If that were the case, there would certainly be little reason to come all the way to the office.

I heard that in the days before we were born, there exist a time when you had to prepare cables and connect game consoles directly over a short distance to play with each other.

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But with the advancement of the Internet, the distance barrier between gamers around the world has disappeared.
Most games now have built systems that connect people around the world while staying at home.

Even WLO is the same, and so did Zero Wars which we are about to play.
We live in an era where we can play games with people from all over the world, regardless of language barriers and distance.

If it is true that Rin-chan has set up a proper gaming equipment for the members of HEROES, then we can play games at the touch of a button without having to go out of our way to get together.

There would really be no reason left to spend the travel expenses to come here.

“By the way, how much support they get when they join HEROES?”

“Most of the kids who are good enough to get my attention have an up-to date equipment to play the game.
The highest salary is about 500,000 yen per person in addition to their basic salary.
Occasionally, if a recruit has achieved top-level results in an unbelievably bad environment, I might allocate them a million yen or so.”

“That’s very generous of you.”

“I have a rotting surplus of the prize money I’ve earned so far.
If it improves the performance of the members even a little, then it’s a small price to pay.
Of course, I’ll ask them to produce results that are worthy of the investment.”

Despite her words, seeing Rin-chan’s happy expression on her face, one can see what the HEROES team means to her.
For Rin-chan, HEROES is like a child she raised with her own hands.

The professional game team [HEROES] was originally founded by Rin-chan to support her journey to become a professional gamer.

At first, it was a team in name only, with only Rin-chan as a member, but through her scouting and training, the team has quickly shown its ability in the past few years and is now one of the most famous teams in the world.

All of the operating funds are provided by Rin-chan, and she also personally does all the scouting for the members.

She has been slowly preparing for the team since a little before they won the WGCS and became the best in the world, and has been vigorously pushing for the team’s growth even after they became the best in the world.

It took only about three years and the team has grown into a monster team that has performed well in most of the prominent games.

There is, of course, the effort of the team members.
But there is no way to say that Rin-chan’s influence did not play a part.

On the contrary, the opposite is true.
Rin-chan was truly devoted to supporting the members of HEROES, sometimes as a leader and sometimes as a manager, supporting everything from the mental to the technical aspects of the game.

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As a result, the HEROES team has become [a gathering of strong people who adore professional gamer Rinne], (or so the Rinne Wiki says).

Well, I have never met any of the members of HEROES, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.


“Ah sorry, I’m on my way.”

Thinking about those things has left me a bit spaced out.
I then started to walk following Rin-chan to enter the said room.


When I saw the room where Rin-chan was waiting, I subconsciously let out an admiration.

It was a room with a very particular layout, with more game monitors embedded in the walls than I could count.


A note:

Although it was called a secret base, it was actually a proper office.
It’s ready to be used by the staff that may or may not be stationed there.

And as matter of course, gaming device should shine in seven colors.
{tln: no, it’s not}

By the way, the expression “landlord of a apartment” is exclusive to Nana.
She thinks that all the building managers are landlords.
Please excuse her for this.

Tl note:

Ok, I was sick, thankfully I managed to translate the chapter steadily.

The problem comes in proofreading, I had not enough concentration to proofread the translated chapter.
So I post it on Patreon as it is.
(currently BTOG is up to chapter 206)

So yeah, sorry for the delay, expect some daily chapter for a few days to cover the day of my absence.

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