the audience was looking at.

(Well, what shall we do now?)

Aside from the MC outside enlivening the venue, Nanaka was troubled by the cushion in front of her.

Rather than a punching machine… it’s more like a mattress to measure the power when it’s struck.
It had such a rugged appearance that they just stuck a bed into the wall and left it as it is.

This cushion was said to be a new technology.
It will absorb the impact of a punch as much as possible and protects the player from damage caused by the recoil of the punch.
That was indeed one of the reasons why there are no injuries to the macho men so far, and it will measure the punching power then calculate it as a score.

By the way, the standard score for an ordinary man who does no particular exercise is about 150 points.

For men, a score of over 200 is considered moderately strong, over 300 is quite good, and if you score over 400 points, you’ve got enough power to earn a living that way, or so MC Sebas said.

It seems that normally it will be quite difficult to exceed 400 points, and even among the muscular pro gamers, only a few were able to exceed 400 points.
Only three of them, to be exact.

One of them had a punch power of more than 700 points and was already the winner in everyone’s mind.

However, the reason why Nanaka is worried is not about whether she can get the first place or not, or something as trivial as that.

(I can break this, can’t I?)

It was a reason that was, strangely enough, fit her.

 (It’s easy to break it.
I mean, if I really try to, I will definitely break it.
Well, thankfully, my turn is the last, so I guess it doesn’t matter for the event if it broke…)

While wearing gloves to protect her hands from the impact of the punch, Nanaka measured rather seriously how far she was allowed to go.

Nanaka’s [Serious Mode] is not something so naive to care about something trivial, such as saying that her score can theoretically be comparable to a car crash or that the maximum score is 9999 points.

If Nanaka really didn’t pull her punch, this thing will break.

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Should she think about the future, there will be a big problem with her image after she does that, but Nanaka didn’t even consider that right now.

No, Rinne had pushed her enough beforehand, so she did not even have to consider it.

(Rin-chan said I could really do it.
In other words, it should be within the scope of her prediction where I break this.
Still, I think it would be a little tasteless to just destroy it.)

Nanaka want to live up to Rinne’s expectations.
Nanaka wants her to see how serious she is.

Such reasoning has made Nanaka completely remove the limiter inside her.

Until a few minutes ago, she was worried about whether it was okay to break it, but before she knew it, she was now pondering about how to break it.

(Yeah, okay, I’ve made up my mind.)

That said, Nanaka’s turn was in progress, and there was no room to drag this on.

Therefore, let’s keep it simple.

A simple proof of power.

“Will you take the first place as you declared? Or maybe you’ll show us some pretty punches! Now then, Nana! You’re allowed two punches, so please get fired up!”


Nanaka trackback her memory to the day when she removed all her limiters inside the game.

An irrepressible sense of freedom.
A sense of omnipotence, as if everything is under her control.

Remembering that feeling, for the first time in her life, she removes the limiter of [power] from her entire body.

Not only the portion that Nanaka consciously suppresses but everything, even the unconscious part of it.

As a result, nothing has changed dramatically for Nanaka.

Unlike when she expanded her perceptual range, she only felt that the dullness of her whole body had gone.


For all the other creatures present in this site.

Something was triggering their fear instinct, and just for a moment, they were shown the true face of a monster.


Nanaka gripped her hand to make sure.

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The glove was already torn by the immense grip as she held it, but she dismissed it as inevitable.

Then she chose the image of that day, the day where she put Hisui in her place.

There’s no need for techniques or fancy skills.

Step in and strike.
That’s it.


Her voice was light and gentle.



Her foot that stepped on the ground pierced it and produced a loud sound.

The video could not show the moment when Nanaka released the punch.

All it could show was Nanaka’s blurred image.
Then everyone saw that Nanaka had released her fist, and the LCD displaying the score had reached a beautiful 9999.

It was just a moment, a moment too short even to blink.

It was as if time had stopped, and everyone present felt the coldness of the silence that filled the hall.


A heavy shock traveled through the venue.

Nanaka’s fist easily broke through the cushions, pierced the steel walls, and crushed the interior of [Baribari Health-kun No.

The whisper from the MC’s microphone slowly turned into a powerful roar and finally became a howl that resounded throughout the hall.


A note:

The force of Catastrophe!

Relentless violence strikes innocent Bari Bari Health-kun No.

Tl Note:

RIP bari-bari kun no.

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