nd to attacks except for a long-range and irregular sniper.

That’s why crisis detection in this audible range was one of the major tasks assigned to me now.

But before I could judge anything from the sounds I heard and the sights I saw, Suu-chan was already three steps ahead of me.

There was no hesitation in her steps, she will go without needing to hear my report.

Is it because of how experienced she is, or does Suu-chan also see by sound and sight?

Either way, she will run to her next target without any hesitation at all.

Just like a hungry animal, Suu-chan ran around the field looking for her prey.
Touka-chan and I were barely able to keep up with her erratic movements and were busy chasing after her back.

Unlike me, Rin-chan could probably read Suu-chan’s thoughts, but she struggled with the acrobatic rough path Suu-chan was taking and seemed to have a hard time even keeping up with us.

Literally, Suu-chan alone is a one-man team.

We were so disjointed that there was not a single piece of us fit together.

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Although our individual abilities were not low, as a team we were almost completely non-existent.

And yet.

We only need this one player called, Suupaa.
And our team has been established.


I already accepted this outcome since yesterday’s team practice.
Suu-chan finished most of the games by herself, while we were so busy trying to keep up with her and in the end, we didn’t even get proper practice.

Moreover, Suu-chan’s style was so out of the ordinary, causing the [ordinary] and [fundamentals] that we had been forced to learn under Rin-chan’s tuition were not being put to use.

There is a huge difference in our game time.

And as a result, there’s a vast amount of difference in the amount of experience between us.
Which lead to a clear difference in ability between us and Suu-chan.

There is a huge gap between us and the strongest player who has devoted everything to Zero Wars VR.

(But… so, what?)

My hand at the rifle’s grips is tightening.

As I follow Suu-chan back in front, I have this thought. 

Ignoring her bizarre playstyle, I agree that Suu-chan may be better than anyone else here.

But still, I don’t care if there is a difference in ability between us or not.

But there is one thing I can say with certainty.

Suu-chan is a monster on [this side].

She is a monster with a rare talent that shines only in the virtual space, perhaps only in the world of Zero Wars VR.

But that is not a reason why we should rely on Suu-chan to do everything or the reason why we should not be able to catch up with her.

The gift of extraordinary talent can make one lonely.
And if you don’t have someone to stand as equal, it will eventually devour you.

(We are a team.
You are not alone.
If I can’t say that, then the VR division of [HEROES] holds no value.)

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Just as I was saved by Rin-chan.

Please allow me to stand next to Suu-chan.


I let out a small breath to relax my mind.

Let’s discard the ‘normal’ I learned from the video, let yesterday’s practice and the present moment etch themselves into myself.

Trace Suu-chan’s actions.

Remember the way she took for the kill.

Be faster, be sharper.

Above all, I need to sharpen my blades of killing intent to be deeper and deadlier!

“…*giggle*, I still don’t understand you.

I saw a small warehouse where Suu-chan is staring.
And I could certainly see four enemy shadows from within it.

My sniper rifle has enough range.

And the (bullet)path is certainly there.

“…I’ll hit it.”

There is no need to aim.
Just follow Suu-chan’s direction and gently press the trigger of the rifle while tracing the path I saw.

The bullet flew into the exact path I envisioned and four ricochet echoed through the warehouse, hitting one of my prey in the head.

And not long after the damage effects popped up beyond that.


Just like Rinne, who specializes in intelligence, like Arthur, who specializes in swordsmanship, Suupaa too, had her specialization in Zero Wars VR.

Tl note:

Sniped, downed, and got bitten by rabid dog{Suupaa} huh… must been hell for that team.

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