GCS main tournament.”

“Let’s see, then… six matches in all?”

“That’s right.”

As for the exemption from the first round, let’s just accept it with gratitude.

But for the second round, we will have only one match that will decide the outcome.

Because only the surviving team gets to go to the main tournament, there is a possibility that they can win even if they don’t beat any of the other teams.

In the second round, you can try to have your teams will desperately hide and survive until the last three teams are eliminated.
Such a strategy should be seen as effective.

But after this point, the number of kills directly counts as points.

For example, one team took first place in the survival standings both times.
However, the second and third-place teams had many times more kills than the first-place team.

Even though the team was coming in first in survival points, the team could end up third in the overall ranking because of a lack of points for kills.
This can happen from the third tournament onward.

Conversely, if a team gets a lot of kills and is tearing up the field, there is a chance to make it through to the finals even if the team is wiped out in the middle of it.

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Do you choose to get points by surviving or by getting kills?

This balance was going to be important in this point match fight.

“But with this system, the biggest upset probably will happen in the second round.”

“That’s certainly where the giant-killing is most likely to happen; however, the match on the second round is still at a very low level, so it’s not something to worry about.”

“I see.
Well, I got the idea, so I guess I’ll be okay.”

“Is Suupaa okay?”

“Yes, I am, I understand the rules.
There are a few names I know, so I’m a little excited about the finals.”


Suu-chan spoke as if she had already won the qualifying rounds and proceeded to the main tournament, but we, who knew her battle prowess yesterday, could not see it as an insult or pride.

“Well, we’ll have to be flexible.
And our team will use the machines set up at the venue for the games.”

“What do you mean by [our team]?”

“It would cost a ton of money if all the teams attended the venue.
Only the teams with a good reputation will play at it on the first day.
It’s not about how good you are.
It’s about how many people you can attract.”

“It sure seems like a lot of money, considering the scale.”

“Even this already costing them a lot of money.”


It may not be the high-end bed-type diving machine that costs tens of millions of yen that we use because even a regular headgear-type machine costs a quite big amount of money.

I was sure that at least 48 devices for the 12 teams that would be used in the finals would be prepared for the event, so the price was not unreasonable when those were taken into account.

While we were talking about the tournament, Suu-chan suddenly asked a question.

“If you are exempted from the first round, you won’t have much time to spare after you arrive at the venue, right? Can I just take it easy and go around the venue?”

“I guess so.
You can’t practice at the venue, so I think it’s a good idea to have a little fun.
Here, I’ll give you some pocket money.”

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Rin-chan handed her the money as if she were giving a New Year’s gift to a relative’s child.

Was it probably 100,000 yen? From Rin-chan’s point of view, it would be a small amount of money, but from the junior high school student Suu-chan, it would be quite a large sum of money, wouldn’t it?

It appears that Rin-chan must have intended to give it to her, as she had prepared it in an envelope.

Suu-chan looked at the contents of the envelope curiously, and then her face turned pale.

“No need!! I brought my own money, I am sorry!!!”

“That’s okay.
It’s the leader’s duty to boost the morale of his team members.
…un, Touka, can you guide her? I’m sure she’ll be reluctant to use it anyway, and I’m afraid to let her walk around the venue alone.”

“Okay~ from now on, I’m your guardian.”


Needless to say, Rin-chan is rich, but Touka-chan is also very rich.

If anything, Touka-chan is even more of a “lady” than Rin-chan.
Although she is always candid when she’s with us, Touka-chan in her [lady-like] mode, is a charming girl in a different sense.

After watching confused Suu-chan put the envelope in her bag, Rin-chan adds as if she had just remembered.

“Oh, yes, Nana has another business to attend to.”

“Eh? About what?”

I hadn’t heard anything about that, nor had I considered it.

“It’s a demonstration of the exercise corner, a tradition at sporting events.”


I tilted my head at Rin-chan, who was smiling broadly.


A note:

I cut the practice scene! So we can arrive at the venue as soon as possible.

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