Her rifle roars, and the Bullet lands slightly later after the sound.

 (It hit, fufu, it hit!)

Looking at the damage, it seems that the enemy was wearing a high-performance helmet, but that was a headshot.
The magic bullet landed on the enemy’s head after it bounced and pierced through the window.

Its accuracy and stability were far beyond imagination.

It was a certain hit.
After seeing it repeatedly, I couldn’t imagine that the Magic Bullet could miss.

I couldn’t help but grin.

It’s fun.
Oh, so much fun!

So this is Nana.

This is the [Witch of Magic Bullet].

This is the divine sniper that I have longed for.

Oh, that was crazy skill.
How could I have possibly imitated it? No, I couldn’t.
That’s one thing I couldn’t imitate.)

Yeah, it’s impossible to imitate.

After seeing it several times in happens in front of me, I finally understood.

Nana’s sniping lacked what it should have.
There’s no stance and aim in it.

She handles the rifle lightly with one hand as if she does not need any support from her other hand.

She neither looks into the scope nor takes aim.
And the trigger is pulled so easily as if she was shooting a handgun.

Takes a stance.


Then shoot.

I finally realized that I was fundamentally wrong when I thought she needed to do all of that.

(The original Zero Wars was a consumer game, so when you wanted to shoot a rifle, you would naturally hold it up and look through the scope, and it was not optional, you were literally forced to do that by the game.
But, come to think of it, Witch of Magic Bullet certainly didn’t aim with a scope after she held her gun up.
She didn’t need to because [Magic Bullet] is a technique to shoot enemies that cannot be seen.)

If the game is controlled through a controller or mouse, there is no need to try to hold a gun up every single time, like in VR games.

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With a press of the fire button, the character will automatically assume the correct stance and fire bullets at the target.

On the other hand, a VR shooting game is where you fight by moving your body in a virtual space.
It would be best if you held the gun at the ready when shooting.
But that also means that there is no function that forces the user to assume the shooting position on their own as they pull the trigger.

You have to take the optimal shooting position by and for yourself, then aim and shoot.

At first glance, this may seem like a tedious process, but on the contrary, it allows for greater freedom of play.

For example, you can fire a gun backward while facing forward.

Or you can pretend to be looking away and shoot in a direction you are not looking.

It is possible to play without a fixed posture like Nana, who shoots a sniper rifle with one hand.

Of course, this requires a certain level of player skill, but it also allows for a greater variety of play.

The higher-ranked players have mastered their own shooting posture, and I myself do not have a fixed shooting stance.


Nana’s stance is too flexible.

The reason for holding a sniper rifle with both hands is to suppress the recoil and stabilize your line of fire.

Even for a player’s avatar that has the physical strength of an Olympic gold medalist, a sniper rifle is still very heavy.

You can lift it horizontally with one hand for a few seconds at most.
Any longer than that, the avatar’s endurance will be exhausted and you will not be able to maintain the height.

The recoil is not comparable to a handgun or assault rifle, and if you shoot with one hand, the bullets will fly in the wrong direction.

I think Nana has calculated all these factors and shoots her rifle in an ideal line of fire.
I don’t know if she really did that, but that’s what it looks like to me.

It’s simply crazy that the bullets fly true while she’s doing it in such an absurd way.
And she even utilizes ricochet in her shoot.
Are you kidding me?

[Magic Bullet.]

It’s not something you can aim and shoot.

It was magical bullets belonging only to a monster who looked at the world from a different perspective, a twisted, terrifying perspective.

A divine achievement that cannot be reached by ordinary means.

Nana said that the name of [Witch of Magic Bullet] does not belong only to her.

I now realize that this is not true.

While it was true that Rinne was involved in some way in the creation of the witch’s name.

Nana alone is the [Witch of Magic Bullet].

I believe that the person I admire and the technical skills I want to learn is exist in Nana.

(I wonder what kind of world she sees… Tell me, Nana.
Tell me what you see through your eyes.)

A silent question echoed in my mind.
And, of course, I never expect to get an answer.


My cog that that didn’t fit.

The parts of me that were not spinning as they should be.

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At this moment, with the arrival of my comrades, Nana, finally perfectly aligned.

(I want to know, I want to know more and more about you.
That’s why…)

This excitement that won’t stop.

My inexplicable curiosity that overflowed.

I want to hear it.
I want to try it, and I can’t help but be thrilled.

Yes, I believe it’s not just Nana.

But also Rinne, whom Nana trusts completely.

And Touka, whom I don’t understand the most.

They make me believe that there’s something here, something unfathomable.

“fufufu, ahAHAHAHA!”

Accidentally, my laughter spilled.

When was the last time I laughed out loud?

“Okay then… I’ll show you.
This is my thank… no, this is my way of giving you payment in advance.”

I am sure Nana can hear me.

But that’s all right.
I believe everything will be fine.

And it’s not like I was trying to hide it.

I was just a little not using this because I knew I wouldn’t need it anyway.

But Nana, I thank you for fascinating me.

Then again, she too, was fascinated by me.
I guess we were even then.

Let me show you my most broken, strongest self.

The [me] that hailed as the strongest in this world.

“Let’s lay waste.
To every last one of them.”

There’s no need for me to use this obedient cat skin anymore.

I will show you the fang of my true horrible self.


Suu-chan’s sense of smell is insane.
{in terms of smelling where the enemy is}

Nana’s sniping is insane.

They are extremely different from each other in their areas of expertise, and they both feel thrilled to see the other’s greatness, so they are going to show each other their all-out ability.

Tl note:

a friggin hard chapter.
It was so poetic in Japanese that I had difficulty rewriting it in English.

And yes, [the fang of my true self] is revelation lol.
She’s not normal, just like every major character so far.

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