better than us.
The impact of Suupaa was so big that we were blinded by it.”

“It’s the last local tournament, after all.
Everyone is so motivated! Ah, but if there had been a [Tenchi Shinmei], they could have cannibalized us!”

“Ahaha, that’s for sure.”

Cheddar laughed and nodded at Mascar resentment to the team [Tenchi Shinmei], which was called the strongest in the Zero Wars VR pro scene and had already won another tournament and was set to participate in the WGCS.

It is still too early to give up.
Their fighting spirit remains undiminished.

From here on out, it is not about making memories but a clash of wills and pride.

They are more fired up than ever before to face the fierce competition from players aiming for the world.


In the car on the way home.


With cotton candy in one hand, a candy apple in the other, and a Ritu character mask on her head, Suu-chan is now sleeping.

“She’s fast…”

“I wonder if she’s really asleep.”

“There’s no sign of her waking up, so I’m sure she’s sleeping…”

“I guess she’s tired because she got too excited, and she finally enjoyed herself at the food stalls.”

“Indeed, Suu-chan seemed to be having fun in those stalls.”


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After the match, Suu-chan and I went around the stalls of the event.

Originally, Suu-chan was supposed to visit those booths with Touka-chan, but it turns out that Touka-chan became too busy after that event, so she couldn’t accompany her.

Touka-chan and Rin-chan’s appearance stood out, so they quickly went to the car and became decoy for our sake.

After they got to the car, Suu-chan and I wandered around the festival food stalls.
We were able to do it because our disguises managed to make us stand out less.

Our strategy seemed to work, and even though it only lasted about an hour, we were able to enjoy looking around the stalls.

Cotton candy, apple candy, and masks were the spoils of war.
We were going to eat them in the car, but Suu-chan fell asleep before we could do that, so here we are.

“Ufufu… I can….
still… kill you! “

Suu-chan did some sleep talk while waving her candy apple a little.

“That’s a disturbing sleep talk, isn’t it?

“I wonder if she’s playing games even in her dreams… and, Suu-chan, didn’t you just say ‘I’?” {polite form, aka.
‘Watashi’, she usually use ‘Boku’}

“Oh… right.
let’s pretend we didn’t hear that.”

“…un, okay.”

Suu-chan usually referred to herself as ‘Boku’, and I guessed I shouldn’t dig deeper from Rin-chan’s hint.

Well, so she’s that kind too.
Suu-chan must be ‘playing her role’ when she speaks.

But A-chan, Himiko, and Haruru also roleplayed their character, so it’s not that big deal.

Roleplaying in front of strangers is not that unusual.

When I’m streaming, I become 20% more serious than my usual self.
So I guess I was too.

Long story short, Suu-chan didn’t use ‘Boku’ in her original speech, nothing to worry about.

“By the way, what are we going to do after this? Do we go home and rest?”

“I’d love to do some team practice, but I’m not sure we are ready for that.
Also, Nana has some things she has to do first.”


Turn off your phone airplane mode, you had it on the whole time for this event right, right? try to turn it off now.”

“okay? …WH–!!”

As soon as I turned off the airplane mode as Rin-chan told me, my phone’s notification started to ring fiercely.

The vibrations were quite intense, and I felt like a swarm of bees had landed on my hand.

The notifications were being sent by apps that I had never used before.
I had only added it at Rin-chan’s request.
I still don’t really know what kind of apps they are since I only use my phone for phone calls and browsing the Internet.

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But clearly, this is strange…, and the number displayed above the apps is becoming blanks.
I could only guess that there seemed to be more notifications than the display could handle.

“What the hell.”

“I told you before the game that Nana’s fame over social media is exploding, hence why you got that stupid number of notifications.”

“Wow… Woahh, I have over 50,000 followers…”

“How much were you originally?”

“I don’t think there were around 10,000 people.
I don’t really remember.”

During that chatting session after my battle with Moon Wolf, Rin-chan was streaming my sleeping face without my permission, and as a result, my channel’s followers grew overnight.

Among Rin-chan’s stream, her [just chat] session is relatively crowded if you compare it to her WLO session, but that’s simply because the number of WLO players is still minimal.

That being said, after that [just chat] session, the increase in my followers number is so significant that it dwarfed the number of followers I gained after my collab.

And if we talk about this time increase, it’s even more extraordinary.

And it’s still increasing.
The notification didn’t give any sign that it will stop anytime soon.

I remember that I had learned the terms for this phenomenon, it’s called…

“So this is BUZZER!”

“Nana, that’s a very old-fashioned way to call it.”


I was stunned at the shocking fact.
Touka-chan patted me on the shoulder silently as if to comfort me.

No, no, don’t look at me like I’m miserable.

“So, why has it’s become like this?”

“I had my staff put out the fires, but it spread faster than I excepted.
Things got a little more exciting than I had imagined.
Well, since we’ve come to this point, we might as well take a leap of faith here.”

“What do you mean?”

“We will do an explanation press conference, or perhaps it is more appropriate to call it [Unpacking Stream].”


Honestly, I was lost about this, but Rin-chan had a broad smile on her face, and it seemed that she was enjoying this situation a lot.


A note:

Melory-kun used to play under the name “Gorugon Zoora” until two years ago.

By the way, Nana only got two kills in this match.
She forced a lot of [down state], but the enemy constantly gets revived, so she didn’t get as many kills as she hoped.

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