Chapter 20

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For Nana’s sake, I went to the first town from the 5th town and once again went back to the 5th town.

If you say that this shuttle run like force march is impossible in reality then yes it is but, in this game, as long as you have SP you can do it.

Using the stream time since I started at noon, I was able to return to the 5th town, and then I logged out from the game.

The time is already around 8pm.

The closer you get to the frontline the more the stronger the small fries are, moving took a foolish amount of time.

Though, thanks to the monster I defeated along the way, I raised my level so it wasn’t really pointless.

「I’m hungry…..」

For quite a lot of time I haven’t eaten anything, my stomach complains of hunger.

Though there might be some of the beef stew left this morning, in contrast, there shouldn’t be anything other than that smell that was being made.

From what I’m predicting, Nana finished streaming before me, and made something like a hamburger.

「Nana~, did you log out alre~…」

The sofa, that I honestly don’t use much, at the living room.

Not really my taste though, it is my brother’s present to me but…..Nana, was put on her body on the sofa sleeping.

Even though it’s a big and spacious sofa, She is just like a cat sleeping curled up which is very cute.

「She is sleeping… she?」

Her chest moving naturally, at least it’s not like she is dead, I’ll say just in case.

Since Nana breathes without making any noise, if you don’t see it, you won’t understand.
Is she like a ninja or something, geez.

Though, for Nana to take a nap, I wonder how long it has been.

Before she lost her parents, did she sleep a lot? though in contrast, I felt like I hadn’t seen her nap after that.

Even sitting beside Nana who was curled up, there was no sign of her waking up.

Her short hair, which she cut to be short since it’s a hindrance when moving around, I gently let it pass through my fingers.

The smoothness of her hair was as if it was that of a silk.
Back then she had a long straight hair.


Suddenly, Nana said something in a small voice.

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It’s not like her eyes opened up.
Her nose was moving as if smelling something, I think that probably she is sleep talking because she knew it was me from my scent.

「Eh-, hehe」

Is it because she noticed it was me, Nana happily leaked out a happy voice and put her head on my lap.

You could say that it’s a position called pillow lap.
Her small curled up body lay loosely lying down on the sofa, and she had a happy face as she slept.


When I brushed her cheeks gently, she ended up closing her body more.

She creeps around as she moves though it’s ticklish but, to the charm of this cute creature on top of my lap, it’s nothing but a trivial matter.

She really has, even though she is sleeping, a happy expression that she doesn’t even plan to hide.

The only person that Nana can show such a defenseless side of hers is, only me.

Though originally she has her defenseless parts but, back then I saw it when my brother tried to wake up nana, he was put on a restriction hold while she was still sleeping.

This girl, she has a perfect self defense mechanism even if she is unconscious.
and that does not activate before me.

And that was the pile of trust that I have earnestly gotten from her.
The proof that I was accepted by Nana.

Just thinking about it soaks me with feelings of happiness, the existence of my sleeping best friend is nothing but lovely.

Nana and I met when I was 3 years old.

The trigger was when Nana’s parents who eloped relied on their friends, which is my parents, and then they let their child meet each other.

You might not be able to imagine it now but, Nana was originally really quiet and expressionless, she was a child that was like a doll with no fragments of emotions.

I was asked to look after her but, normally I would just play a game and she would space out as she looked from behind me.

Anyhow she was a space-y child, so something possessed me and I brought Nana everywhere.

We were together everyday, after just a month, I don’t even have to say something and Nana would just follow me.

Toddling one step behind me.
And expressionless as usual but, I remember that I didn’t really think bad of it.

The change happened when a year has passed since we met.

Nana grew up to the point that she would be able to reply to me, I thought of her as something like my henchmen.

At that time, out of nowhere, we played a game together.

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It was an obsolete game but it was a war game that was popular at that time.

I was so good that I could beat my brother, and I wanted Nana to understand how amazing I am, so with that young emotions I went against Nana who was a beginner.

I, anti-climatically, lost to Nana.

It was a perfect and flawless defeat.
I couldn’t even give one point of damage.

Since I was unprepared we did a rematch, and then I was beaten down by Nana who got even more polished.

No matter how much I do it again and again, I couldn’t win, and just like a child, I cried.

Though she might have been able to reply, as always, Nana was really bad with understanding the signs’ of emotions.

To me who won’t stop crying, she embraced me, brushed my head, just trying everything to comfort me.

But I still didn’t like how Nana acted, I slapped Nana’s cheeks and ran away.

It seemed that Nana was expressionlessly holding the slapped cheek of hers while standing still.

It was most likely that she doesn’t know how to handle the emotion of anger that I have shown.

And the next day and after that, Nana normally shows up, as if nothing happened.

Just that, Nana, who I thought wouldn’t talk unless I talked to her, started talking just by herself.

It may be small but it was a big change.

Thinking now, I still think so.

Though other than that, I got awkward when dealing with Nana whose attitude didn’t change at all but, in the end I gave in and that fight…..rather that temper was no more.

And since then.
The both of us are in a relation that you could truly call friends.

And then that accident happened.

The trigger was that the both of us went to the park.

The two of us who were playing at the sandbox suddenly received an attack.

The attacker was a dog.
It was a breed of pet pit bull that was being raised by one of the rich people who visits the same park as us.

Did it want to play? or was there something that stimulated it?

To me who was a young child, the dog that suddenly just came scattering around and barking, I can’t help but be scared and didn’t think of anything but throwing mud balls at it.

And as a result, that made the pit bull mad.

The ferocious breed of dog that could even kill an adult, attacked me who was just a 4 year old child.

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It was really scary.
I think that I cried back then.

The pit ball leaped at me, I was so scared I closed my eyes but then, there was a sound of something being crushed.

It does not hurt.
There was no impact.
Just that there was some warm liquid on my body.

When I was wondering what happened, Nana was right before me.

My friend has her shoulders being bitten, and blood dripping.

“Are you okay?” she said something like that looking worried.

When she confirmed that I was safe, Nana struck the biting dog’s eyes with the hand shovel, and forcefully pulled it out.

And then, the dog that had its eyes pull out fainting from agony, its head was knocked by the shovel with all her might.

Again and again, again and again, again and again.

The form of its head changed, she did it again and again until it couldn’t no longer move.

And after checking that it couldn’t move anymore, Nana also collapsed.

Physical strength that was impossible for an 4 year old infant girl, Nana beat the pit bull to death.

I honestly didn’t care about the dog that Nana killed, I cried as I was worried about Nana who was covered in blood.

An adult who heard this uproar came, and contacted the hospital.

Nana was barely able to live but, I knew it after that she nearly died by shock from blood loss.

It seems that the first words that Nana said when she woke up was my name.

When I hurried up to her, the usual Nana was right there.

I apologize and apologized, and that I was glad that I cried again.

And Nana brushed my hair gently as I was like that.

After that, my father dealt with everyone, so I didn’t know.

I heard that the owner of the dog was really mad but, in the first place the owner has the responsibility of leaving the dog without the leash tied.

However, the fact that Nana beat the dog to death was spread around the region in a blink of an eye.

She was called a monster.
She was said to be inhumane.
Not directly but like a malicious gossip, Nana was treated like a tumor.

I don’t know if Nana noticed it but I think that even Nana’s parents are scared of Nana’s abnormality.

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But, no matter what the surroundings say, Nana is my friend, my childhood friend, the hero that came to rescue me.

That’s why I swore.

That no matter what happened, I am Nana’s ally.

Since that Is the only few things I can do.

For the friend that I love, it is something that only I can do.

「….-chan, Rin-chan?」


Through the sensation of having my shoulders swayed, my consciousness woke up.

While I was doing a pillow lap, It seems that I also fell asleep.
Not being able to take off the doziness, half-asleep, I embraced Nana.

「What’s the matter?」

「About when we were young, you see.
I dreamt about it a bit」

「I see…we should sleep already for tonight」

「…’re right」

To my giddy steps, Nana supports me from my side.


「what is it?」

「….Today, did you have fun?」

「Today was fun too you know」

「I see, then that’s good」

Reaching the bed, I dive into it.

And dragging Nana along with me, while she had a surprised face for an instant, not resisting she followed.

「Nana, good night」

「Yeah, good night」

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