omething related to it on his keyboard.

After watching Rinne’s work for about five minutes, Toki gently closed the door.

“Nanaka, can you see all those screens at the same time?”

“I can… but I only need to look… right? “

Nanaka answered Toki’s question.

From Nanaka’s range of perception, it is easy to capture the entire screen within her field of vision.

However, that is literally just looking at it.
If she wants to recognize the contents displayed properly, she has to focus her concentration on them, and as a result, Nanaka can only process on three screens at a time at the most.

The same is true for sound.
While Nanaka is able to capture the sounds emitted by a particular monitor from among the many monitors, she is unable to recognize all of them as meaningful sounds.

This is because this is something that requires ability and is not just a matter of how perceptive you are.

Just as you have extraordinary power, Rinne also has an extraordinary brain like you.
The abnormality she possesses is what I would describe in general terms as parallel thinking.”

“… hei, ryu, shimoku?”

Seeing Nanaka tilting her head, Toki thinks it is only natural.

Because Nanaka is only a four-year-old child, she would not be able to understand what parallel thinking meant.

Knowing this, Toki still chose to tell Nanaka.

Almost without exception, children of the Takajou family are born with both strengths and weaknesses.

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For example, Shiran, the eldest son, is a perfect superhuman with impeccable athletic and brain abilities, but he is being cursed by an ugly face.

The second son, Renya, is the exact opposite, gifted with outstanding looks and a personality and speaking ability with no equal, but in exchange, almost all of his abilities are far below human standards.

Of course, her husband, Kouki, likewise has some weaknesses along with strengths.

Those around long enough with this family will easily learn that this is a Takajou family trait, and the only exception to this is Toki’s new niece, Touka.

Naturally, Rinne is not deviating from this trait either.

The girl is extremely athletically challenged, so badly that she might as well be cursed.

Still, it was a problem.

The gift that Rinne had in exchange for that cursed body was enough to turn the entire Takajou group upside down.

(Rinne’s parallel thinking is far beyond the scope of human common sense.)

Parallel thinking simply means that one could think about two or more things at the same time.
You can think of it as executing parallel processing computers had using the human brain.

But of course, even an ordinary person can study while conversing with his or her family.
But that was something that they could do after get used for a long time.
If it was something they were doing for the first time, it would become much more difficult to do multiple things at once.

However, Rinne is different.

(The maximum number of parallel processing Rinne could handle is well over 100.
And that’s not even a real measurement, considering she’s only three years old.
Because she already solved the entrance exam of the highest academic institution at this age with a perfect score.)

Although it is uncertain if Rinne, who can run 100 thoughts simultaneously, can also understand things 100 times faster than a normal person, the fact is that the results are still hardly unacceptable.

At the age of four, there is already no one in the Takajou group who is smarter than Rinne.
She has such a monstrous talent.

And such an image of Rinne is now shown to Nanaka.

Even now, that girl is still giving instructions to her company overseas while organizing information from all more than 40 monitors.

She controls dozens of companies whose managers act as puppets of Rinne, a people who have nothing to do with the Takajou group, and continues to increase her assets at a tremendous rate.

[One day, Nana and I will live together.
And I’m going to use this money to pay for it.]

Toki felt both relieved and frightened by the girl who laughed and said that to her.

In front of Nanaka, Rinne showed her gentle side while enjoying a childish game.
And when Nanaka is not looking, she enjoys the money game in this way.

Toki considered Rinne’s talent dangerous to the point that she felt a terrible fear and imagined the day Rinne would direct this ability to destroy Takajou’s group.

But that worry only lasted until she met Nanaka.

“A person who plays the piano can make different movements with his right and left hands, can’t they? Simply put, Rinne has a hundred of those hands.”

“Rin-chan, you are amazing.”

Nanaka’s eyes are shining brighter than ever as if she somehow understood the awesomeness of Toki’s story.

The pianist’s ability may not be parallel thinking, but this is just the right metaphor to make Nanaka understand.

Given Nanaka’s imagination, she must be imagining Rinne with many hands like a thousand-armed Senju Kannon.

(I knew it was the right choice for her.)

Toki Takajou is a rational person.
She would not leave Nanaka, a dangerous thing, by his precious daughter’s side just because his best friend asked her to.

One of the reasons is that she wants her to fulfill her role as a bodyguard, but that too is practically an afterthought.

As the youngest daughter of the main Takajou family and with one of the most vicious brains of all time, Rinne will live with a lot of jealousy and harmful intentions directed towards her.

This is what people called [Fame Tax].
Rinne, who was born blessed, must also accept these negative feelings.
{in the meme that would be [suffering from success].}

At the age of four, she is already much smarter than Toki.
She understands such things and has a strong enough mental strength to accept them.

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However, even if she understands, the negative feelings she receives from others will surely erode her heart, slowly destroying it.

Eventually, Rinne will need someone who could heal her pain and stand beside her at the same height.

That said, no one like that existed in the relatives in the Takajou family.
There was no one who had talent even close to Rinne.

The only one who came close was the eldest son, Shiran, but he was already in the position of being Rinne’s older brother.
He could never stand beside her as an equal.

That’s when Nanaka appeared.
She’s someone who has an unusual talent in a different direction from Rinne.

As Toki carefully placed her with Rinne and continued to monitor her on a daily basis, Toki was convinced that this girl would be all right.

The talent she had is one factor, but what was most favorable was the way she was.

Whenever Rinne boasts about something, she is pleased as if it were her own.

Nanaka is happy with her friend’s achievement, and her feeling is clearly conveyed to Rinne, and they are genuine.

This purity of Nanaka is the biggest reason why Toki decided to place Nanaka by Rinne’s side.

Toki was afraid for the time that Rinne couldn’t stand the negative feelings that finally piled up and then exploded, and the Takajou group was the one who would receive the explosion.

However, this worry has disappeared after encountering Nanaka, who possesses a talent that Rinne could never hope to attain.

No matter what happens, Nanaka’s presence will save Rinne.

Just as Rinne brought Nanaka out of the darkness.

A talent of Brain and Body.
Because they are two sides of the same coin, they are able to respect and complement each other without envying each other.

Nanaka was now moving her hands, maybe because she imagined Rinne’s many hands, while Toki looked into Nanaka’s bright eyes.

And not long after, Rinne came out of her room after finishing her work.

“Oh my, it’s Nana.
You were early today.”

“….Rin-chan, good morning.”

“Um, good morning.”

She walks cutely toward Rinne and clings to her arm as if that is a place she belongs.

Toki stared at Rinne’s happy expression as she received her as if they were lovers.

(Come to think of it, Haruka used to be like this too.
Every time she found me, she would happily run to me… I guess that means blood can’t be fooled.)

Even if she only laughs when Rinne is around.

(It seems that my best friend’s blood has been passed down to her daughter.)

(I wonder if one day Nanaka will be able to smile and laugh as innocently as she used to.)

“Mother, we’re going.”

“Yes, please come to the cafeteria for lunch.”

“Understood! Come on, Nana, let’s go!”


After sending them off running with childish footsteps, Toki headed for her room to complete her morning’s work.


It may have been the first time I mentioned the names of Nana’s parents.
{yeah, especially her father, I thought you totally forgot about him, lol.}

I want to reveal a little more about this area(story).

By the way, Touka has not been told the truth about Nana’s constitution by Rinne.
She keeps it as secret as possible.

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