at some of the game tournaments, like BATTLER tomorrow, so I’m hoping people will see that as well.”

As for the last question, Nana had discussed the answer with Rinne beforehand.

However, the meaning of the meeting was not so significant, as the content was not significantly different from the previous stream.
The purpose of the meeting was to ensure a smooth closing of the stream.

“I’ll have the stream time moved a little closer to the evening.
I’ve been a little too careless so far.”

<↑Stop suggesting niche shit.>

<↑It could be interesting for someone that has a obsession for altitude sickness and near-death experiences.>

<↑Too outdated.>

The change in Nana’s schedule, who always streams from morning to night but rarely stream at late night, was a piece of happy news for her viewers.

And the clippings of her videos, which are steadily gaining views and beginning to generate a modest income, were also good news for her.

Still, Rinne thinks she should be more careful in the future before uploading these unexpectedly popular videos.

As long as you are in a business that depends on your popularity, there is nothing better than having a lot of backup videos at the ready.

“I know it’s a little short, but I think we’re almost done.”

“Yes, though your usual stream is just too long.”

“I can’t deny it.”

Nana accepts Rinne’s tease with a wry smile.

There are basically no meal breaks or bathroom breaks in Nana’s stream because she can hold out as long as she wants to.
The only time she does have a break is when she and Rinne have dinner together.

“I’ll do my best in tomorrow’s competition too.
I’d be happy if you could come and cheer me on.”

“I’m going to be serious tomorrow, so make some free time to come and watch.”

“Not when they are free? They need to make free time to watch you?”

“Of course.”

“See you later, and subscribe to my channel if you like.”

“Nana, isn’t that the first time you’ve said that?”

“I’m started to sound like a proper streamer, am I?”

“More like a video contributor.”

“What’s that?”

Finally, after a moderately fitted dialogue, the stream screen switches to the end screen.

The short stream lasted only half an hour.
But in that short span of time, it has received over a million views on the same day, and it became known as [The Holy Grail of RiNana Fans] because of the rarity of its content.
But that’s another story.


Nana channel awakening (success).

Nana and Rinne’s encounter were written about in the book’s limited edition bonus.
Nana was instantly felled for Rinne by that [Perfect Communication].
Good going, Rinne!

By the way, the specs of Nana in junior high school and Nana now are about two orders of magnitude different.
Nana is getting stronger and stronger just by being alive!

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