your ability, you can sell your name, right?”

“I don’t really want to be famous or anything… but… Are you sure about this?”

(Because I will show it to the public.)

In response to my unspoken question, Rin-chan nodded without hesitation.

When I was a child, it was Rin-chan idea to not “show” my power.
This was to avoid the malicious stare that people would direct at me.
She established this rule to protect both me and the world.

I did not like hurting people, so I accepted.
I also suppress my physical abilities to gain control of my power.

Even so, it was not something I could always hide, and only occasionally, when Rin-chan allowed me to do so, I would vent it out.

But even when doing so, I had always turned up my physical abilities so I did not fall into the “athletic freak” category.

This is one of the things that hasn’t changed in the six years I’ve been away from Rin-chan.

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My strength may be slightly beyond the reach of human standards, but I have tried everything in my power to keep mine as humanly as possible.

Even though Rin-chan has told people about me, and even after I had confirmed that it was true, my viewers have only seen me in the game at best.

Even the little tricks with props that I showed in a live stream a while ago were only technique-oriented.
And in VR games, you can only see the reaction speed as the strength of the players.

My game avatar [Sukuna] had reached level 99 after defeating Nocturne the Moon Wolf, but even so, her physical abilities are still far inferior to mine in the real world.

And by this time, everyone must have heard only half the truth about [the real world’s Nanaka Futayado is a real monster].

The only people who know this are those who are close to Rin-chan in the Takajou family.

And if we narrow it down even more, the ones who truly understand my condition were only Rin-chan, Toki, and Ron, who had been studying my body.

And the problem is that I am now a professional gamer belonging to HEROES.

When I was taken away by the security guards for breaking the punching machine before, I was just a civilian.

And Rin-chan was wearing a disguise, so even if the video had gone viral, it would have been difficult to trace it back to me personally.
{says who}

But now it is different.

Now I am “Nana of HEROES.”

I am not the old me that Rin-chan protected and always hid behind her.

I am now had been given a certain standing in this field.
And it seemed very risky for me to publicly announce that I was a monster if I considered my position.

“Nana, you know what? I know that this is because of me somehow forcing Nana to accept the offer that should come to me, but don’t you think this is just the right opportunity for you?”


“Yes, it’s the time to prove that Nana is a match for Rinne.”

Rin-chan grinned as she said this.

“I’ve built up a track record over the last six years.
I’m called the best female professional gamer in the world, so anyone has to have the right ‘value’ to stand next to me.
Of course, Nana is more valuable to me than anything else, but only people like Touka, who knew us in the past, will understand that.
Other people’s views of Nana right now are just outsiders taking advantage of her position as [Rinne’s friend].”

“That’s true.”

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She once reigned as the world’s number one in WGCS.

A person with over 10 million followers on her channel.

A girl that has produced many professional gaming teams and is still contributing greatly to improving the image of esports.

Due to a great number of her achievements, the fame that Rinne has gained in the world of esports is tremendous.

I only know about her from the summary information on the Internet, but I know that Rin-chan is a very popular person.

Just as an idol is scorned when she marries someone from the general public, I must seem like a parasitic newcomer to Rin-chan to some observers.

Just like a popular professional baseball player marrying a pretty female announcer, it is important that everything is balanced.

Rin-chan and I are balanced in the sense that we are both [monsters], but unfortunately, we are not yet balanced in terms of [social standing].

“I know Nana doesn’t mind being scorned.
But I also don’t like to see my best friend will always be underestimated.
You can take it seriously, Nana, because it’s still hard for people to accept that you’re good at games.
For now, go prove with your [prowess] that you’re the strongest in the world.”

I see.

I thought it would be unacceptable for me to be a monster next to you, Rin-chan.

But I was wrong.
To balance her monstrous track record, it was just right to show myself here.

“I’m not sure if that’s enough reason.
But I know you’re serious… is it really okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”


With a little joy, I squeezed my right hand.

If Rin-chan says so.

If she says it is okay to do so here in reality and not in WLO.


Nana has never properly shown her physical abilities to her viewers.

What Nana did in the live stream was a small portion of her skill.
For better or worse, her physical ability was irrelevant in that.

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